Top 10 Best Pornographic Gay Movies Ever

We’ve been coming up with numerous erotic lists for you. Now is the time to share the top 10 best gay pornographic movies that ever made.

The charm, appeal, and fascination in a men-men relationship are beyond words. The way the directors have shown the industry’s best actors with the most awesome physique having hard dicks, great cocks and intimate sucking along with passionate fucking, is something that is up to the mark.

The way the attraction converts into obsession and addiction, these movies are the strength of porn industry and despite being released several years’ even decades’ back, these best gay films will show you the delicious masturbation scenes as well.

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1. Idol Country

Idol Country Best Gay Porn Movies
Among the evergreen porn movies, Idol country is the leading name. The movie was released in 1998 and since 18 years, still no substitute for the legendary film has been found. Starring Marco Rossi and other brilliant performers, this erotic feature has a captivating plot depicting the tempting and intimate chemistry between the two guys is beyond explanation. The story revolves around the love and affection of a country in a heart which can never be vanished. The movie is awesome with many plus points. The direction, the story, the passion shown in the sexual intercourse scenes are mind blowing.

2. ManWatcher 

ManWatcher (Kristen Bjorn) Best Gay Porn Movies
Kristen Bjorn is a highly renowned and prominent personality of the porn industry. His porn videos are up to the mark, but ‘ManWatcher’ is an exceptional case. With lip-smacking performers and incredible plot, the movie was released in 1997 consisting of 59 cumshots. The total number of sex scenes is only six, but don’t dare to think that how come this movie succeeded with only six sex acts? Each sex scene is enriched with irresistible energy and the credit goes to the exceptional cast and the brilliant filmmakers. It wouldn’t be fair if we talk about the best pornos and miss this masterpiece.

3. Conquered

Conquered Best Gay Porn Movies
This gay porn is a wonderful work by Chi Chi LaRue. Released in 2001, this movie’s cast includes Casey Williams, Billy Herrington and other talented actors who have wonderfully put their efforts and contribution to the success of this film. With a thrilling and exciting plot, this film has excelled in showing the sex scenes with awesome cinematography. The bonding between the lovebirds is fascinating and with the help of audience feedback, we conclude that this film is a good thing to watch at your spare time. The movie has conquered many hearts with its awesome direction.

4. How The West Was Hung

How The West Was Hung Best Gay Porn Movies
In 2000, something stunned and shocked the world with the release of an incredible gay porn movie. Brought by ‘All Worlds Video’, the movie is a success because of the outstanding cast, fabulous direction and the overall team efforts were enthusiastically performed. The extraordinary chemistry between the main characters of the film can’t be described in words. This gay film is unique in a way that viewers can’t resist themselves from watching the movie again and again. There is something magical and mesmerizing about this video which distinguishes it from the rest of the pornos.

5. Flings

Flings Best Gay Porn Movies
2000 has been a fortunate year for the porn industry as another movie ‘Flings’ amused the audience in the best possible way one could ever be entertained. This gay film features the talented actors and the direction is given by the brilliant filmmakers. The way the sex scenes have been shot with such devotion and the way the actors have worked with commitment, it was obvious that the film will touch the peaks of success in a very short time. Movies like ‘Flings’ are among those who always remain in our minds, even after several years have passed away.

6. Detention

Detention Best Gay Porn Movies
Chi Chi LaRue has an unbeatable expertise to create porn movies and when it comes to ‘Detention’, we absolutely don’t know how to praise this talented filmmaker. This is the debut of Johny Hazzard and his extraordinary efforts, luckily made him succeeded under the supervision of Chi Chi. The passion, the attraction and the on-screen bonding between the gays mesmerized the viewers in the very first glance and within two and a half hour, the audience was sexually aroused like never before. Check out the journey of this sucking and fucking by watching it.

7. Virgin No More

Virgin No More Best Gay adult & Porn Movie
When the cast is tempting, the plot is captivating, scenes are mouth-watering and the direction is brilliant, the success of the movie is obvious. In 2001, the porn industry gets another masterpiece from ‘All Worlds Video’ in the form of ‘Virgin No More’. The title itself is saying much about the movie and its plot. When the wait is over and the borders of patience get broken, then no one can be stopped from doing something he has been dying to do for ages. This is the journey of lust, lovemaking, attraction and passionate sex between the two men who felt comfortable and relaxed with each other

8. Hungary for Men

Hungary for Men Best Gay Porn Movies
Released in 1995, this movie was brought to you by Kristen Bjorn Video with a five-star rating. Whatever you expect to watch in a porno, you’ll find it in ‘Hungary for men’. Hats off to the director, the filmmakers and undoubtedly the actors who devotedly and passionately performed the super sexy scenes and excelled the way they did it. The poundingly thrilling and enchanting sexual intercourses featuring the best cocks, hard dicks and the finest cumshots a porn film could ever possess. Don’t ever dare to miss this awesome gay porn masterpiece.

9. Flyin’ Solo

Flyin’ Solo Best Gay Porn Movies
The movie was released in 1998 and showed the most rooted to the spotting scenes a porno could ever have. The spicy cumshots and the most awesome cocks will bring you to a fascinating world of gays, which is enriched with affection, passion, and lots of lovemaking. This bold porno has also depicted masturbation and everything which can make a porn film a rival to other movies in the adult industry. Even though the competition is tough, but it has proven itself with the fascinating visuals and brilliant acting by the cast.

10. Cops Gone Bad!

Cops Gone Bad! Best Gay Porn Movies
Other than the steamy hot scenes of a porno, when a plot contains twists and excitements in it, it becomes more appealing and interesting. In 2001, ‘Cops Gone Bad!’ released and amused the audience to the ultimate level. It is the story of influence, viciousness & exploitation combined together in a porno to build a unique and distinguished image of porn film like never before.

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