Spice Up Your Sock Style: A Man’s Guide to Socks and Fashion

Elegant watches may be a classic men’s accessory. 

But this year? 

Sock style is having a major moment in the men’s fashion world. 

Want to learn how to get these all-important accessories right so that you can look awesome from your head to your feet? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll help you master everything from how to choose the best sock materials to how to style bold, printed pairs of socks. 

1. Invest in the Right Materials

When you’re first starting to build your sock wardrobe, you need to invest in some high-quality basics. 

In other words? 

If you’re wearing the same fabric, color, and length of sock to the gym, the office, with your suit, or to sleep in on cold nights? 

You’re definitely doing it wrong.

Let’s start by talking about the basic fabrics you have to have.

Pick up a few pairs of cotton socks. These are the most affordable material, it holds up well, and works with pretty much all of your casual outfits. They also come in every color imaginable. 

Looking for sock material for the gym (or the right material for those who deal with some serious foot sweat?)

Opt for a cotton/nylon blend, as the nylon will help things to stay dry. Nylon is also known for its durability, which means it’s great for logging those miles on the treadmill. 

Finally, get some merino wool socks. For those who hate the feeling of itchy socks and want a bit of extra comfort, this is the perfect material. It’s also known for being seriously odor-resistant.

So, if you’re dealing with a little toe fungus? Do everyone around you a favor and wear merino wool socks. 

Remember that just because these socks are made from wool, doesn’t mean they’re always going to be toasty. Look for thinner merino wool for the warmer months. 

2. Consider the Length

Now, let’s talk about another aspect of sock styles: the different lengths available to you. 

Most socks are crew length. These come up the middle of your calf, and are right for everyday wear.

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, go for trouser length socks. These come about an inch or so below your knee and are made from slightly thinner material. 

If you’re playing sports, opt for over-the-knee or knee-high socks (most lacrosse socks are knee high to offer players as much coverage and protection as is possible.) 

If you’re hitting the gym or wearing a killer pair of Chelsea boots, we suggest you go with a pair of ankle socks. These will also prevent the boots from rubbing up against your ankle, causing those dreaded blisters. 

Looking for socks you can wear with sneakers and even loafers? If so, then no-show socks are right for you. These socks cover only a small portion of the heel and top of the foot. 

3. Men’s Fashion Socks: The Basics

It’s no secret that, in the past few years especially, sock style has become a major part of men’s fashion. 

Even if you’re not exactly into dressing like you just got off the runway, there are still ways you can use your socks to express your sense of style. 

First, however? 

You need to master the basics. Make sure you have all the classic colors covered first. Navy blue socks, a light and dark gray, black socks, and even a beautiful burgundy pair of socks are all things you should have in your sock drawer. 

They go with everything, so even if you’re new to the world of fashion, you won’t mess it up. 

Next, graduate to some of the simpler, but no less attention-getting, patterns. Think argyle, stripes, and polka-dots.

Start cuffing your jeans to show off your socks. 

Now, you’re ready for the big leagues. 

4. For the Trendsetter

Men’s socks fashion is definitely all the rage — and you shouldn’t be afraid to join in. 

Wearing bold-pattered socks is an awesome way to show off some of your favorite things. For example, if you can’t get enough of pastries, look for socks covered in doughnuts or even croissants. 

Is your favorite team playing a serious game against their biggest rivals tonight? 

Throw on a pair of socks with your team’s logo on it to show your support. 

Maybe you want to find a sock pattern that shows of your favorite animal, television show, book, or movie. You can even have your own socks custom-made with your face on them (we think this makes for a great gag gift for friends.)

Above all, remember that sock style is all about having fun.

It’s also a great excuse to show off a little bit more of your personality at work. In some cases, the right pair of socks can even serve as the perfect icebreaker. 

Upgrade Your Sock Style with These Tips

If you’re looking to improve your style this year, we suggest starting with your feet and working your way up from there. 

Plus, getting into sock style is a great — and accessible — way to get your feet wet in the fashion world. 

Start by investing in the basics that go with everything, and then experiment with crazier styles. 

Looking for more fashion advice for both men and women? Want to understand more about how to rock the trendiest men’s accessories?

Let us show you how it’s done. Bookmark our blog so you always stay a few steps ahead of the next big thing.

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