10 Weird Vape Flavors You Really Have to Try

weird vape flavors

What’s the weirdest vape flavor you’ve ever tried?

Odds are, it has nothing on the outrageous flavors on this list.

Most vape juice tends to keep it pretty tame. But, there are a few true visionaries out there who like to think outside the box, and who end up turning the vape world on its ear with their wild creations.

With these ten weird vape flavors, you can walk the line between genius and insanity from breakfast until dessert.

1. Espresso

Most people start their day off with a cup of coffee. In fact, more people are drinking coffee in the US than ever before. So, why not hop on the bandwagon and start your day with the delicious taste of fresh espresso?

Coffee and cigarettes have always gone together. So, while espresso flavored vape juice sounds pretty gnarly at first, it makes perfect sense.

It’s almost the same thing — but without the nasty, dangerous chemicals in cigarettes. You also won’t run the risk of getting third-degree burns on your tongue from trying to down 190-degree liquid too fast.

2. Bacon

Once you’ve woken yourself up with some coffee, it’s time for breakfast — and who doesn’t love bacon.

Bacon is one of the most delicious foods known to man. The smell of it alone is enough to attract crowds. But, all that sodium and fat is not going to do your body any favors.

Fortunately, you can bypass all the downsides of bacon and get right to the good stuff with bacon flavored vape juice.

Picture it — all the flavor and aroma of everyone’s favorite breakfast food, without any of the health hazards. You get to enjoy the taste, and your heart gets to keep beating for another day. It’s a win, win.

3. Froot Loops

Not everyone has time in the morning to cook a full southern style breakfast — and that’s why we have cereal.

Supermarkets are full of healthy breakfast cereals. But, when you’re hungry and in a rush, you’re going to follow your nose and reach for the much more delicious option.

Sugary cereals are a staple of childhood, and you can relive the magic of countless Saturday mornings with Froot Loop flavored vape juice.

The sweet and vaguely fruity, or should we say “frooty,” flavor is perfect for vaping. Never doubt a toucan’s taste in breakfast foods.

4. Hot Dog

It’s a staple of any backyard BBQ, and when lunchtime rolls around on any given day millions of people will eat one or two of these. After all, who doesn’t love a good hot dog?

While we all enjoy hot dogs, most people can’t help but cringe at the mention of their ingredients. They’re Schrodinger’s Food — somehow simultaneously delicious and disgusting.

Because of this, the idea that some madman went out of his way to create hot dog flavored vape juice seems a little shocking.

So is this Frankenstein’s monster delicious enough to forget the ingredients of real hot dogs? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

5. Red Bull

It’s that time of day again. Lunch is over, the clock froze ages ago, and you’re running on E — oh thank heaven for energy drinks.

When regular coffee isn’t going to cut it, most energy drink enthusiasts reach for a classic Red Bull.

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in America for a reason. Aside from giving you wings, it has a distinctive taste that gives it a step up in the ever-saturating energy drink market.

Now, it’s easier to get your afternoon fix thanks to Red Bull flavored vape juice. It’s a must-try for vapers and Red Bull fans everywhere.

6. Nacho Cheese

Snack time, and what could be better than a plate of chips smothered in unnaturally yellow cheese.

Nacho cheese is delicious this is a fact that is not up for debate. What is up for debate is whether this fave is as good in vape juice form as it is as cheesy magma smothering a tortilla chip mountain.

Cheese is tricky. Like meat-based flavors, it’s not something you expect to find when you take a puff on a vape pen. On top of that, the taste of cheese can be hard to recreate.

How do you mimic something that only reaches greatness after going bad?

Whether nacho cheese vape juice can contest with actual nacho cheese is up to you.

7. Beer

Before you ask, no beer flavored vape juice will not get you drunk — you need the real stuff for that.

If the rise in craft brewing has taught us anything its that a lot of people drink beer because they enjoy it, not just for the buzz it can produce.

While a vape juice will never be able to recreate the refreshment of a cold beer after a long day, it could recreate the taste.

And, if you’re a genuine beer lover and an avid vaper, beer flavored vape juice might be the perfect cross between those two passions.

But remember, please drink and vape responsibly.

8. Crab Legs

Your first reaction to hearing about crab leg vape juice was probably, “what?” followed by, “why?”

And yes, crab leg flavored vape juice sounds a little shocking at first. But, you shouldn’t knock it until you crack one of those tasty legs wide open and get a taste for yourself.

Seafood flavoring can be very hit or miss no matter what you’re concocting.

You could end up creating something with the perfect balance of fishy taste. Or, you somehow make the flavor of slapping someone in the face with something you found on the floor of a fish market.

Crab meat is already an acquired taste and trying to recreate it in vape juice form is crazy — but, it could also be crazy enough to work.

9. Butter

The perfect vape juice to pair with those crab legs.

Butter is a strange flavor because it’s usually only successful when it’s paired with something else — like popcorn.

That said, butter doesn’t taste bad — far from it. Butter is delicious, which is why we put it on everything in the first place.

But, is butter good enough to stand on its own as a vape juice flavor? You should pop some corn and decide for yourself.

10. German Chocolate Cake

This delectable dessert only makes for a weird vape juice flavor because it’s kind of strange already.

Despite its name, it’s not German. The original recipe comes from the good old US of A. And, what sets it apart from other run-of-the-mill chocolate cake is its unique coconut and pecan icing.

Mix all that together and you have one incredible flavor, that is strangely perfect for vape juice.

And if you’re in the mood for other weird dessert flavors, such as banana cream pie with peanut butter, check out the selection Broke Dick vape juice has to offer.

We Love Weird Vape Flavors

Not all vape flavors can be winners.

That said, we will always appreciate those weird vape flavors that pop up every now and then for adding a little strangeness to the world.

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