The Top 10 Best Erotic Lesbian Movies Ever

Here we go with the best erotic Lesbian movies about sex – List of the Top 10.
Feelings have no boundaries, neither age nor culture, neither religion nor race. In fact, when it comes to gender, love is observed to be blind in this case as well. Certain people are attracted towards the people of the same gender. Men-men and women-women relationships have gradually started prevailing in the societies because no one can or restrict their feelings for opposite sex.

While considering intimate relationships we can’t keep homosexuality aside, therefore we’re gonna reveal the top 10 best sex lesbian movies today on the site.

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We’ve been sharing certain adult movies with you all containing sexually explicit stuff and hot visuals depicting heterosexual couples usually, but gays and lesbians can’t be ignored in this regard as they also have strong feelings in terms of sex and love making.

Among the 18+ movies, some are the movies based on the affectionate stories of homosexual women deeply involved in love making and are shown engaged in on-screen romance. Below mentioned are some x-rated movies presenting the flaming connections between lesbians.

Better Than Chocolate (1999) – Watch Now

Better Than Chocolate (1999) sex lesbian movies
Directed by Anne Wheeler, this movie was released on February 14th 1999. Karyn Dwyer and Christina Cox have played the leading roles in the movie as the lesbian couple. The movie is based on nudity and intense love making and all the consequences born by lesbians in a society. Written by Peggy Thompson, this film flawlessly depicts the chemistry between two homosexual women deeply involved in fulfilling their lustful desires. This film is a comedy actually blended with romance.

I Can’t Think Straight – Watch Now

Directed by Shamim Sarif, this movie is based on the passionate love affair between two women of different nationalities. They were unstoppable from making love with each other despite facing certain hurdles on their way. Tala and Leyla never knew before that their love will turn into an obsession. The film was released in June 2008 and still is a benchmark for lesbian sex movies. Starring Sheetal Seth and Lisa Ray, the nude sex scenes of the film are up to the mark.

Mulholland Drive (a.k.a Mulholland Dr.) – Watch Now

Directed By David Lynch, this film was made with the budget of $15 million and did a business of $20.1 million at the box office. It was released on May 16, 2001, at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival and on October 12, 2001, in the United States. Starring Naomi Watts, Justin Theroux and Laura Elena Harring, the film perfectly engages the audience for 146 minutes. The passionate kissing and intimate lovemaking in the movie between Naomi and Laura is extremely flaming.

Female Perversions – Watch Now

Female Perversions sex lesbian movies
Directed by Susan Streitfeld, this film is about how a girl can deal her sexual relationships with two people of the opposite gender; a boy and a girl. Starring Tilda Swinton, Karen Sillas and Amy Madigan, this movie is based on coping up with one’s private life issues. Released in 1996, ‘Female perversions’ is the best depiction of lesbian sex and attraction among the homosexual women. There are many lesbian movies, but this one’s unique with some special facts. You must watch it to explore the facts

Loving Annabelle – Watch Now

Loving Annabelle sex lesbian movies
Directed by Katherine Brooks, this movie is the love story of a girl and her educator at school. The movie is made with an estimated budget of $900,000 and did a business of $4,200,000 worldwide and was admired globally. The movie was rewarded with certain awards, including Audience Award, Q-Award Narrative Feature and much more. Starring Diane Gaidry and Erin Kelly as the leading characters of the movie, the whole team’s efforts brought the film to the top of the list. The captivating plot of the film is the strength and the reason behind its success.

High Art – Watch Now

High Art sex lesbian movies
Directed by Lisa Cholodenko, this film has a lot to show. The passion and desire born between two women among which one of them was a trainee (Syd) and an acclaimed photographer (Lucy) who, after crossing the limitations of professionalism drowned in the deep ocean of love and lust to fulfill their physical desires. The movie did a business of $1,929,168 at the box office in the USA. The film was released on June 12, 1998, and despite being presented years ago, its impact is still fresh and long lasting in the minds of the viewers.

My Summer of Love – Watch Now

My Summer of Love sex lesbian movies
Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, this film was released in 2004. This is the love story of a boyish girl, Mona and an eye-catching lady, Tamsin, both belonging to various contexts. The movie is enriched with passionate lovemaking and kisses under a waterfall, on the bed and anywhere the lovebirds wanted each other badly. The movie was made with a budget of £1 million and did a business of £5 million at the box office. Emily Blunt and Natalie Press excellently acted in the film and have put their best efforts in performing the wildest sex scenes.

Kiss Me (a.k.a. With Every Heartbeat) – Watch Now

Kiss Me (a.k.a. With Every Heartbeat) sex lesbian movies
Directed by Alexandra-Therese Keining, this film was released on July 29, 2011. Starring Liv Mjones and Ruth Vega Fernandez as the leading roles, this movie is based on the love story of a two girls whose going to be stepsisters soon. The steamy hot sex scenes, the nude figures, and intimate romance will take you to a world of fantasy and adoration. Let’s move a step for watching this awesome movie without wasting a single moment. The intense moments of the movie are perfectly shot and the director must be given the credit for this phenomenal movie.

She Monkeys – Watch Now

She Monkeys sex lesbian movies
Directed by Lisa Aschan, this movie was released in 2011. Starring Linda Molin and Mathilda Paradeiser, the movie is based on the story of two juvenile girls whose friendship gradually transformed into a passionate physical affair. The sporty nature of the movie together with the influence of drama has distinguished the movie from others and therefore the craze and obsession depicted in the film is extremely outstanding. The blazing scenes of the movie have presented the sex so well that you’ll be replaying the scenes, feeling horny ultimately.

Secret Things (French title: Choses secretes) – Watch Now

Secret Things French title Choses secretes sex lesbian movies
Directed by Jean-Claude Brisseau, this film was released in 2002 and stunned the viewers. Starring Sabrina Seyvecou and Coralie Revel, this movie is based on the story of two companions Nathalie and Sandrine. Lesbian Sex, threesome and everything you want to watch is available within the 115 minutes of the movie. The sexual intercourses are perfectly depicted and apart from the erotic sense of the film, comedy, thriller, and drama are also there to amuse you.

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