The Top 10 Most Popular TV Series Ever

Television series have been watched across the world but only a few of them are being admired. Today, you’ll get to know the top 10 most popular TV series of all time.

These shows belong to various genres including comedy, action, thriller and so on so forth. Their episodes have been watched in excitement and viewers are usually curious about the next chapter. Most of them will bring their fresh episodes in the upcoming year. Their plot, direction, the cast is up to the mark and can’t be described in words. They get their audience engaged and involved from the core of the heart.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most popular TV series ever you must watch in case you have missed:

1. The Americans

The Americans most popular tv series ever
Created by Joe Weisberg, this TV series consists of 4 seasons and 52 episodes. The viewers are still desperate enough to know about the upcoming season. The genre is drama and thriller and the latest season was released in 2016 while 2017 will bring another season of this outstanding series. The final season will be aired in 2018. Brought to you by Nemo films, this series is based on the investigation by a married couple having two kids. The initial episode was released in 30th January 2013 and it received many awards & nominations for being best drama. Every year a thrilling season is shown to the viewers who are impatiently waiting for it.

2. House of Cards

House of Cards most popular tv series ever
This TV series contains 4 seasons and 52 episodes. The first season was released in 2013 and the consecutive years brought the seasons one-by-one. The story revolves around cruel rationality, management, and influence. It is the story of a republican seeking reprisal from the people who deceived him. It is basically a political drama of which the original network is Netflix. The main character was performed by Kevin Spacey as the politician. The series was distributed on DVDs as well as Blu-Ray releases were also there. Thanks to Beau Willimon for this awesome series.

3. Narcos

Narcos most popular tv series ever
‘Narcos’ is a crime and thriller drama series consists of 2 seasons and 20 episodes of which the first season was aired in 2015 and the second was premiered in 2016. The plot reflects the life of a person involved in dealing with drugs, resulting in his success and becoming rich. The leading role was performed by Wagner Moura. The series also depicted some exceptional guest appearances. The opening theme of this TV series is ‘Tuyo’ and received various nominations. Netflix transformed the sequence of the upcoming seasons. Chris Brancato’s countless efforts can be seen here.

4. American Horror Story

American Horror Story most popular tv series ever
The genre of this anthology TV series is horror as well as the sensual thriller. The first season was released in 2011 and the remaining five seasons were aired in the consecutive years till 2016. Total 73 episodes of this best series consist of a crime story associated with a menacing farm house. This best TV show received certain awards and nominations. Ryan Murphy has wonderfully created this masterpiece with his team. The most watched season among all is the 3rd season with 4 million viewers. The titles of the seasons are actually indicating the haunted and scary sites like Asylum, Roanoke, Hotel and much more. Kathy Vates shared about her pleasant and remarkable experience about the series with ‘Vanity Fair’ praising Ryan Murphy.

5. Transparent

Transparent most popular tv series ever
This TV series is a comedy worth watching, this is an evergreen creation by Jill Soloway. The total number of seasons is 3 consisting of 30 episodes. The first season aired in 2014, then 2015 and the third was released in the ninth month of the year 2016. Rotten Tomatoes rated the third season with 100%, which is the highest while according to Metacritic the highly ranked season was the second one. The series received numerous awards and nominations along with severe fame and positive feedbacks. It is the story of a family residing in Los Angeles.

6. Bloodline

Bloodline most popular tv series ever
Bloodline is a thriller series including 2 seasons with 23 episodes, 13 in the 1st and 10 in the 2nd. The first season was released in 2015 while the next was aired in 2016. The theme of the series is based on the historical secrecies of curious brothers and sisters. The opening theme of the series is fascinating and the actors have acted in the most brilliant way possible. The first season, mostly received positive feedback while the second one got varied critics. Netflix has enhanced the series to show the next season in 2017. Made by Todd A. Kessler, this is one of the greatest shows you’ll ever watch.

7. The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience most popular tv series ever
The quantity of the seasons in the series is 2 with 13 episodes in the first season and 14 in the second. It is the story of a prostitute working in New York. The leading character of the series was played by Riley Keough. Lodge Kerrigan has ensured the flawless direction. Each episode has an interesting title to attract the audience as well indicating the content of the chapter. The cinematography was supervised by Steven Meizler. This legal thriller television series is an evergreen masterwork and very excellently displayed by the team.

8. Sherlock

Sherlock most popular tv series ever
This crime television series is made up of three seasons and 10 episodes. The three seasons were aired in 2010, 2012 and then 2014. Mark Gatiss has remarkably motivated the whole team for this series and the results are now in front of us. The upcoming fourth season is going to be released in the first month of 2017. This series is full of mystery and secrets in which a spy and his companion who is a medic resolving a criminal act. Benedict Cumberbatch played the character of Sherlock Holmes, the spy. The series is captivating and each episode has a thrill & excitement which is beyond words. Recently, ‘USA Today’ revealed some of the clicks from the upcoming season.

9. Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow most popular tv series ever
The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is a series of 22 episodes and two seasons. One season started and ended in 2016 while the ongoing second season will end in 2017. Greg Berlanti has been given the major credit for this successful show. Over 3.16 million viewers watched the first season and more are expected to observe the second season. The season is meant for the audience who love to watch action and adventure. The energetic and enthusiastic crew’s efforts are clear by watching the tremendous direction and cinematography.

10. The Exorcist

The Exorcist most popular tv series ever
Created by Jeremy Slater, this horror television series was released in 2016. The number of seasons is 1 with 8 episodes. It is the story of a family affected by a supernatural power and their actions to fight against that demon. The 2nd chapter ‘The Lupus of Fabula’ got the most views among the 10 which is 1.98 million views. This famous TV show is full of horrible scenes.

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