10 Must Watch Animated TV Series Before You Get Die

The biggest question is what to watch on Television? Soon you’re going to get the answer by knowing about the 10 must watch animated TV series before you get old.

These shows have stunned the world with the variety of characters, diversity of composition and exciting genres. The voice cast, the creators, and the team are the finest and brilliant ones in their professions.

Some of them have emerged after a decade as a revival and are coming back with some fresh episodes. Not just kids, but the adults and teenagers who were used to be kids in the 90s are highly enthusiastic for the refreshing of their childhood memories.

Check out some of the most famous cartoon shows to watch that are going to become a major source of entertainment for people in this year.

Here are the top 10 animated series to watch before you get old:

1. Batman: The Animated Series

Batman The Animated Series Must Watch best Animated TV series
Also known as ‘The Adventures of Batman & Robin’, this show is something which has everything we expect to watch. Initially released on 5th September 1992, this series brought 6 exhilarating seasons and 85 episodes which make the audience encounter with the best experience of watching television only in 22 minutes.

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender Must Watch best Animated TV series
This TV series is also known as ‘Avatar: The Legend of Aang’. It contains 3 seasons and 61 episodes accompanied by action and amusement. The show was introduced to people upon its release on 21st February 2005. It was shown on Nickelodeon and also some artistic products were made under the influence of the show. An art book of 184 pages was released as well as some little stories were issued in 2011. Considering the passion of children for this animated series, video games were developed in 2007. The show was elected for many awards and also won numerous.

3. Animaniacs

Animaniacs Must Watch best Animated TV series
Another name for this series is ‘Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs’. It began from 13th September 1993 and ended up on 14th November 1998. But shows like these can never be forgotten and people want to watch them again therefore on 1st April 2016, the creator Tom Ruegger decided to add 99 episodes of Animaniacs to Netflix. The ultimate level of comedy and joy in the series is just perfection and every character has its own significant place which has no replacement. Every moment spent while watching this show becomes unforgettable.

4. Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack Must Watch best Animated TV series
Created and written by Genndy Tartakovsky, this animated action & daring series began its voyage on 10th August 2001 and on March 2017 this memorable journey will come to its end. This may be a sad news for ‘Samurai Jack’ lovers, but also they’re excited for the final season to be revived. Total 4 seasons have been released up till now with 52 episodes. Favorite voice actors are back again in the upcoming season. People seem very excited for this renewal after 13 years and they believe that this concluding stage is going to be epic!!!!

5. American Dad!

American Dad! Must Watch best Animated TV series
Initially released on 6th February 2005, this 14 seasons of this series have 219 thrilling chapters. This sitcom was originally shown by Fox and later by Turner Broadcasting Company. Each episode of 22 to 24 minutes always give something joyful to the audience that they can’t ever forget. There are 7 main characters of the show, which are actually the members of a family. For the voice cast, the finest actors and actresses have been chosen to keep in view the nature and essence of the respective character. The graphics and animation used are enormously likable and eye-catching.

6. DuckTales

DuckTales Must Watch best Animated TV series
2017 is going to be very exhilarating as ‘DuckTales’ is going to be released with the enrichment of fun and adventure. Developed by Matt Youngberg, this TV series will be shown to you by Disney XD. The first season will contain 21 half-hour episodes and two hour-long specials. The characters of the series are the most beloved because of the nostalgic moments associated with them. The teaser trailer has been released and people are ready to watch it with enthusiasm and energy as the expectations from this best animated TV show are very much higher.

7. The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra Must Watch best Animated TV series
Originally released on 14th April 2012, this TV show is all about fantasy, adventure, and action. It consists of 4 seasons and 52 episodes. Each chapter gives the viewers the best 24 minutes of their day. The series was shown on Nickelodeon and is still loved by the audience. Video games were also created under the influence of ‘The Legend of Korra’. Moreover, some short online videos were also made with the inspiration of this TV show. Out of the 4 seasons, the longest season was the second one with 14 episodes. Jeremy Zuckerman composed the music beautifully.

8. Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers Must Watch best Animated TV series
Created and established by Loren Bouchard, this TV series has 7 seasons and 114 episodes. Originally released on 9th January 2011, this series is distributed by Fox Broadcasting Company. The running time for each episode is 30 minutes. Loren Bouchard composed the breathtaking theme music of this awesome TV show that won’t be forgotten by us for a long time. The hamburger restaurant is the major object of this show. Every time, something’s new and exciting in it which makes it even more fantastic. You can enjoy this weekend by watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’ online.

9. Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls Must Watch best Animated TV series
This series is created under the influence of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ created and written by Craig McCracken. This series was originally released on 4th April 2016 and was shown on Cartoon Network. The total number of seasons are 1 and 39 episodes of 11 minutes as running time. The show is narrated by Tom Kenny. There are three main characters of the show Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. This animated series was nominated for many awards and also won numerous out of them. The Powerpuff girls are still admired by many baby girls and especially 90-born kids who recall their childhood memories associated with it.

10. The Critic

The Critic Must Watch best Animated TV series
The sitcom was originally released on 26th January 1994. It consists of 3 seasons and 33 episodes and revolves around the life of a movie reviewer at New York. It was aired on Fox as well as on ABC. In the early 90s, the show was nominated for various awards. In the 90s, the running time for the episodes was 22 minutes, but when it was aired in the 21st century, the time was reduced to 3 to 5 minutes each chapter. Atomfilms distributed the show after Fox and ABC. The cast for background voices were chosen perfectly.

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