A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Vape Flavor and Nicotine Level

best vape flavor

Vaping is more popular than ever. According to one report, around 40 million people around the globe vape each day. While this may be pretty astonishing to anyone new to the world of vaping, if you’re an experienced e-cig user, you know what the hype is about.

If you’re looking to join in on the fun, however, the whole ordeal can seem intimidating — especially when it comes time to choose the best vape flavor.

Need some assistance? Look no further.

We’re here to help you find the best vape flavor with the right nicotine level.

Think About Your Reasons For Vaping

First and foremost, you’ll want to ask yourself why it is that you’re choosing a vape pen or e-cig over a standard cigarette. Is it the taste? To quit smoking? Just to see what all of the fuss is about?

For what it’s worth, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on your own preferences and unique needs.

That said, your reasons for vaping will have a major impact on the types of juice you’re choosing.

For example, someone looking to stop smoking would probably wean themselves off of nicotine with an e-juice with an elevated level of nicotine. In contrast, if you’re simply curious about the new trend, you’ll probably look for the best tasting vape juice instead.

Understanding Nicotine Content In Vape Juice

If you’re a newcomer to the awesome world of vaping, you may have a few questions about the nicotine content of vape juices and what they mean for you.

Here are a few of the most asked questions along with their answers.

I Don’t Smoke And Don’t Want To. Does All Juice Contain Nicotine?

Nope! While a lot of vape juices contain some level of nicotine, there are plenty of options based on flavor and flavor alone.

Still, you’ll need to make your purchasing choices with due diligence. Some vape shops or your favorite online vapor store specialize in nicotine-based juices.

I’d Like To Quit Smoking. What Level Of Nicotine Do I Need?

This is a bit of a tougher question to answer, as it depends on how much you currently smoke. If you’re used to smoking, say, a pack per day, your body is going to go into shock if you quit cold turkey.

The average cigarette contains about 6 to 13 mg of nicotine depending on your brand of choice.

Your best bet is to start out vaping a juice with a level of nicotine you’re accustomed to and work your way down from there.

What Kinds Of Flavors Should I Expect?

Hoo boy, this is where things get fun. There’s a vape juice for just about everyone out there.

Whether you like breakfast cereals, fruity cocktails, cookies, coffee — pretty much anything you can think of, there’s a juice for it.

Last Thoughts On Choosing The Best Vape Flavor

Finding the best vape flavor will take some time and experimentation. But that’s half the fun of vaping, quite frankly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors to see what works for you.

And remember, if you’re interested in the nicotine content of your juices, talk to someone at your vape shop. Nicotine can be quite addictive, so if you’re looking for a nicotine-free option, ask for assistance.

Be sure to check out our list of some of the strangest vape flavors available and see if you’re brave enough to try them!

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