20 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Every Business Man Needs in His Closet

mens wardrobe essentials

Dressing professionally might seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

It all comes down to putting together the right kind of wardrobe. You need more than one jacket, style of pants, formal shirt, type of shoe, etc. And you need to have options for every type of weather.

Take a look at these 20 men’s wardrobe essentials every man should have.

1. Crewneck T-shirt

You should always have a few white t-shirts in your closet because they go with everything else you own. Make sure you spend some extra money and get a high-quality fabric. This will make the shirts more comfortable and let them last longer.

2. Casual Button Down Shirt

You should keep your closet full of several button-down shirts. They still look nice but provide you with a more casual option you can wear to work. These shirts also let you get creative. You can find these shirts in different colors and patterns. So they give you a way to show off your personality.

3. Polo Shirt

This shirt is casual enough to wear on the weekends but also nice enough to wear to the office. Because it has a collar, it can pass for a formal shirt when you need it to. The short sleeves make it sporty and good for summer.

4. Oxford Shirt

Your traditional white, button down, collared shirt. This is a stylish shirt that doesn’t take any effort. If you can, get several. Because they’re so versatile, it’s always a good idea to have more than one.

5. Crewneck Sweater

A crewneck sweater can work as a layer when it’s cold outside or a light coverup if it’s too warm for a jacket. Lighter colors, like different shades of grey, will complement many of the other items on this list.

6. Cardigan

Like a crewneck sweater, a cardigan can replace a jacket if the weather is warm enough. When the temperature gets cold, you can wear it over other longsleeved shirt or under your jacket for more protection.

7. Jean Jacket

The jean jacket gives you a more casual look, but it shows you’re still in control of your wardrobe. You can wear a jean jacket under a blazer (if it’s unlined) or over one of your crewneck t-shirts. As long as they are a different shade, you can even wear a jean jacket with a pair of jean pants.

8. Bomber Jacket

Because of it’s thick, outer layer, this jacket looks good on anyone. And the word “thick” doesn’t make it a heavy jacket. You can wear this jacket is most weather types, so it’s good for the entire year. Pick one that has a clean cut and comes in a dark shade.

9. Sportcoat

This type of coat is more formal than a jean jacket or a bomber jacket. In situations that call for something nice (just not quite as nice as a suit), you can throw on your Sportcoat.

10. Peacoat

A peacoat is handy for cold weather situations. It’s thick enough to keep you warm during the winter, but its shortcut makes it easy to move in as well. You can wear this coat with casual outfits to make them look more formal.

11. Trench Coat

A trench coat is both stylish and function. You can wear it over something as important as a suit or as casual as a t-shirt and jeans. Either way, a double-breasted trench coat will keep the wind and rain off your outfit.

12. Navy Suit

Whether you have to wear a suit for work or not, you should always have at least one or two in your closet. This way you have a few options when you need them. Not sure where to get started? A single-breasted navy suit is always a good option.

13. Selvedge Jeans

The most important thing about your jeans is that they fit you well. While your jeans should be slim, don’t make them form fitting. And while you want them to be stiff, you also want to be able to bend your legs without a problem. Your jeans should be blue, but a darker shade is always better.

14. Khakis

You don’t want to wear the same pants every day. Khakis are easier to wear than jeans, and they make your outfit a bit more formal. These pants are soft and lightweight, which makes them a good option for summer attire. If it ever gets warm enough to wear shorts, you can wear Khakis instead and be just as comfortable.

15. White Sneakers

The hardest thing about white sneakers is they have to stay white. As soon as they look dirty, they distract from the rest of your outfit. So make sure you know how to clean your shoes or plan to stay away from dusty, dirty areas before you buy these shoes.

But white sneakers are an important piece of footwear to keep in your closet. You can wear them with casual jeans or anything as fancy as a suit. They’ll act as an anchor for almost any kind of outfit.

16. Lace-up Shoes

There are many different kinds of lace-up shoes out there, so don’t buy one pair and expect them to go with everything.

For example, you can wear brown lace-ups with most anything. They are basic and versatile. Depending on your outfit, you can dress them up or down.

A pair of black lace-ups is too formal for jeans. While these shoes are nice enough for a suit, you can even wear them with a tux.

Make sure you have a few different kinds of lace-ups you can wear with formal and casual outfits.

17. Lace-up Boots

Again, it’s good to have a least one pair of lace-up boots in your closet. Boots offer better protection than other shoes. They can withstand harsher weather and provide you with ankle support. They also give you some variety in your footwear. Instead of sticking with lace-up shoes, you can wear boots from time to time.

18. Chelsea Boots

You can wear these boots with formal attire or something more casual. Because they can handle any weather, they are a good option for the entire year. One of the best parts about these boots is you don’t have to deal with shoelaces.

19. Bag

If you think carrying a bag is just for women, you need to think again. And you should definitely read more about bags.

As a man, you have a lot to carry too, so you should always have a bag handy that can go anywhere with you. When you’re shopping for a bag, pick something that looks good and is solid enough for your needs.

20. Timepiece

A nice watch serves a couple of purposes. First of all, they are elegant and stylish. Wearing one takes your outfit up a few notches right away. Besides, checking the time on a wristwatch looks more respectful, professional, and polite than pulling your phone out of your pocket every few minutes.

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

You should always have several different types of pants, shirts, shoes, jackets, and coats in your closet. These men’s wardrobe essentials give you some variety and provide you with professional options for every season.

Now that you have a professional wardrobe, you can jump into the professional world. Here’s a list of five tips that’ll help you build a successful business.

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