Pardon Me, Do You Have The Time? 5 Watch Trends for 2019

Are you a watch lover? Then listen up! 

With so many styles and brands on the market, don’t you want to know what’s trending this year? 

From the high-end brands we all know and love, to some new up-and-coming designers, read on to learn about the biggest watch trends in 2019 so you can stay stylish with your timepiece. 

The Return of the Classics

The ’90s were a time to shine for watches and while we’ve recently seen the decade inspire trends from clothing to makeup, it seems ’90’s inspired watches are here to stay. 

Many signature watch makers like Cartier and Rolex are relaunching their 90’s classic styles, urging buyers to return to a time of simplicity and high-style. While these are investment pieces, they’re especially popular as it pushes up against the trend of smartwatches from Apple and other competitors. 

But the ’90s isn’t the only decade back on display. Many vintage styles from the ’60’s – ’80’s are also back on trend. Perhaps a watch you bought years ago and since locked away in the safe is ready to make an appearance again. 

Check out Cartier’s new release of the Tonneau, one of their statement pieces from years ago that fell of the radar and off trend. It’s back in a big way. 

Day-To-Night Timepieces 

For quite some time, watch owners have distinguished casual watches from their fancier, evening watches and worn each accordingly. 

There appears to be a trend that’s moving toward buying watches that can serve as both casual, every day watches as well as more elegant evening pieces. 

Some ways to accomplish this look are to stick to a leather band, which can go with a suit but does appear more casual for wear on the weekend or during the day. You can also opt for a face that has a pop of color. 

This tends to dress the look down when you pair it with a casual outfit but somehow manages to dress the look up when worn with something more elevated. 

Rose Gold

We’ve seen rose gold appear on all sorts of jewelry over the last few years and watches are certainly part of that movement. 

Whether it’s on the face of the watch or on your band, rose gold is a color to consider if you want to stay on trend. It’s been around for a bit and there’s no indication it’s going anywhere. 

The color itself is flattering to most skin tones and is a little more subtle than yellow gold. So it’s something to consider if you want a pop of color without being too flashy.

All Blue All the Time

Blue is the hottest color in the watch world this year. 

Blue faces, blue leather bands. you really can’t go wrong. This assists in the trend of moving from day-to-night since blue is a more casual color that can also be dressed up. 

The Panerai Radiomir has plenty of options in this style. 

Blue also compliments rose gold bands and bezels. 

Are Those Diamonds?

For those who might be interested in adding an extra something special to their watch, we’re seeing subtle hints of diamonds encrusted around the top or the side of the bezel. 

This look isn’t for everyone but is definitely a way to turn your watch into a piece of jewelry and make more of a statement.  

Understanding the Watch Trends of 2019

With the information above, you are completely in the know when it comes to the watch trends of 2019. 

Keep in mind that vintage and classics are back in and you can’t go wrong with a pop of blue or a hint of bling. 

Be sure to check out more advice about the latest trends on our site.

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