10 Summer Women’s Fashion Trends You Need to Know About

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Summer is the perfect season to experiment with fashion and explore your personal style. The weather is warm, the designs are inspired, and anything goes. If you’re planning a summer vacation, you’ll definitely want new clothes for your travels.

Even if you are staying in town this summer, you should still take advantage of the warmer temperatures and get inspired to up your style game. Everyone feels a little more relaxed and carefree in the summer, and your style should reflect that.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give your entire wardrobe a major overhaul. You can wear the top seasonal fashion trends without a lot of effort. The trick is to buy a few key pieces, and learn how to make the most of the clothes you already have.

Below, we’re reviewing the top 10 summer fashion tales that you’ll want this year. Read on to learn more.

1. Style Borrowed from the 1980s

When it comes to summer fashion inspiration, look no farther than the past. They say that everything old is eventually made new again, and that is true for one of this season’s top trends.

Certain hallmark styles from the 1980s are getting a modern update for this summer. Dresses with poofy sleeves, high-waisted pants, and slouchy boots are just a few of the designs taking inspiration from this decade.

Just keep in mind that, unlike in the actual eighties, moderation is key now. If you are going to incorporate retro style into your modern look, keep it to one piece at a time. You want to look like a style star of today, not a time traveler from the past.

2. Woven Bags

If you’re in the market for a fashionable beach bag or a fresh carryall for your summer essentials, you need a woven bag.

Woven and netted bags have been on-trend for a while, but the summer update is all about structure. A woven bag in a solid shape is the best of both worlds. It adds polish to a casual outfit, but it’s not fancy so it still works on the beach or at the pool.

3. Crop Tops

Showing a little more skin than usual is a summer style rite of passage. When the temperatures rise, there’s nothing better than an outfit that is both trendy and skimpy.

Crop tops are perfect for casual summer days when you want to show off. And because this style of top is so popular, there are lots of options to choose from. You can basically customize the length of your top depending on how much skin you’re comfortable with showing.

Crop tops also pair well with high-wasted pants, so you can incorporate two trends into one outfit without seeming too over-the-top.

4. Polka Dots

Polka dots never seem to go completely out of style, but there are certain ways of wearing this print that are trendier than others, especially for the summer.

Even though polka dots seem fun and whimsical, you want to find ways to incorporate this pattern into looks that are more sleek and sophisticated.

Polka dotted slip dresses and pencil skirts are surprisingly fresh and sexy for summer. When looking for pieces, stick to neutral colors. The last thing you want to do is remind someone of Minnie Mouse.

5. A Sexy One Piece Bathing Suit

For a long time, bikinis have been considered the first and last word in sexy swimwear. The two-piece will always be hot for summer getaways, but they are no longer the only option for seaside summer fashion.

A plunging neckline, open back, or laced bodice are just a few of the design details spicing up one piece bathing suits. These one-piece suits are a far cry from your swim team uniform–and that’s a good thing.

Shop designer swimwear to learn more about all the ways you can spice up your next beach vacation or poolside party.

6. Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are a classic summer trend that gets updated year after year. Part of what makes this style so enduringly popular is its versatility, and there are more ways to wear them than ever before.

Sleeveless shirt dresses are a summer office staple during the week, but can easily function as a bathing suit cover-up for a weekend social event. They can be as casual or as formal as you need them to be, which is why they are such an enduring summer classic year after year.

7. White Sneakers

You may be surprised to learn that the hottest shoe for the summer is not an open-toed sandal, but rather a classic, crisp white sneaker.

Street style sneakers–which are never intended for actual physical activity–can add a sporty vibe to any look. They’re perfect for a summer spent walking city sidewalks, especially in a fresh bright white.

Pair them with everything from jean shorts and tank tops to flowy sundresses.

8. Colorful Hoop Earrings

Any good summer outfit needs at least one pop of color, and sometimes an accessory is the best way to get that done. Colorful hoop earrings are fresh and fun, which is exactly what you want for a summer look.

There is a right way and a wrong way to wear this trend, though. Avoid bright neon colors and thin, oversized hoops. Pastel colored hoop earrings that are a little smaller and a little thicker are both seasonal and sophisticated.

9. Formal Shorts

When you’re bumming around at the pool or a park, nothing beats a well-worn pair of cutoff shorts. The formal shorts trend is a way to transition that sense of comfort and ease into the evening.

This look is perfect for a summer date night with a pair of wedge sandals and a loose, flowy blouse. If your office has a creative dress code, you can even make formal shorts work-appropriate by wearing them with pumps and a blazer.

10. A Transparent Raincoat

A raincoat may seem like an impractical trend for summer, but summer rainstorms can happen when you least expect them. You want to be fashionable no matter what the weather.

The appeal of the transparent plastic raincoat is that you can still show off the fun and fashionable outfit underneath.

Ready to Try These Summer Fashion Trends?

There are lots of reasons to look forward to summer, from long days to outdoor parties to week-long vacations. Trying out new fashion trends is at the top of our list as well.

For more information on how to make the most of your summer, please contact us at any time.

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