7 Awesome Reasons to Consider Living in Washington DC

living in washington dc

Most people only know Washington DC as the nation’s capital. They’ve read about it in books or seen it on the news, but they’ve never been there. Maybe they have made the trip to DC a time or two, however, they only did the typical tourist things.

DC is about so much more than political influence and national monuments. To be clear, these aspects of the city are very cool in their own way, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find that living in Washington DC puts a diverse, thriving community in your backyard.

Some of the awesome things about the city include the food, the people, the way of life, and the environment all around you. If you’re not yet convinced this is the place to be, keep reading to discover what really makes DC so great.

1. The History

You can’t overlook the historical value of Washington DC. Even locals who have been here for years still have a bit more patriotism when they walk by the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial.

There’s something about the city that makes you feel like history is right in front of you, and the chance to follow in the footsteps of important national heroes is, too. Whether you’re interested in learning about the colonial era or you want to know more about things that have happened in recent years, DC has something to offer.

Not to mention, it puts you in a great place to make history yourself.

2. The Weather

The other iconic part of DC is the weather. You get a balance of all four seasons here, each with their own unique DC spin to it.

Imagine all the monuments with a blanket of snow in the winter then seeing the cherry blossoms bloom all over the city in the spring. Then, summer is the perfect chance to get out on the water and walk around, plus enjoy the 4th of July activities in the nation’s capital. Finally, fall rolls in turning everything into a bunch of beautiful warm colors.

It doesn’t matter which season you prefer the most, you’re sure to enjoy every single one when living here.

3. The Food and Culture

In addition to the diversity of the seasons, there are the many options for food and fun in DC! DC is where everything in the melting pot of America comes together.

You can have some of the best late-night pizza of your life one day then wait in line for delicious donuts the next. Take a client out for Korean barbecue on a weeknight and find the perfect outdoor bar with live music for date night.

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s here and there’s much, much more. DC will open your eyes faster than you can blink them. From the second you arrive until long after you’ve settled in, you’ll constantly be finding new foods and traditions from all over the world to enjoy.

4. The Awesome Opportunities

Speaking of so much to enjoy, consider the job market here. Look no further if you’re looking for options. The career opportunities are incredibly expansive in DC.

It’s good to note that the market is very competitive, but there’s always a stream of new opportunities coming through. This means the move to DC will be good for you if you’re interested in advancing your current field or making a career change. There is no shortage of jobs in the area so your options are always there.

Plus, the networking opportunities here are incredible. Meet the right person here and you could end up in a fulfilling job in pretty much any part of the world! Of course, this isn’t a given, but it’s definitely possible.

5. The Housing

If you’re going to work so hard to make a living, you should strive to make your quality of life match the way you work. In DC, that’s not hard to ensure.

All the housing here is beautiful. For homes, apartments, and studios alike, the vast majority of DC is safe and well-located. Even if you end up on the outskirts you’re only a subway ride away from work and play.

That beats a long Uber ride any day. If you’re interested to see what some of the subway and bus routes look like, click to discover more.

6. The Public Transportation

The public transportation is so good here it’s a benefit of itself. Seriously–the buses are always clean and the metro is pretty efficient and affordable. You can count on these things to take you where you need to be even if you’re running late.

If you’re more of a drive yourself type of person, this isn’t a bad thing to get used to. Public transportation can actually end up cheaper than driving around all month and not to mention, selling your car is a good way to make some more money for the move! It’s a win-win whichever way you look at it.

7. The Location

Don’t sell your car if you’re fond of road trips. As much as DC has to offer, it’s worth taking time to explore the surrounding area.

This includes places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. You can also take a train to Boston or head to Richmond for the weekend.

Sounds fun, right? Careful, you may end up spending more time in the neighboring cities than DC itself!

Make Living in Washington DC the Most Fun It Can Be

If you’re already picturing yourself living in Washington DC, it’s time to make the move happen. Start crunching your numbers, packing your things, and looking for a place. If you’re still comparing life in the nation’s capital versus a couple of your other top choices, take the time to visit each destination before you pick one place to call home.

For moving preparation tips and tricks, click here.

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