Become a Party Guru: How to Get Into the Hottest Night Clubs

It’s Saturday night and you’re waiting outside the club. You can hear the beat of a popular Drake song as you get closer.

But then, the doorman looks you up and down and shakes his head. Before you know it, you’re left outside while the rest of the line gets ushered in. 

Sound familiar? If so, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Read on to find out how to get into the best night clubs and enjoy a great night every time. 

Get on the Guestlist

Many clubs are so hot, you can’t just rock up on the night and expect to get in. If you know you’re headed to a popular new club like Montezuma, you need to do your research and apply for the Montezuma guestlist beforehand. 

Some free night clubs can insist that you put your name on the guest list first. For other clubs, a place on the guest list can mean free or reduced entry fees and possibly a free drink. 

Follow the Dress Code

Some nightclubs are more particular than others, but most consider the dress code mainly for their male patrons. 

As such, girls generally have it easier than guys and almost always get in, even with jeans and sneakers. Joggers and flip flops might be pushing it too far though. 

Guys need to steer clear of anything too sporty, like a hoodie, or too summery, like shorts. Jeans are usually acceptable but avoid baggy denim or ripped jeans. For your shoes, play it safe with leather or dress shoes. But, don’t go too smart either, you’ll look like you just finished work at the bank. 

Gather a Mixed Group

If you and the guys are wondering how to get into clubs, attractive girls are the key. 

Before you hit the club, consider the girl to guy ratio of your group. Bouncers prefer at least one girl for every guy. If you’re a bunch of guys, your chances of getting in are seriously reduced.

Your best bet in this situation is to get chatting to some girls in a bar beforehand, then you can suggest all going to the club together. Offering to buy them cocktails in the club might increase your chances. If that fails, you’ll probably need to reserve a table to get in. 

Be Charismatic, Not Entitled

Good social skills and a polite demeanor go a long way at the club entrance.

Greet the bouncer with a friendly good evening and act like you’re meant to be there. But, don’t act like you deserve to get in. Maybe there’s not enough space and you’ll have to come back later.

And, don’t try to gain entry by saying that you know the owner. Bouncers see through that a mile off. 

Some doormen might also engage you in a few questions to see if your group is suitable for the club. This could mean asking you where else your group has been tonight. If you’re trying to get into one of the hottest nightclubs in town, mentioning that you’ve been to a hot new bar or restaurant will make you seem like a more suitable patron.  

Get into the Hottest Night Clubs

With the right attire and attitude, getting into night clubs should be a lot easier.

It also helps if you have some attractive females with you, as nightclubs with plenty of girls usually have a better atmosphere and make more money. 

But, if you and the guys are all flying solo, check out these tips for approaching women in nightclubs without coming off like creeps. 

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