Save Money on Prescriptions With these 10 Tips

save money on prescriptions

If your doctor has prescribed you medications that you have to take on a regular basis, then you know just how expensive it can be to get them refilled every month.

There are some people who simply can’t afford to take the medications that are prescribed to them. As a result, their health declines, and they end up having to deal with more medical problems in the future.

If you’re finding that your prescription drugs are simply too expensive, there are relatively simple ways you can save money on prescriptions.

Let’s take a closer look at some tips that will help you save money at the pharmacy.

1. Speak With Your Doctor About the Cost of Your Prescriptions

More often than not, doctors don’t have any idea how much the prescriptions they give to people are actually going to cost them.

In some cases, the prescriptions might only cost a few dollars. In others, they might cost hundreds of dollars.

If your doctor gives you a prescription and you find out that it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars to fill it, go back to the doctor and let them know about it.

They might be able to find a way for you to get the prescription you need without shelling out so much money for it.

2. Ask Your Doctor for Free Samples of Prescriptions to Start

Is your doctor starting you on a new prescription to see if it’ll work for you?

If so, you should ask the doctor if they have any free samples for you to try before you commit to using a prescription drug long-term.

Most doctors have closets filled with sample prescriptions that they can give out to patients. You should ask about using a sample if you’re giving a prescription drug a test run.

It will save you money in the short term and allow your doctor to get a better sense of how your body reacts to taking the drug.

3. Inquire About Using Generic Prescription Drugs

Just about every prescription drug is available in generic form.

Generic drugs contain the same ingredients as name-brand prescription drugs, and usually, they will do the same job as the name-brand drugs will.

Generic drugs are also just a fraction of the cost of name-brand drugs since they don’t have the same research and development costs attached to them.

You can save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars, every year by using generic drugs over name-brand options.

Just make sure you speak with your doctor about whether or not your specific prescription drug has an effective generic option.

4. See If There Are Any Prescription Alternatives Available

If you ask your doctor about your generic options and find out that there aren’t any, you might not be completely out of luck.

There are also many prescription alternatives that you can look into when looking for prescriptions.

An alternative drug will treat an ailment in a slightly different way than your prescribed drug. But in many cases, it will get the job done and will do it at a much cheaper price point.

5. Shop Around at Different Pharmacies

A lot of people get into the habit of patronizing the same pharmacy all the time.

You might feel loyal to a certain pharmacy and want to go there because it makes you feel comfortable. But failing to shop around could end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Two different pharmacies might charge two completely different prices for prescription drugs. So make sure you conduct frequent price checks on prescriptions if you are required to take them regularly.

You can also compare prescription prices online and save up to 90 percent on certain products in the process.

Discover more about how to do it and start saving today.

6. Sign Up for a Customer Loyalty Card

If you do decide that you’re only going to do business with one particular pharmacy, you should, at the very least, sign up for a customer loyalty card.

Many pharmacies are willing to give their most loyal customers the best prices possible on prescriptions.

You can save money on prescriptions and other items sold in pharmacies when you sign up for one of these cards.

7. Get Prescriptions for Larger Doses Than You Need and Split Them

This is a technique that many people have started to use to get the prescriptions they need without spending a fortune on them.

If your doctor is willing to write you a prescription for larger doses than you’re actually required to take, you can take those doses and split them up on your own.

Often times, this will bring down the price of your prescriptions without forcing you to miss any doses of your prescribed drugs.

It will take a little bit of effort on your part. But ultimately, you’ll get your prescriptions at a much more affordable rate.

8. Use Patient Assistance Programs

Have you tried everything to save money on prescriptions and come up short?

Your next best bet might be to use patient assistance programs. These programs are specifically designed to help people get access to prescription drugs without going broke.

There are many states and nonprofit groups that offer PAPs. As long as you qualify for a program, you should have no trouble getting the assistance you need.

9. Find Out Steps You Can Take to Prevent the Need for Prescriptions

Are you tired of paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year for prescriptions? You might be able to take steps to improve your lifestyle and do away with prescription drugs altogether.

Ask your doctor what you can do to prevent the need for certain prescriptions. You might be able to do it by:

  • Losing weight
  • Exercising more often
  • Eating better
  • Reducing your stress levels
  • Stretching your body or doing yoga
  • Signing up for physical therapy

Simple changes to your lifestyle could be enough to get you off prescription drugs once and for all.

10. Avoid Taking Prescriptions You Don’t Actually Need

Studies have shown that there are many Americans taking prescription drugs that they don’t actually need to be taking.

In fact, Americans spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 billion every year on unnecessary prescriptions.

If you suspect that your doctor may have prescribed you drugs that you don’t absolutely need, do your research and get a second opinion. It could be possible that you’re paying good money for prescription drugs that aren’t doing much for you.

Save Money on Prescriptions Now

Have you recently been prescribed a prescription drug by your doctor?

Whether you were given a prescription for Adderall, Zoloft, or anything in between, you can save money on prescriptions by following the 10 tips listed here.

It will allow you to get the prescription drugs you need to function without breaking the bank.

Check out our blog for more tips on saving money on products.

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