7 Reasons You Need a Patent Attorney for Your Next Invention

patent attorney

Tim Berners-Lee is not a household name.

Yet, 55% of the world’s population has his invention in their homes. The average teenager spends 27 hours a week using it. His invention, three years ago, was already worth $19 trillion.

He gets credit for inventing the most important invention in our time: the internet. But after thirty years, he’s never tried to patent his multi-trillion idea.

Likewise, inventors of the ballpoint pen, matches, Tetris, emojis, the computer mouse, the hovercraft, Penicillin, x rays, ether, public sanitation, evidence-based medicine, vaccines, the pill, computers, and yes, the DNA structure, never patented their work.

If you have an idea that is worth money, you should get rewarded for your contribution to society. Getting an attorney may be just the thing you need to make sure you are seeking reparations for your work.

Scroll down to learn about seven good reasons to get yourself a patent attorney.

1. A Patent Attorney: Your Gatekeeper for Understanding the Law

Let’s pretend you are already a lawyer accustomed to dealing with the law. You know that there are many laws that fall under every category of the legislation.

Patent law is no different. It is a practice that has so many different interpretations. Some which may not seem obvious to someone inexperienced in the field.

A patent lawyer can come and save the day! They have all the keys to come in and analyze, decipher, and provide some clarity for your work. Not only that but a patent lawyer can tell you almost right off the bat if what you are working on is viable.

So why waste your time on an invention that is being patented somewhere else? You do not want this to be an Antonio Meucci/Alexander Graham Bell issue.

2. Creating the Blueprints: Patent Drafting

Like all legal forms, filling out the paperwork for a patent can be a drawn-out process.

You could spend all day every day looking into products that are similar but different to yours. Yet, you still wouldn’t learn about all the different things that are being worked on. Technology is moving at such a fast pace, that every day more things look like they are from the future.

But the fact of the matter is, people are inventing things at such a quick pace, someone could have already applied for a patent for something just like your invention.

For example, maybe you are working on a certain type of engine. Someone else is also working on a very similar engine and applied for the patent first.

But maybe there are some differences. Maybe there is a very specific part of your engine that runs in a certain way that the other one doesn’t.

This is where a patent lawyer steps in. They can tell you if your patent has already been applied for. And if it unfortunately has, they may be able to help you create and draft a proposal for something you didn’t even think about patenting from your creation, i.e, that one specific and different part of your engine design.

3. Keeping Up With Joneses: Laws are Constantly Evolving

Like everything else in your life, patents laws are always updating.

These updates are fast and change on a daily basis. On average over the last decade, seven thousand patents are being applied for daily. Because so many people apply for one and issued day in and day out: there are constant changes made. These updates are to safeguard individuals and corporations that made the creation.

There is a fast-paced nature to these sorts of things. So, a well-versed patent lawyer can be the best place to stay up to date with the adaptations.

4. Knowing the Tricks of the Trade

Some cliches are true no matter how many times one hears them. Often it is not what you know, but who you know.

Patents distributed are for different fields and for different functions. So, there are many angles and know-how that can guarantee a successful application.

More often than not, a patent attorney can guide and help you with your application. This heightens the probability of it being successful the first time.

5. Protecting What is Yours

Patents cover very specific things, inventions, and creative choices. While this can be a benefit for you, it can also be an underlying benefit for your competition.

Companies find ways to work around patents. A patent attorney can aid you and give you ideas on the disclosure levels for your invention. This will help you protect your rights.

6. A Patent Lawyer Makes Sure You’re a Law Abiding Citizen

It is important that you as an individual are compliant with statutes and rules.

Patents must follow strict sets of statutes and rules provided by patent law. So, hiring a patent attorney can help you better understand this set of legislation.

They know the law. They can ensure your application follows all the relevant rules and procedures.

7. A Patent Attorney is an Opportunity Cost Worth Investing in

Just like the rest of the judicial system: patent laws and infringements can get ugly. Yes, it may seem expensive. But hiring a patent lawyer, in the beginning, could save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

Someone could accuse you of infringement. Only a patent lawyer can help you in building your case against the prosecution.

It is better to prevent that situation altogether. But having a patent lawyer in your corner from start to finish is the most secure way to avoid such messes.

Make Sure to Invest in Yourself

There are countless inventions that have not patented. And some of those have made other people tons of money.

That could be you if you are not cautious. So, take advantage of getting help early on.

A patent attorney is your safe bet on making sure your inventions and creations are in good and legal hands.

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