Top 10 Essential Rules for Men Who Want to Dress Sharp

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Are you a man looking to dress to impress? If so, it’s time to evaluate your closet and see what you can improve.

Women still spend the most money in the fashion industry, but men are starting to spend more and more. While you certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money to dress sharp, this does show that men are putting more thought into their outfit choices.

How Can I Dress Sharp?

Dressing with style doesn’t have to be difficult or cause a headache. There are some simple things you can do right now to update your style. Here are ten of our best tips to help you get started:

1. Ditch Graphic Tees

Graphic tees were fine when you were younger, but they don’t have a place in your closet once you get older. Wearing too many graphic tees can give off the wrong impression.

Oftentimes men who wear graphic tees are viewed as younger, or like they don’t care about their appearance. This is especially true for graphic tees that have cartoons, jokes or profane images and language written on them.

Although it’s best to keep your t-shirts solid or in a subtle pattern, there are sometimes when it’s fine to rock a graphic tee. Some general rules you should keep in mind include wearing things with neutral colors and non-offensive graphics.

If you have certain tees that you simply can’t part with for personal reasons, try sprucing them up with other pieces from your closet. Using the right accessories can improve your style and make your favorite tees more wearable.

For example, try layering one with a nice pair of jeans and a leather jacket. Adding other pieces makes the graphic tee look more sophisticated, and you avoid looking sloppy.

2. Dress Age Appropriate

Dressing age appropriate means finding an important balance. Some men dress too casually, which can make them look young.

Dressing in a classic, sharp style doesn’t mean you have to dress too old. On the other hand, including a few trendy pieces in your wardrobe won’t make you look too young either. Find the right balance for your age with a mixture of both classic and trendy pieces.

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s time to part with graphic tees and other items you wore as a child. If you’ve had a certain shirt since you were fifteen, odds are it’s making you look like you’re stuck in the past.

Dressing younger isn’t an anti-aging trick. In fac,t it often does the opposite.

So it’s best to stop holding onto the past and clean out your closet every once in a while. On the other hand, dressing like your grandfather when you’re in your early twenties isn’t a good look either. It’s fine to have fun and experiment with fashion when you’re young.

3. Find Items That Fit Properly

Proper fit is extremely important when you’re trying to dress sharply. Baggy jeans and tight t-shirts aren’t a good look on anyone, even if they’re on trend for a short period of time.

This is another reason why it’s important to keep your wardrobe updated and shop often. Some men don’t like to shop, but you need to refresh your wardrobe at least once per year. Try on all of your everyday pieces and make sure they still fit properly.

If you’re not sure how to size yourself, head to a department store and meet with a professional stylist. A professional can help you find the right fit in every item of clothing you need and even send this out to a tailor if you need alterations.

Tailoring things might seem like a hassle, but seeing how great you look in properly fitted items will make it all worth it.

4. Invest in Great Pieces

When it comes to fashion, you get what you put in. If you have a few favorite styles of clothing that you wear again and again, it’s a good idea to invest in some high-quality versions of these pieces. Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good.

But if you’re constantly wearing a five dollar white t-shirt, that shirt will quickly start to show signs of age. Investing in a fifty dollar t-shirt would be a good idea because it will hold up to wear and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Set a monthly or quarterly budget for clothes so you don’t go overboard and don’t be afraid to spend larger amounts of money on key pieces like jackets, jeans, and shoes. These pieces will never go out of style, so you’ll still be wearing them five, ten or even twenty years down the line.

5. Change Things Up

Some famous men like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are famous for wearing nearly the same thing every day.

While having an everyday uniform might have some benefits, you can still mix things up and have fun with fashion without spending hours every morning picking out an outfit.

If you’re a man who wears jeans everyday, branch out a little and try different shades of denim, or even a pair of white or colored jeans. You’d be surprised how one piece of clothing can transform your entire look and help you dress sharp.

6. Pay Attention to Footwear

Good style goes from head to toe, so that includes footwear as well. Some men put together a great, sharp outfit, only to choose a pair of old sneakers for their footwear.

Footwear can make or break an outfit, so make sure you pay attention to what’s on your feet. Every man should have a certain number of nice shoes in his closet. Some of the best styles to invest in are dress shoes, more casual loafers, a nice pair of sneakers and boots.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. If you do choose to wear sneakers, make sure they’re kept clean.

7. Layer Your Clothes

Layering is a quick and easy way to add complexity and sophistication to an outfit. Throwing a sweater over a button-down shirt is a quick way to make it look like you put more effort in that you did.

Another idea is using a jacket or blazer for an even easier layered look. Just throw one on before you head out for the day and your look will instantly be updated.

If you’re more of a t-shirt and jeans type of man, try throwing on a button-down over your tee. This may seem like a meaningless change, but small details can really add up on the eyes of your friends, family and the public.

8. Keep Things Clean

This tip might seem obvious, but it can be easy to overlook. You might not think someone will notice a stain on your shirt or how wrinkled your pants are, but people can pick up on this and it comes off poorly.

Men who dress sharp take pride in their appearance and want to look clean and groomed at all time. Make sure you take care of your clothes and clean them properly so they look good when you need them to.

Wash them regularly according to the care instructions that are found on the tag. If something says dry clean only, don’t ignore that and throw it in the washing machine. Proper care for your clothes is critical to keep them looking polished.

9. Do What Makes You Happy

The golden rule of fashion to always wear what you feel good in. When you feel good, you’ll be more confident. It might sound cliche, but confidence really is going to be your best accessory.

It’s easy to tell when someone feels good in an outfit that they’re wearing. They will smile more and walk more proudly. This confidence is contagious and makes your look even sharper.

Don’t try too hard to fit in or wear what’s on trend. Confidence is a major component of dressing sharp, so make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

10. Pay Attention to Accessories

Fashion isn’t just clothes and the accessories that you choose can really elevate a look and make you look much sharper. You don’t need to go overboard. In fact, less is more when it comes to accessorizing.

But a nice watch, belt or briefcase can be a great finishing touch on an outfit.

Some other men’s accessories you might not think to wear include:

  • Hats
  • Bracelets, rings or a subtle necklace
  • Backpacks
  • Sunglasses or reading glasses

Like all fashion, how you chose to accessorize is personal. But again, accessories should complement your outfit and not compete with it. Always keep the less is more mentality if you want to dress sharp.

Want to Learn More?

Finding your style is a process that takes a good amount of time. Try different styles and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the style that fits your lifestyle and personality best.

Check out our blog for more info and fashion-related articles to help you shape your style.

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