Swimwear with Subtlety: 7 Tips for Modest Swimwear

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Looking for a modest swimsuit that doesn’t make you yawn?

Hitting the pool or beach doesn’t mean you have to bare it all. Modest swimwear means different things to different people but the good news is, there’s a variety to choose from. 

it’s important to find something that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and is appropriate for the type of scenario you’ll be wearing it in. 

There are plenty of ways to be stylish and fashionable in modest swimwear. Read on for seven tips on making a subtle look work for you. 

One Piece

One piece swimsuits are very on trend. While they were typically reserved for the older crowd and only came in boring, solid colors and unflattering shapes, they’re now made in fun, fashionable styles. 

A one piece is slimming and can hide any areas you don’t want to show off. They flatter the figure without being too revealing. Because there are so many options when it comes to one piece swimsuits, you can find one that compliments your body type in just the right way. 

If you want to show off your legs but keep your tummy hidden, you can opt for a one piece that has a higher cut leg, like styles that were popular in the ’90s. This style has come full circle and is back in fashion. 

You can also choose a one piece with an interesting back detail in order to have some more fun with this style.

Stick to basic black if you want an elegant and sophisticated look or select one with a fun pattern or color combination to spice things up while still remaining modest!

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A tankini is a two-piece bathing suit where the top piece gives you more coverage, much like a tank top.

The tank part of the tankini will give you coverage. The difference between this style and a one piece is that the top of the tankini is usually a little looser and less body-hugging than a one piece. 

A tankini is also practical since it’s easier to take on and off when using the restroom. It’s also a fun option because you can play around with the texture or color and pattern of the top while keeping the bottoms simple. 

There are tankini tops that have ruffles or fringe or ones that sinch the waist, which can be very slimming while remaining covered. 

Swim Shorts

This is a great option, especially if you’re active.

Swim shorts come in a variety of lengths and can be worn over or instead of bikini bottoms. Many people take them off when it’s time to swim and then put them back on once they’re out of the water to remain covered. 

You can pair these with a tankini top or wear them over a one piece suit. 

Swim Skirt

A swim skirt can look just as cute, if not cuter, than a normal skirt. Think about your favorite mini skirt and then imagine being able to take a swim in it. 

This option provides more coverage than normal swimsuit bottoms and comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors. The skirt can be worn over a one piece or paired with a tankini. 

This way, if you do want to remove the skirt for any reason, you still have a modest swimsuit underneath. Swim skirts can work as a coverup but can be worn in the water or relaxing by the pool or the beach. 

Swim Dress 

This full coverage option can look so sophisticated. Swim dresses can be worn over a swimsuit even though they are almost always made out of swimsuit material.

You can go in the water with them on or remove them before it’s time to swim. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. You can even get a swim dress with a cinched waist or a belt.

Mono & Midkini

A monokini is essentially a one piece with cutouts in certain areas, usually on the sides of the body. They keep things subtle and still give you more coverage than bikini because your belly is not exposed. 

This is a great middle point between the two bathing suits and perfect for someone who doesn’t want as much coverage as a one piece but still wants to keep it appropriate. 

A midkini is another version of the tankini. It’s a two piece but the top portion does show a little more skin than the tankini but less than a bikini. Usually, the top portion will end about two inches before it meets the bottoms and it can be a little more form-fitting than a tankini as well. 

With this option, the bottoms are usually high-waisted so you have more coverage there too. A high-waisted option is a super flattering look that has become very on trend lately. 

You can mix and match tops and bottoms with various colors and patterns. 

Leggings & Rash Guards 

If you want serious coverage, swim leggings and rash guard tops are the way to go. They come in many fashionable styles now, much like athleisure wear which is all the rage these days. 

You can actually go in the water with these on since they’re made out of swimsuit material and they will dry quickly. They’re perfect for paddleboarding or other water activities and give you major protection from the sun. 

Most of these will come in a very breathable material so you won’t get too hot while wearing them in the sun. 

Get Your Modest Swimwear Today! 

With so many options for modest swimwear, there’s no reason you can feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

There really is something for everyone when it comes to keeping your bathing suit subtle. The most important thing is to feel confident in whatever you wear so you can have some fun in the sun and enjoy the occasion. 

Check out the rest of our blog today for more tips on all the things you’re curious about! 

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