Top 10 Unique Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

swimming pool

Have you ever dreamed of coming home from work and diving into your own private swimming pool?

A place just for you and your family where you can work out all the kinks of the day, without having to share it with the rest of the world!

There are so many benefits to having your own swimming pool that it’s been hard to bring it down to just ten.

Here are our top ten unique benefits to owning your own private swimming pool.

1. Great Workout

The health benefits of regular swimming are many and can be yours on a daily basis with a backyard pool.

While you get a vigorous workout, it’s achieved with minimal strain on your body. It helps to tone muscles, build stamina and can help you to maintain a healthy weight.

It’s also a great way to get your kids into the habit of doing regular exercise that they’ll really enjoy. Throw in a few pool toys and they’ll have hours of healthy fun!

2. Investment Potential

A swimming pool can be a great addition to your home when you come to resell. It’s appealing to families and couples and adds a great additional entertaining space.

Do your research carefully and work out the best type of investment for your area. Pools can now be set up to be much lower maintenance than they were in the past, making them more of a bonus than a drawback.

Keep your pool in tip-top order with regular maintenance and cleaning from Gold Medal Pools. This service provides everything you need to ensure hassle-free enjoyment of your private oasis.

3. Unique Entertaining Space

When summer rolls around, everyone wants to head for the pool.

With your own backyard pool, you’ve got the perfect setting for a pool party your friends and family will just love.

Expensive day trips and meals out are one time only indulgences. However, backyard pools really are the gift that keeps on giving.

As it’s a great place the whole family will want to be, it gives you lots of quality time together. It’ll be a draw that your kids will want to bring their friends back to – so you don’t have to worry about where they are!

4. Express Your Style

Designing and building a pool area in your backyard gives you a great opportunity to achieve a stylish look that is an expression of your own personal style.

With pool shapes only confined to your imagination, you can easily stamp your signature style on your property.

Taking inspiration from luxury spas, you can create a personal relaxation space you’ll look forward to coming home to each day. They also make a great focal point to sit around for cocktails in the evening.

5. Perfect for Kids

As mentioned earlier, swimming pools are a total kid-magnet.

As well as health benefits for the kids, it is also a source of entertainment literally right on your doorstep. You can also have the peace of mind of knowing where your kids are and being able to monitor them yourself.

What better place to teach your kids to swim, dive and snorkel than in your family’s own pool? While a built-in pool can look stunning, there are also great above ground and inflatable pool options available that your kids will just love.

6. Sleep Better

This might be one you hadn’t thought of but regular exercise, such as swimming, can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Research undertaken by the National Sleep Foundation discovered that those who undertake regular vigorous exercise such as swimming, report having had a good night’s sleep most nights almost twice as often as those who don’t exercise.

There’s nothing like an evening swim in your own backyard to set you up for a refreshing night of slumber!

7. Pure Luxury

Many of us have shelled out thousands on cruises and other vacations that are here today, gone tomorrow.

The joy of a backyard pool is that it’s an everyday luxury, and it can cut down on the need to go away as often. When you’ve got the weather at home, and all your creature comforts, the pool is the cherry on top.

Create your own home spa sanctuary where you can relax and pamper yourself. Get some comfortable pool furniture and turn it into your private indulgence zone. The perfect way to make a house a home.

8. Total Privacy

For many of us, going to public swimming pools may not be the most comfortable experience.

Changing rooms, showers and ‘onlookers’ can all make us feel less than at home when we just want to relax and enjoy the water.

With your own backyard swimming pool, you control the guest list. You can even decide not to have a guest list, and just indulge on your own. Get all the benefits of swimming, with none of the drawbacks!

9. Escape the Heat

Many of us live in parts of the world that become unbearably hot, at least in summer.

There is nothing as refreshing on a hot day than heading for a pool. The problem is, with public pools, everyone has the same idea at the same time!

Your own private pool will be there, ready and waiting to give you the refreshing break from the heat you’re looking for.

10. Fun for Everyone

There aren’t many activities that people of all ages can enjoy, including those with disabilities and seniors.

With a few adaptations, many people with severe disabilities can also benefit from a home pool. It aids relaxation and can also be used for therapies that can benefit overall health.

The Takeaway: The Unique Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

As you’ve seen, a swimming pool gives your home a unique focal point – pure indulgence for you but also fun for all generations of the family.

The health benefits speak for themselves and you can leave behind the embarrassment of changing rooms and gawkers as you enjoy your own private oasis.

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