The Top 10 Best Adult Asian Movies

The adult industry has a wide variety of films, but only a few of them are unforgettable because of their explicit scenes and intimate moments. These top 10 best adult Asian movies are ideal in terms of cast, direction, intimacy, nudity, music and every aspect.

Made in the 70s and 80s era, some of these are unbeatable despite continuous new entrants and competitors in the business. ‘Summertime’, ‘Natalie’, ‘Be my slave’, ‘Nu huan’ and a few others are still being watched by many people around the world.

These softcore and hardcore videos are filled with excitement and passion, especially the onscreen chemistry of the actors is incredible. Boob licking, cock sucking, penetration and the most significantly the focus on the frontal nudes seems awesome. The Korean actors have devotedly acted and proved their skills to the world. The actresses in these films became famous after working with the skilled directors and created wonders in the porn world.

1. Summertime – Sseommeotaim 

SummerTime Asian Adult movies
Influenced by Gwangju Massacre, this 18+ Korean film was primarily shown in 2001. Although it is a re-creation, but still its scenes and team have no replacement. Hundreds and thousands of adult videos are worldwide available, but what’s in it for the viewers? Summertime’s poster stimulates us to watch it which is depicting the desperate nude lovers with each other. The most handsome Ryu Soo-young and the drop dead gorgeous Kim Ji-Hyun have together rocked with their cherished on screen chemistry. This story of sexual interest will blow your minds.

2. Guilty of Romance – Koi no tsumi – Watch Now

Guilty of Romance Asian Adult movies
The boldness of this film is on an ultimate level. There are two editions, one is censored of 113 minutes in which scenes of 31 minutes have been removed while the other is an uncut version. Now, you can imagine what peak of excitement will be there in that half an hour of this movie. This crime story is an erotic masterpiece to fulfill the inner desires. The classical music is composed by Yasuhiro Morinaga. This thriller and the mystery-filled picture has chosen the most talented actors as the cast and was originally presented on 12th November 2011.                                

3. Sweet Sex and Love – Mat-iss-neun Sek-seu Keu-ri-go Sa-lang – Watch Now

Sweet Sex and Love Asian Adult movies
The running time is 90 minutes. This South Korean masterpiece is created by Bong Man-dae. The cast involves Kim Sung-soo who can be seen romancing with Kim Seo-Hyung. Released on 27th June 2003, its screenplay is written by Bong Man-dae. The name is giving a clear idea about the content and scenes. The poster is showing the girl seeking inside the underwear of the guy. Isn’t it something dirty? Definitely, it is. That’s why we’ve mentioned it in the list. Watch it and suggest your friends as well.                          

4. Lady in Heat – Nu huan

Nu huan Asian Adult movies
Written by Wen-Cheng Hsieh, this collection of three sensual stories which we can watch in one hour 20 minutes. The countless efforts of Yen-Ping Chu as the director along with Che Man-Ching result in this enormous evergreen movie. The plot revolves around a murder, mystery, lesbianism, stripping, sexual gratification and much more. The poster reflects the homosexual nude girls with each other. The sex scenes have been performed remarkably and the outstanding plots are written by Wen-Cheng. We hope that after watching it, you’ll be replaying the steamy moments and hot smooches.                                  

5. Zero Woman 2 – Watch Now

Zero Woman 2 Asian Adult movies
This movie belongs to the series ‘Zero Woman’. The cast includes Natsuki Ozawa, a well-known actress of the adult industry. The first film of the series was released in 1974 and the last one in 2007. It is a collection of total 10 adult videos. All of them are interlinked and reflects the journeys of a lady. This sexploitation film was presented originally in 1995. They are also available online and still, numerous internet users watch them and enjoy with their friends. It is a strongly recommended film for you all as the majority of the scenes are filled with lust, nude figures, and fervent lovemaking.                                 

6. In the Realm of the Senses – Ai no korîda – Watch Now

In the Realm of the Senses Asian Adult movies
On 15th September 1976, this art film was released. This dramatized picture is full of sexually explicit scenes reflecting unsimulated sex, erotic asphyxiation, and penis removal. You may have any idea about the level of boldness of the theme. Starring Aoi Nakajima, Eiko Matsuda, Yasuko Matsui and Tatsuya Fuji as the main performers. It faced many controversies and was considered for the censorship as well because of the visibility of private body parts and various scenes were blurred, reframed and zoomed to hide the highly objectionable acts. Sexual violence and brutality have also been shown in this popular Asian adult movie.                  

7. Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell – Oniroku Dan: Bikyoshi jigokuzeme

Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell Asian Adult movies
In 1985, ‘Beautiful teacher in Torture Hell’ was released. This cult film has a lot of scenes depicting frontal nudity. The scenes are not vulgar but are very artistic and classical by every means. The music, the screenplay, the costumes, the locations and everything about it is mesmerizing. The viewers have given phenomenal reviews after watching and said that it is an up-to-the-mark picture. The reason behind its success the beautiful actress Ran Masaki who’s unbeatable prettiness has been crazily admired by everyone who has seen her naked.

8. The Japanese Wife Next Door – Inran naru ichizoku: Dai-ni-shô – zetsurin no hate ni – Watch Now

The Japanese Wife Next Door Asian Adult movies
Yutaka Ikejima has tremendously worked hard to make this awesome film. In 2004, ‘The Japanese wife next door’ hit the cinemas with one of the most controversial topics. The bold theme of the film and a few actors is its strength. Everyone among the cast can be seen involved in sexual activities on screen. Highly visible nude scenes, oral & anal sex, cock sucking and much more can be seen. This comedy will take an hour to fully entertain you. The quick sex scenes will drive you wild and will give you many ideas about how to make love with your partner in bed.   

9. Natalie – Natali

Natalie Asian Adult movies
Starring Kim Ji-hoon, Kim Gi-Yeon, Lee Sung-Jae and Park Hyun-jin, this romantic film was initially presented on 28th October 2010. The credit goes to Ju Kyung-Jung for his production, screenplay, and direction. The steamy onscreen chemistry of the lovebirds is beyond words. The scenes are breathtaking where we can see the actress fully nude and Lee sucking her breasts and kissing her whole body passionately. It did a business of $1,042,048 at the box office. Lotte Entertainment is held responsible for the distribution. Intense fucking and lots of appealing moments can be seen.

10. Be My Slave – Watashi no dorei ni narinasai

Be My Slave Asian Adult movies
This novel based thriller is among the top Korean erotic movies. Starring Mitsu Dan, Itsuji Itao and Hiroaki Mayama as the leading actors, it was released in 2012. The theme of sadomasochism is the main attraction due to which it is preferably viewed by the internet users. Directed by Tôru Kamei, the title clearly reflects its plot. The poster depicts the drop dead gorgeous actress in a short dress showing her sexy balloons. Written by Takehiko Minato, it is enriched with sexual encounters in almost every scene. You won’t get bored for a single second.

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