Top 10 Adult 18+ Movies About Old Man and Young Girl

Odd couples are always a major reason for a serial or a film to be watched. Similarly, these top 10 adult movies with couples of old men and young girls have been the super hits because of the same reason.

There are different plots but each story has a certain attraction in it. Some of them are also comedy while some are extremely serious presenting the intense relationships. They are being directed by the famous directors who are considered as the finest film makers of the industry. American Beauty, The Crush, Lolita, Damage and some of the movies having such kind of themes are being admired by the majority of the people because they get bored of watching the routine stuff.

Some of them have really intimate scenes featuring nudity, fingering and other sexual gestures that are immensely mouth-watering. Teacher-student, daughter in law-father in law and many other strange pairs can be seen in these films.

1. Lolita

Lolita Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
The novel-based movies have something magical that other movies don’t have. They are created with great observation and supervision of brilliant and finest film makers. The best example is “Lolita”. $2 million investment resulted in $9.25 million revenue at the box office. Check out how a young female student won the heart and stole the peace of mind of a middle-aged male teacher resulting in obsession. It is actually a taboo movie which will affect your mind in a way that you won’t forget it ever.

2. The Babysitters

Lolita Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
The best thing about this movie is that there is a chain of intimate scenes in which you can see a young girl fucked by men as she offers her soft body to them being a prostitute. This is actually a masterwork done by David Ross who put great efforts into making it a huge success and he achieved his goal. The whole team work was outstanding including the screenplay, editing, music especially the actors have performed very well. Most importantly, the sound tracks are awesome.

3. The Crush

The Crush Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
Mature men have usually been adored by young babes and the best depiction of that obsession is “The Crush” which is something that many girls can relate their lives with. Written by Alan Shapiro, this captivating movie was released on 2nd April 1993. It displays the sexual needs of a teenage who can do anything to fulfill her desires. Starring Alicia Silverstone, Kurtwood Smith, Cary Elwes and Jennifer Rubin, this entertainment-filled package is 89 minutes. The actors have performed wonderfully with their dialogue-delivery and body language.

4. Blame It on Rio

Blame It on Rio Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
What happens if your daughter is in love with your friend?? Definitely, this is something you never imagined would ever happen. This exciting comedy is all about the romance going on in between a young girl and his dad’s friend. Directed by Stanley Donen, this film was made with a budget of 9 million US Dollars and generated a revenue of $18.6 million at the box office. It was primarily presented on 17th February 1984 and people still laugh crazily while watching this evergreen masterpiece.

5. Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
This romantic film has shown a young female in love with a much older man. Featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anna Paquin, William Hurt and Joan Plowright, this movie resulted in the business of $5,200,601 at the box office. The audience still has that long lasting impact on their minds which they felt when they watched it for the first time because there is something about this movie that cannot be described in words. The emotions have been beautifully expressed by the actors and the script has been delivered in an outstanding way.

6. Damage

Damage Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
What will happen, if your girl is loved by your dad? What would you feel at that point in time? What will be the next step you’re going to take? All these questions are related to this wonderful movie showing the betrayal of a father and a lover. “Damage” was released on 9th December 1992. Directed and produced by Louis Malle, its running time is 1 hour 51 minutes with lots of smooches and passionate fucking. It is a full package of entertainment with exciting fucking scenes between Juliette and Jeremy.

7. Claire’s Knee

Claire's Knee Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
The title indicates that the theme of the movie is constructed over the lust of a man for the body of a young girl named Claire who was the stepsister of his fiancée. Directed by Éric Rohmer, this French film has lots of captivating scenes featuring Aurora Cornu, Laurence de Monaghan, Jean-Claude Brialy and Béatrice Romand. It received lots of positive feedbacks from the critics internationally, especially the locations sighted and the scripts are amazing. It was released on 11th December 1970, but it’s still one of the masterpieces that people won’t easily forgot.

8. The Governess

The Governess Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
The Governess is the story of a young girl fascinated with the love of a mature old man. It was originally presented on 31st July 1998. With the box office of $3,800,509, this incredible film has a running time of 114 minutes. The cast includes Tom Wilkinson, Florence Hoath, Minnie Driver and Harriet Walter. The steamy scenes of the two cannot be described in words as the harmony of the moments with the background music has no replacement. The actors have been highly praised for their tremendous performance.

9. American Beauty

American Beauty Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
Directed by Sam Mendes, this movie has won the hearts of millions with its outstanding screenplay. It depicts the obsession a man had for the friend of his daughter. Starring Annette Bening, Allison Janney, Kevin Spacey and Thora Birch, it earned $356.3 million at the box office with the expenditure of $15 million. It has some intimate scenes between the young girl and the man, opening the buttons of her top and seeing her immature boobs. It has shown the girl naked with some rose petals on her private body parts.

10. My First Mister

My First Mister Adult Old Man and young Girl movies
Released on 12th October 2001, this incredible teen relationship movie has lots of comedy in it along with some deep romance. Directed by Christine Lahti, “My First Mister” is the story of an 18-year-old girl developing feelings for a middle-aged man who has been an inspiration to her. The film was created with a budget of $5.25 million and did a business of $595,005 at the box office. The cast includes Leelee Sobieski, Carol Kane, Albert Brooks and John Goodman. The odd couple has been the center of the attraction for the viewers.

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