The Best Vape Juice Flavors to Try in 2018

best vape juice

It’s expected that the e-cigarette market will grow to over $5 billion in 2018. That’s no surprise when you consider all the benefits of vaping – less exposure to harmful smoke, no foul cigarette odors, and no dangers to other people around you.

One great way to make vaping even more enjoyable is to choose your favorite vape juice flavors, and this year there are many great ones on the market.

1. Berry Crunch Cereal

If you’re a fan of berry cereals with a crunchy texture, you’ll love this fruity take on the breakfast classic. It will help you satisfy your smoking cravings while delivering a tasty hit of berry flavor.

2. Moo Juice

Legend holds that this flavor came from a red-colored cow whose milk contained a twist of strawberry. The delightful flavor is excellent for those who want a vape juice with creamy finish that still has a hint of fruit.

3. Tangerine Dream

Imagine diving into an orange creamsicle on a hot summer day. That’s the feeling vapers will get from Tangerine Dream, a smooth, creamy, orange flavor that also provides a pleasant cooling sensation.

4. Antarctic Ice

Many vapers enjoy a minty, cooling sensation, and this flavor provides it in droves. Antarctic Ice combines a sweet burst of dragonfruit and citrus with a cool menthol hit that will keep your taste buds on ice.

5. Tropical Serenade

This flavor won’t take you to paradise, but it sure will taste like you’re there. Tropical Serenade offers a medley of fruits, including coconut, oranges, pineapples, and a hint of cherry.

6. Dragon Fruit Peach

The dragon fruit is a distinct flavor that is used in everything from juice to alcoholic beverages. Here it collides with a classic peach twist to give vapers a deliciously satisfying fruity blend that they can enjoy all day.

7. White Tiger

With flavor as powerful as the big cat’s roar, White Tiger adds elements of strawberry and blueberry to a vanilla bean base, before finishing with a waffle cone crumble. An excellent flavor for a creamy vape finish.

8. Hug Juice

This vape juice offers a perfect balance between tart and sweet, providing a hint of berries and melon. Unlike its counterpart flavor, Thug Juice, it does not have any menthol.

Finding Your Favorite Vape Juice Flavors

With so many options out there for vaping, it can seem impossible to figure out which flavor is right for your preferences. Luckily, there are hundreds of online stores selling vape juice flavors of all different varieties, from sweet to tart to smooth. The best way to determine which flavor is right for you is simply to try many different ones – start with this list and then branch out based on what you like.

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