The Top 10 Perfect Bikini Moments in the Movies

We’ll be sharing the top 10 perfect bikini moments in the movies as the National Bikini Day recently passed on July 5th.

These movies are valuable not just because of the plot and strong cast, but these most iconic bikini moments in the movie history boost the fame and popularity of these films. The teams have done great efforts by choosing the hottest and provocative actresses with the sexiest bikinis and swimsuits pics. These sensual bikini girls include Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Nicolette Sheridan and some other seductive female artists have appeared in such scenes.

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Below discussed are the greatest bikini moments in cinema history.

Below Is The List of Top 10 Bikini Scenes in Movies

Jessica Alba “Into The Blue” (2005)

Jessica Alba in bikini
Here comes the sexiest bikini scene you’ve ever encountered with. Jessica Alba has been given the credit for this blazing scene and we bet no other actress can justify this scene with her hot and steamy appearance. Since the movie is not a blockbuster, but still we can’t forget the super sexy scene of Jessica Alba with Paul Walker. Jessica in a sexy blue bikini is just driving insanity to the viewers still when we watch the scene. Her hot and beautiful body with her perfect curves is just amazing in the movie. Some underwater scenes were filmed with Jessica Alba swimming wearing the bikini. A few months back, the actress her tanned figure wearing a bikini while spending her vacations in Hawaii.

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Halle Berry “Die Another Day” (2002)

Wearing a bright orange bikini, Halle Berry very smartly showed her beautiful waist and curves as a replication of Ursula Andress who was wearing a white sexy bikini.  Halle Berry stunned the viewers with her confident appearance in the scene. Halle is coming out of the water with her sexy wet body was irresistible. Recently, Halle celebrated National Bikini Day by sharing some hot pics to her Instagram account. This scene is really an unforgettable bikini scene one could have ever watched.

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Selena Gomez & others “Spring Breakers” (2012)

Selena Gomez in bikini
Cute and sexy girls in bikinis always look striking and appealing no matter what. Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Heather Morris wearing colorful, funky colored bikinis are just terrific. The young hot squad with their ultimate charm and charisma performed the bikini scenes perfectly. Their cute and attractive looks along with their beautiful and desirable bikinis lead the girls and the movie to top 3. Selena Gomez has worn sexy bikinis off camera as well.

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Jessica Simpson “The Dukes of Hazard” (2005)

Jessica Simpson “The Dukes of Hazard” (2005) bikini moments
If you haven’t watched the scene yet, watch it now! How can you miss the beautiful and sexy blonde Jessica Simpson scene, putting off her coat and showing her extremely desirable body to Enos driving him crazy and mad for her? Jessica is perfect in the scene wearing a pink bikini and her overall outlook seems seductive. Jessica Simpson has also been serving her swimwears launched in 2007. You’ll get Goosebumps while watching this terrific scene.

Ursula Andress “Dr. No” (1962)

Ursula Andress in bikini
You should see how sexy someone can look in a white bikini. The angelic beauty of Ursula Andress is a real-life evidence of the respective fact. Never ever dare to miss the enchanting clip of the movie ‘Dr. No’ as you’ll find 007 ultimate bond girl extremely hot and sensual coming out of the sea wearing a white bikini in front of James Bond (Sean Connery) on a beach where she was collecting shells. Later, the scene was copied by Halle Berry in ‘Die Another Day’. The white bikini in the scene is considered as a memorial in the history of the bra.

Raquel Welch “One Million Years B.C” (1966)

Raquel Welch in bikini
The movie has shown the era of dinosaurs and cavemen. The movie featured the beautiful Raquel Welch wearing a fur bikini. As the demand for the movie, Raquel Welch was fond wearing the bikini throughout the movie as the people millions of years back used to wear less cloth made of animal skin or leaves. Currently, Raquel Welch has been declared as the sexiest bikini figure of all time. Raquel Welch has touched the peak of sensuality and sexiness in this movie with her appealing figure and seductive gestures. Among several bikini scenes, she confidently made her bold appearance and stunned the viewers very smartly.

Cheryl Ladd “Charlie’s Angels” (1977)

Cheryl Ladd in bikini
Cheryl Ladd is famous for playing a character in the ABC TV series ‘Charlie’s Angels’ as Kris Monroe. As a means of involving and engaging viewers, certain bikini scenes were filmed showing Cheryl Ladd wearing a bikini. Moreover, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson accompanied the actress in the movie. Cheryl Ladd has received positive feedbacks and reviews from the critics for her role in the movie. These hot scenes have always added charm and attraction in the movies and certain internet users put these scenes on YouTube to provide easy access of these scenes to the viewers.

Nicollette Sheridan “The Sure Thing” (1985)

The romantic comedy movie contains the super hot scenes of Nicollette Sheridan is wearing a white bikini. The name of the movie is set as her name as well as she was assured of a sure thing in the movie. Nicollette Sheridan has confidently and optimistically performed the character and the scenes with her white bikini are captivating. In 2007, Nicollette Sheridan encountered with a nip slip while spending her vacations at St. Barths. She has always something interesting for her fans to retain and gain more and more fans and she has been very successful as well as fortunate in this case.

Ludivine Sagna “Swimming Pool” (2003)

Ludivine Sagna in bikini
Ludivine Sagna rocked the viewers with her black and white bikini. The erotic thriller film consists of many intimate and sexy scenes including a scene of oral sex as well.  Moreover, the French actress and model has performed full frontal nude scenes in certain movies, including ‘Water drops on the burning rocks’, ‘Bon Plan’ and ‘Little Lilli’. Ludivine Sagna has been spotted at Miami Beach wearing a bikini. Ludivine wore an animal print bikini and the pic stood in 9th position in ‘The Sexiest Premier League WAGs bikini pictures.’ This scene is among the best swimming pool scenes ever.

Brigitte Bardot “The Girl in the Bikini” (1952)

Brigitte Bardot in bikini
This character of Brigitte is among the hottest roles she has performed ever throughout her career. Brigitte Bardot was cast as ‘Manina’ the girl in the bikini as an 18-year-old pretty girl. She was romanced by her co-star Jean-François Calvé in the movie. The multi-talented Brigitte Bardot appeared in many romantic dramas in the early 1950s and also has acted in nude scenes in many movies. Brigitte Bardot bikini moment has been included in the list of best swimsuit movie moments by many authors.

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