The 9 Most Popular Kid’s Fashion Trends of 2018

kids fashion trends

Kids fashion has gone from completely functional to Instagram fodder in a matter of years. Now your kid wants to post their outfit of the day on the gram or you do.

How do you get the likes and make your kid feel good about their clothes without spending too much money? On trend but versatile kids fashion trends pieces.

See our favorite nine trends below.

1. Polka Dots

Yes, Polka dots always sort of in, but they’re really in this year! We’re seeing them as background patterns and as accents in kids fashion trends.

Look for microdots if you want your kid to be a lesson in pattern mixing. Microdot leggings or jackets are basically solid. Mix them with another pattern in the same color family and you’re good to go.

Another favorite is pre-mixed patterns or dipped pieces. Look for dresses that transition into a different pattern or have a few inches of polka dots around the hem.

2. Denim Jackets

If the eighties were back ten years ago, the nineties are back now. your kid definitely needs a jean jacket and you should get them one they can grow in to.

Look for something that won’t fall off them but has good growing room in the arms. They can always wear it as a cropped jacket as they get taller, but not if it’s too small.

Let them pick out removable patches or decorate it with pins. Appliques are in, so go crazy.

Keeping it temporary lets them wear the jacket longer, they won’t reject it because they’re not into Pokemon anymore. Enamel pins are available on Etsy in any design you can imagine.

3. Stripes

Yes, another classic pattern is back in the mix. Crisp, thick stripes are bringing the nautical vibes everywhere this year.

Look for thicker stripes, at least the width of your pinky finger. Alternating thick and thin stripes are cute too, just make sure they’re close enough to the big stripes so it doesn’t look sloppy.

Go thick or go tiny, micro stripes are another stripe variation that’s hitting the scene.

It’s another non-solid solid you can pattern mix with. Just make sure the colors are in the same family, like any other pattern mixing.

4. Graphic Tee’s

Some people would argue that graphic tees never went out of style, but we’re seeing them designed differently these days.

Instead of having a giant screen printed slogan or image, a lot of graphic tees have their text on the pocket area. This right chest logo is more subtle, but it still expresses personality.

Need some personality-full graphic tees? Shop here for cute choices for girls and boys!

5. The Button Down

A short sleeve oxford shirt in a wrinkle-free fabric makes your little one look posh without keeping them from having fun. Girls and boys can get in on this button down, collared trend.

We’re seeing girl oxfords in cutely cropped versions, perfect to wear over a simple tank top.

You can stray from classic colors too, you’ll find choices with patterns everywhere you look. For the best wearability and integration with their current wardrobe, look for a solid base.

A white shirt with blue, yellow, and red dots lets you mix blue, yellow, or red pants.

For an added casual touch, leave it untucked and roll the sleeves. They look adorable with a pair of solid shorts or tucked into a skirt or dress.

It’s a good transition piece for school picture day too!

6. Printed Shorts

Printed shorts and patterns are something everyone can have fun with! We’re seeing a lot of tropical prints like palm fronds and stamped flamingos.

Again, look for a pattern with multiple colors, for matching purposes. Teaching your child to pull out different colors and accent them with a top is good practice.

They can practice their understanding of color coordination and get themselves dressed. That’s at least five free minutes in the morning for you!

Pro Tip: Take a polaroid of one pair of shorts with its coordinating tops. Then put these up in your child’s closet.

If they want to wear their flamingo shorts they can go look at the picture to see their shirt options. No more yelling “MOM Does this match?!”

7. Embroidery

Kids clothing is getting more high-quality, including patterns sewn into the fabric. You can get embroidered pattern shoes, shirts, skirts – anything you want!

An embroidered pattern outlasts anything screen-printed and ages more gently. You’ll have these pieces long enough to be hand-me-downs for sure!

8. Color Blocking

We’ve seen this trend for the last few years and it’s not over. This very-90’s color combination lets your kid rock as many bright colors as they want.

Get some color block options in outerwear, like windbreakers or hoodies. Pieces that can be worn again and again. Getting super versatile color block pieces makes wearing bright colors less intimidating.

If you really want to give the trend your 100% effort, bring some 90’s frat-boy chic in with a quadruple pattern color block oxford!

9. Shallow Hats for Kids Fashion Trends

The trend of keeping the sun’s harmful rays off your child’s face is getting cute. Shallow and short boat hats are right now.

Look for a dark straw or wicker, with a ribbon you can match to lots of things. Have them wear it a little off center but not enough to lose the sun-block component.

Back to School Shopping

Shopping online for back to school shopping is easier than dragging whiny kids through a store. Many stores have easy return processes in case something doesn’t fit.

Are you ready for the new school year? Try to order some of these key kids fashion trends pieces above.

Have a great year!

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