Inventive Intoxicants: 10 Unique and Creative Ways to Smoke Weed

creative ways to smoke weed

Weed’s gone mainstream in America.

That’s according to a survey by Marist College and Yahoo News. Apparently, one-fifth of Americans over 18 use marijuana. That’s 55 million people. And most of those are parents!

Turns out pot is pretty popular. Who knew, right?

With such widespread marijuana use these days, you might be looking for some novel ways to get buzzed.

Keep reading to find out some of the most creative ways to blaze.

10 Creative Ways to Smoke Weed

If you’ve just bought some weed (check out this company if you still need some), here are some of the coolest ways to smoke it.

1. Smoke An Apple

The apple pipe is a classic.

Get yourself an apple and remove the stalk. Make a hole from the top (where the stalk was) down into the center using a toothpick or something similar. Next, make another larger hole from the side of the apple into the middle.

All that’s left to do is smoke! Place your weed onto the top hole, light it and then hit it from the one at the side. This is a sweet, refreshing way to smoke.

2. Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Foil

This is DIY bong making at its finest. All you need is an old plastic bottle and some foil.

Remove the cap from the bottle. Next, make a hole in one side to smoke from and another somewhere to the side for the carb hole. You could burn these holes with a lighter, just be wary of the toxic fumes that get released.

Next up wrap the tin foil around the bottle mouthpiece, where the cap was. Make a small indentation and poke a few holes in the top.

Then place the weed into your newly made tin foil bowl and smoke away!

3. Make a Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are cool ways to blaze.

You’ll need another uncapped plastic bottle. Place tin foil over the top and poke holes again (like we did for the DIY plastic bottle bong above). Next, cut off the bottom of the bottle.

Now you’ll need a bigger bottle. Cut it in half, keep the bottom section and fill it with water.

Partially submerge the smaller bottler into the larger one. Place your weed into the bowl and light it. Then slowly raise the bottle from the water as it fills with smoke.

Then remove the foil from the mouthpiece and start to inhale! As you do, push the bottle slowly back into the water. Doing so forces the smoke up into your mouth!

You gotta love science.

4. Use a Gas Mask

You know how gas masks fit around your face to help filter out harmful chemicals and let you breathe oxygen?

Well, gas mask bongs are sort of like that.

Except that you don’t care so much about the oxygen and only really want to inhale the weed smoke that engulfs your face.

Make one yourself or buy one that’s pre-made. But either way, it’s essentially a gas mask with a bong fitted through the respirator.

Gas mask bongs are straight out of some stoner horror film. They’re also a fantastic way to get high.

FYI, if the weed’s exceptionally strong this can be a little intense, especially if you’re a newbie.

5. Take a Hit from a Knife

For this method, you’ll need two butter knives, a stove top and, of course, your weed.

Place the end of the knives over the stove and turn it on to heat up the metal. Once the ends of the knives are red hot you can (carefully) place your bud between them and press together. The heat is enough to light the resin glands and release the smoke.

Then you use a funnel of some sort to suck it up.

Top tip: create a dome from a plastic bottle by cutting it in two. Use this to trap the vapor that gets released and smoke through the mouthpiece!

6. Use a Beer or Soda Can

Caution! Heating an aluminum tin comes with a health risk.

But that aside, this technique takes you from beer to bong in a matter of seconds.

Take your empty can and make an indentation on one side. This is the bowl. Next, on the indentation use a pin or something similar to poke a bunch of holes.

Then make a bigger one on the side (for the carb hole). Finally, remove the pull tab and blaze away!

Put your weed on the indentation, above the little holes. Cover the bigger hole with a thumb/finger while you light the weed and inhale through the mouthpiece.

7. Make a Cross Joint

Never heard of a cross joint before?

Well, it’s simply two joints joined together in the shape of a cross. Check out this scene in Pineapple Express to see it in action. James Franco and Seth Rogen go to town on one. And it’s hilarious.

You make them by first rolling a giant joint (cone shapes are best).

Then you make a smaller one (straight rather than coned).

Next, make a hole through the big one about two-thirds of the way down (try using a toothpick) and then thread the small one through it. Secure with glue strips and voila: cross joint.

Light all three ends for the hit of a lifetime.

8. Smoke a Snowball

This creative weed smoking method is more seasonal than the others.

But if you have access to snow you can literally smoke all the time- no pipe needed. It’s a bit like the apple pipe, just with snow.

Make a snowball and compact it down as much as possible. Then bore two holes that meet in the middle: one from the top and another from the side. Next, fashion a bowl for the top.

Finally, pack the weed, light it and smoke through the side!

9. Smoke Through the Nose

Don’t like your nose hair? This fun way to smoke weed may be for you!

Go ahead and stick a nug up one nostril, pressing against the other one with your finger. Then simply light the weed and inhale away! This one obviously comes with a safety warning…

But you gotta love the simplicity.

10. Smoke a Seashell

Ever look at those conch-like seashells on the beach and think they’d make a cool pipe?

You’re in for a treat.

Unless you want to smoke whatever dirty, fishy seaweed-smelling stuff is on the inside though, make sure you wash it thoroughly first.

And if there isn’t one already you’ll need a mouthpiece. Try sanding the pointy end away until there’s a hole. Then simply pop your weed in the open end and smoke away.

Time to Get Faded…

Hopefully, these creative ways to smoke weed have given you new ideas for how to blaze!

Whether you use a gas mask, or make your own bong from a bottle or can, or smoke directly through an apple, a snowball or even your nose, you’re sure to have fun.

Which idea was your favorite? The snowball idea? Or maybe the gas mask bong?

Let us know in the comments!

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