The Top Reasons Why You Need a Vehicle Accident Attorney

About 2.35 million people are injured or become disabled after motor vehicle accidents across the United States each year.

No matter how much you follow traffic rules or how cautiously you drive, car accidents can occur at any time. And it may well not be your fault.

A knowledgeable and experienced vehicle accident attorney just might be what you require to handle a personal injury case, as he or she can make the whole legal process easier for you.

Here are the top reasons you should consider hiring an accident attorney if you’ve been in a car accident.

You Must File Your Case Within Your State’s Statute of Limitations

You must bring your case before the court within your state’s statute of limitations (in most cases it’s two years).

If you don’t file the case in time, you won’t get compensation for your injuries. While two years may seem like a lot of time to many people, filing a claim is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure, particularly if you don’t know how to go about it.

A good accident claim lawyer knows how to file claims efficiently and accurately. They work quickly to ensure that your claim is filed in accordance with your state’s statute of limitations.

A Vehicle Accident Attorney Can Achieve Better Results

You have a right to represent yourself, whether you’re involved in a criminal or civil case, and whether you’re a defendant or plaintiff.

But is it wise to represent yourself in court? Probably not.

If you’re not a legal expert, you won’t understand what procedures to follow in court, or how to act in front of the judge. You probably won’t phrase your argument as well as a professional, which could reduce your chances of success.

A personal injury attorney will go through the details of your specific accident, consider the legal precedent, and come up with the best strategy and argument to make for your case.

Relax While Your Attorney Does All the Work

When you’re injured and recovering, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend hours making calls or sending mail to insurance providers, instead of getting some much-needed rest.

Hiring a lawyer will make things easier for you, so that you can focus on receiving uninterrupted care for your injuries.

It’s best to appoint a skilled automobile injury attorney immediately after your accident. If you don’t, you could be putting any potential legal claims at risk of failure.

Your lawyer can look into the claims, gather evidence, find witnesses, collect medical and incident reports and prepare a settlement letter. Can you imagine doing this on your own after suffering serious injuries? Absolutely not!

It’s hard to do legal work on your own, especially if you haven’t got an in-depth understanding of the legal system and are still recovering from a horrific accident.

Not only will a lawyer get these tasks handled, but they’ll do a better job of gathering evidence, ensuring that you have a stronger case.

Your Insurance Provider May Have Other Ideas

Insurance firms may attempt to pay you much less than you deserve.

While they might be obliged to compensate you, they will also be looking to bring down their expenses.

So it’s always wise to have an accident attorney from a reputable legal firm like Julie Johnson law on your side. They’ll fight hard to get you the best possible outcomes from a bad situation.

Laws Differ From One State to Another

Car insurance and car accident rules are different in each jurisdiction. For instance, there are 12 “no-fault” states in America in which you can’t sue after an auto crash except in certain situations.

Similarly, in certain states, you can bring a lawsuit even if you were partly responsible for the accident. These are known as comparative negligence states. In other states, you can’t sue if you were partly at fault. These are known as contributory negligence states.

So if you’re driving outside your state of residence, the rules might surprise you. A local lawyer can explain to you all the details of the law in the local jurisdiction, so you can fully understand all your legal rights.

Arguing Your Case Can Be Quite Complicated

Like filing your claim, arguing your case can be very difficult.

You may be allowed to get some information from the other party. But you may not be allowed to use certain evidence, or call certain witnesses. You may find that you can’t ask certain questions in court, or that the court – or the opposing lawyer – may have an issue with the way you phrase them.

You will need to do legal research extensively to convince the court to rule in your favor. As such, it’s very hard on your own to prove that the other party caused your injuries.

Your Accident Lawyer Will Tirelessly Work to Get Results

Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means you don’t have to pay any fees until and unless you’ve reached a settlement or won your case.

An attorney will only handle your case if they think you have a good chance of success, and they’ll pull out all the stops to ensure that success.

Be sure to ask any prospective car crash injury lawyer about their charges to know exactly how much you’ll pay and when.

Hire an Auto Accident Attorney Today!

Although you aren’t legally required to hire a vehicle accident attorney, having one in your corner greatly raises your prospects of getting the compensation you need and deserve.

Having to handle a personal injury case on your own is overwhelming for anyone who isn’t legally trained. So finding good legal representation will help to ensure that you build a strong case.

Have you just had an auto accident and want to take your mind off negative thoughts? If so, we can help you relax.

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