The 10 Most Ridiculous Laws in the United States

ridiculous laws

The United States is a very, well interesting place, and one of the things that make it interesting is some of its quirky laws. For example, in Alaska, it’s illegal to wake a sleeping bear to take a photo.

If you thought that was strange, you haven’t seen anything yet. Keep reading to see ten of the most ridiculous laws in the US.

1. Black Cats Must Wear Bells

In French Lick Springs, Indiana, all black cats must wear bells around their necks on Friday the 13th.

This law was put into place on October 13, 1939, as a way to rid the populace of mental strain. It’s technically been in effect ever since then. So, make sure if you’re planning a trip to Indiana around the 13th, have your cat wearing the appropriate attire. If you don’t, you may just face a fine.

2. No Animals in The Back of an Open Vehicle

Most dogs love car rides, especially car rides that include open windows. In Alaska, however, you can’t have your pet in the back of an open car unless their tail wags 46 inches or higher.

This strange law was put into effect after one doggo was reported as a public nuisance. Classic case of one pup ruins it for all of them.

3. No Fake Butter

Imitation butter cannot be advertised as real butter in Iowa. It also can’t be described as creamery or dairy, and you can’t slap a picture of a cow on it.

Imitation butter must be advertised as oleomargarine. If you try to pass fake butter you can face up to 30 days in jail and a hefty $625 fine.

Iowa isn’t the only one with strange butter laws. Wisconson requires all butter and cheese to be highly pleasing. They are so centered on this that cows have the right-of-way on highways.

4. Don’t Eat the Frogs

In California, you can legally hold frog hopping contests. There are also no rules to how many frogs you can have participating in these contests. What is illegal is if you eat one if it dies during the contest.

No yummy frog legs for you, contest holder!

5. No Cursing

You will face a $100 fine in Mississippi if you curse in a public space. This isn’t the only state in which you have to hold your tongue.

West Virginia also has the same law. You may not curse, or become intoxicated in a public place, you must pay $1 to the Virginia swear jar. So if you’re going to make a scene in public West Virginia is a better place to do it than in Mississippi. Mississippi doesn’t play.

There is a law in Maryland against using profanity while you’re driving. This is mainly if you use it within hearing distance to a sidewalk or street. Just if you use it within hearing distance of another person. So, hold in that road rage until you get home.

6. Donkeys Can’t Sleep in Bathtubs

This strange little Arizona law came about in the 1920s. A local dam broke and flooded a rancher’s home. The rancher’s donkey had a habit of sleeping in the bathtub. When the flood happened, the tub filled with water and took the donkey miles away.

After the animal was rescued, this law was put into place and is still in place to this day.

7. Don’t Wrestle a Bear

You shouldn’t have the draw to do this anyway if you like living but, in Oklahoma, there are ridiculous laws against wrestling bears.

You may not be employed or involved in bear wrestling or horse tripping event. You may not sell tickets to these events. You can’t sell, own, or train a bear for these purposes. Lastly, you can’t inject or give a bear any kind of substances to aid in bear fighting.

You can face jail time and huge fines for violating any of these conditions. Though, if you are involved with this, chances are jail time and fines will be the least of your problems.

If you do perform these activities and live to tell the tale, the Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm might be able to help you out.

8. No Murdering While Wearing a Bulletproof Vest

We can all agree that murdering another human being is bad. In New Jersey, if you murder someone while wearing a bulletproof vest, it becomes a worse offense.

New Jersey isn’t the only one with such murder laws. Idaho is the only state to have an actual cannibalism ban. In any other state, if you get permission from your neighbor to take a nibble out of his arm, the police can’t technically stop you.

In Kentucky, you can’t have a duel that involves deadly weapons. This went into effect in 1848 to stop street brawls from turning into bloodbaths.

9. No Plastic Bags

In California, plastic bags are banned. This happened back in 2012 when San Jose and Sunnyvale decided to go green.

The bags were banned in both small and large retailers due to their heavy impact on the environment.

Good on ya California!

10. No Pig Greasing

Since 1971 it has been illegal to operate, run, or participate in any contest in which pigs are greased up in Minnesota.

You may also not have any contests where you throw turkeys or chickens in the air with the intent of catching them.

This is most likely seen as animal cruelty.

If you’re a tourist and have gotten in trouble for breaking some of these ridiculous laws go here to see if you need to hire a lawyer.

Ridiculous Laws Across The United States

Did you learn anything about your state that you didn’t know before? Many states around the US has ridiculous laws that many tourists get in trouble for not knowing.

If you’re reading this because you’re interested in law, click here for some of the most interesting court cases in history.

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