The Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood Movies of All Time

In the world, full of stress and burden, you need some time for yourself. For your spare time, Curiosity Human has come up with the 10 sexiest Hollywood movies of all time which are based on various genres like comedy, romance, thriller, pornography, drama, horror and much more.

The actors include some famous artists and some specific performers of the adult industry. Their erotic scenes, fanatical lovemaking, and naked scenes are their strength due to which they’re still being remembered by the fans despite being released in the 70s and 80s era.

Their direction, cinematography, music, screenplays are strong as compared to other films and they can be watched on YouTube and other various online sites. They’re inspirational to other 18+ movies of current times. Here you go!

1. Macumba sexual – Watch Now

Macumba sexual sex hollywood movies
When horror is there along with hot sex, the film becomes more captivating and interesting. On 20th October 1983, “Macumba sexual” was shown for the first time to the audience. Jesús Franco wonderfully directed it and the screenplay was written by him as well. The hard work of the entertainers like Ajita Wilson, Antonio Mayans, and others contributed towards the fame of this picture. The name itself contains the word ‘sexual’ reflecting the theme and the plot of this film.

2. Barbed Wire Dolls (a.k.a. Frauengefängnis) – Watch Now

Barbed Wire Dolls sex hollywood movies
This thriller movie was presented on 23rd April 1976. The running time is 1 hour and 30 min. Can you imagine this film of the 70s era is still among the top dirty and sexiest movies of Hollywood despite the fact that many porn movies are being released every year enriched with adult content? The theme based on sexual abuse, violence and the lesbian relationship will also let you experience horror and crime at the same time. You will be having so much to watch in a single film. Starring Lina Romay, Monica Swinn, Martine Stedil and other brilliant artists have put immense efforts in making it a popular one.

3. The Final Victim – Watch Now

The Final Victim sex hollywood movies
When the main actors are Kira Reed Lorsch and other talented performers in the industry, definitely the movie will be a huge success. Lloyd A. Simandl’s “The Final Victim” is written by Chris Hyde. This sensual trip of 1 hour 33 minutes is still admired by its viewers and it is still being watched by today’s generation. This evergreen picture contains many nude scenes, intimate love making and intense sexual intercourses that seem so real and genuine that the audience enjoys every time they play it.

4. Prison Heat

Prison Heat sex hollywood movies
There’s a lot of excitement in a movie where we have more than one or two actresses. The more hot figures we’re able to watch, the more fun we have. In 1993, “Prison Heat” was brought into the theaters which were made by Joel Silberg. Toni Naples, Kena Land, Lori Jo Hendrix, Gilya Stern and Rebecca Chambers have performed in a phenomenal way that no can ever act like that. The film will heat your bodies and will seduce you as you’ll be watching the most stimulating scenes on screen.

5. Friend of the Family – Watch Now

Friend of the Family sex hollywood movies
Produced by Andrew W. Garroni, this soft-core porno entered the cinemas in 1995. Created by Edward Holzman, this film will take 1 hour and 43 minutes to entertain you and for the whole life, it will be among your favorites. Lisa Boyle, Griffin Dre, Raelyn Saalman, Shauna O’Brien and Burke Morgan wonderfully acted in the movie. The sexual issues are wonderfully depicted in it and every scene has its own significance in the theme. The poster itself is too erotic showing a guy holding the waist and boobs of the lady from behind. Feeling something inside you?

6. Eleven Days, Eleven Nights – Watch Now

Eleven Days, Eleven Nights sex hollywood movies
“Eleven Days. Eleven Nights” will make your nights erotic and your days will turn into dirty moments by watching this 18+ masterpiece. Released in 1987, this movie brought “Top Model” as its follow-up, but the passion and level of intimacy shown by it has no replacement. The main actors include the hot actress Jessica Moore, along with Joshua McDonald, Giovanni Lombardo Radice and Laura Gemser. This story of desires and affection will urge you to watch it again and again and still after 30 years, it is fresh in the minds of the viewers.

7. All Ladies Do It (a.k.a. Così fan tutte) – Watch Now

All Ladies Do It sex hollywood movies
This Italian adult movie hit the theaters in 1992. Tinto brass, being the very hardworking filmmaker, tremendously write, edit and made the film starring the hot bombshell Claudia Koll. With full of erotic missions and lesbian’s intimacy, it is a journey of comedy and fun. The poster’s displaying the beautiful ass of the drop dead gorgeous actress. Now, you can easily predict the amount of sexual content within the picture of 93 minutes. People still watch it online due to which their views are increasing day by day.

8. Body of Evidence – Watch Now

Body of Evidence sex hollywood movies
You guys are very well aware of Madonna’s sex appeal by watching her music videos. But what if we tell you that you can see her soft tits and white nude body in this film with the handsome muscular physique of Willem Dafoe? In 1993, “Body of Evidence” hit the theaters and did a business of $13.2 million at the box office and was created by Uli Edel with a budget of $30 million. This thriller film has many sex scenes depicting sadomasochism which makes it even more appealing. The queen of pop stunned the world with her boldness.

9. Erotic Dreams (a.k.a Dark Dreams) – Watch Now

Erotic Dreams sex hollywood movies
This adult Hollywood movie was released in 1988 and is created and written by Robert F. Pope. The poster shows a sexy chick wearing a short red dress. Starring Stephanie Goldwin, Robert Miles and other talented actors like Nathan Lanes, this film also reflects some devilish powers and magical influences along with the erotic content. In this comedy picture, you’ll watch everything you seek in a sex movie. The steamy scenes, adorable love-making and intense moments between the two will make you go in a new world of thrill, excitement, and humor.

10. Forbidden – Watch Now

Forbidden sex hollywood movies
“Forbidden” entered the industry on 17th September 2001. The screenplay was given by Aric Mittleman and the movie was directed by Robert Kubilos. The cast includes skilled performers including Dillon Morgan Silver, Tracy Ryan and other hot actresses like Renee Rea. This romantic masterpiece is still being watched by internet users as it has a collection of dirty scenes in it. The sex lives, the one-night stands and much more is there which will brighten your nights and will force you to replay the scenes. Watch it tonight and enjoy watching the sexy moments.

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