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facts you probably didn’t know about Michael Jackson“Be humble, believe in yourself, and have the love of the world in your heart.” ~ Michael Jackson 

More Than 20 Unknown Facts of Michael Jackson With Sources.
Undoubtedly, Michael Jackson is one of the most popular and Most famous people of the 21st century due to his extraordinary talent and his somewhat unique and distinctive career. Unlike other artists, the legend faced much opposition at various times, but still his career and fandom are considered as the most successful and triumphant.

Various facts are known by us but still are hidden and unseen or maybe we never noticed them. About his career, about his personal life, there are many realities that his fans crave to know and who else on this earth is not curious about the King of Pop? Almost every one of us seeks to know about him and feel curious regarding the admired pop icon.

The King of Pop left an astounding legacy behind him, but on the other hand, he was simple and genuine. We know that he had a wonderful career, but do we really know about other realities of his life? Do we know his likes and dislikes? Do we know his preferences, his habits, and his hobbies? If we don’t, here’s the chance to know some of the most captivating actualities about MJ that are may be unknown to you, maybe you’re not familiar with them and that will definitely give you a chance to explore his life and other relevant matters.

Michael Jackson is the name that needs no introduction. The name is enough to give us an idea of his mesmerizing talent and the performances, but sometimes we want to look at the other aspects of our favorite superstar. A natural aspect that we always wanted to know. Some facts were told by Michael himself and some are gathered from his close friends and family and undoubtedly after knowing all these facts, you’ll fall in love with him more than before. No one is born perfect, but the one who dedicated his life for others, for nature, for children, for animals, for the poor is special and Michael Jackson was special in this regard.

Michael Jackson was so original. He was unique and rare in his own way. Being an inspiration to other celebrities either of his own age or his juniors, Michael Jackson is considered as one and only and still people distinguish him and his work from other artists. In 2015, Michael Jackson named as Top-Earning Dead Celebrity by Forbes. Let’s check out the top 10 of the most interesting and fascinating things and bizarre facts Michael Jackson that you might not know.

Have a look at the facts about Michael Jackson

Highest earning deceased artist

Michael Jackson earned $1 billion in a year after he passed away. His sudden death caused his records to be sold more than three times before his death and people gradually started falling in love him who just knew him by his name. Source

Widely watched memorial service

More than a seventh of the world’s population watched his memorial service held at Staples center on the 9th of July, 2009. Many famous celebrities and other close friends of the King of Pop along with MJ’s family attended his memorial. Source

“Billie Jean” – a true story

It is said that Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean of “Thriller” album was based on a true story. A girl claimed Michael to be the father of her child. The kid “B Howard” is now a grown up kid and his eyes are said to resemble with Michael’s. Source

Shy and ticklish

Michael Jackson was energetic and confident on the stage and surprisingly off the stage, the guy was very shy. Michael was observed as a ticklish boy and his friends had fun and enjoyed tickling him. Source

Loved water balloon fights

In many of his rare footages, Michael has been observed doing water balloon fights with children in Neverland. He was a guy full of life and loved to play, sharing smiles with others. Source

MJ called as “Smelly”

One of Michael’s close friends, Quincy Jones called him with the nickname “Smelly” that is a slang word also known as “Funky”. Keeping in view his colorful, bright nature, the producer decided to call him with this nickname. Source

Jackson’s Patented Anti-Gravity Boot

Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” amazed the world with the anti-gravity lean. Later, the King of Pop was awarded the patented anti-gravity shoes that he used in his various concerts and stunned the audience with his magical moves. Source

Secret Inspiration – Three stooges

One of the most amazing facts grasped by an interview was the fact that one of the driving forces behind Michael’s video concepts was the work of three stooges, an American comedy act of the 20th century. Michael Jackson often spoke of his interest towards the Three Stooges. Source

Pinocchio – favorite animated character

He was fond of cartoon characters, but his special attention was caught by Pinocchio. The innocence and charm of the little Pinocchio captivated the young Michael’s heart and he regarded it as his favorite animated character.

A door-to-door Jehova’s Witness

Michael was born as a Jehovah’s Witness but upon gaining fame and success, the church refused him for being too “earthly.” His succeeding religious beliefs are highly theorized ranging from Kabbalah to Islam to a New Age spirituality. Source

Extra Edition

Sounding like “Minnie Mouse.”

Michael Jackson used to say that whenever he listened to the songs of his childhood era, he felt that his voice resembles that of Minnie Mouse. Sounding like Minnie Mouse sounds so cute. Doesn’t it?

Giant robot

MJ planned to build a giant robot for Las Vegas residency of approximately 50 ft tall. It is said that he wanted to build a ‘Giant Robotic Hotel’ before his death. Source

Child abuse

Michael was beaten and abused by his father when he was a child. Joe Jackson confessed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he used to hit his kids with straps. Source

Wacko Jacko

Michael Jackson’s often wildly abnormal conduct earned him the nickname “Wacko Jacko” in the tabloid press. Due to the changes in his skin tones, the media always were  in search to pick up some hot topic concerning the King of Pop. Source

Plastic Surgery

Jackson confessed two rhinoplasties and a dimple surgery on his chin as an addition to his good looks. He also had surgeries to make his nose look small; his eyes look big and beautiful. Always, his surgeries were targeted by the paparazzi.

Pet lover

He was a nature lover and when it comes to nature, Michael was a crazy lover of animals. He had many pets,  including a chimpanzee, a snake, two llamas and much more. The famous one is Bubbles, the chimpanzee. Source

Secretly bald

The sad Pepsi incident caused Michael’ hair on fire that made him bald. Michael was said to wear wigs after that sorrowful accident as a means of compensation. Its footage was secretly kept but later released by US Weekly in 2009. Source

Vitiligo victim

In the 1980s, Michael claimed that he was suffering from a skin disorder called “Vitiligo” that causes melanin-producing cells to malfunction and fail. Michael was highly criticized as people thought he wanted a fair complexion instead he was suffering from a serious disease. Source

Macaulay Culkin- the godfather of two of Jackson’s children.

“Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin was one of MJ’s closest friends, and he is regarded as the godfather of two of Jackson’s children. Macaulay spent a lot of time with Michael as was too close to him. Source

Often wearing a Black armband

Jackson was a true humanitarian and he was so concerned about the secure future of the word especially the innocent children. The King of Pop used to wear a black armband as a reminder for people of the sufferings and struggles of children worldwide.

MJ – a pretty avid reader

Michael was fond of reading books and surprisingly he was once charged by a library of being in debt of $1 million in overdue book fines. This shows that MJ was supposedly a pretty keen reader. Source

The most searched in 2009

Michael Jackson’s death is one of the most surprising and shocking deaths in the history. He became one of the most-searched people in 2009 and Wikipedia, twitter and AOL’s instant messenger all were stuck and crashed at 3:15 pm on 25th June 2009, the day he passed away. Source

Billie Jean was the first MTV video by a black artist

Let me share another surprising fact with you. “Billie Jean” was the first video to air on MTV by a black artist. Michael Jackson was really a legend and not a single, but several records are made by him. Source

Wanted to be spider man

The superpower that Michael Jackson fantasized was Spiderman and he confessed that he wanted to be Spiderman. This shows the superstar was a fan of the superpower of Spiderman. Source

He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for himself and one for the Jackson 5

Another great achievement of Michael’s life is that he has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for himself and one for the Jackson 5. People usually are dying for a single star,  but what a great legend MJ is that he’s having two stars. Great!

Michael Jackson Scream Music Video is Most Expensive Video of All Time

Michael Jackson Music Video “Scream” with Janet Jackson from the album HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I album is the costliest video of all time with production cost around $7 Millon. The Video has also won Grammy Award. Source

Expected to attend a meeting at the World trade Center on 9/11

Michael’s older brother Jermaine Jackson told Access Hollywood in an interview with Billy Bush that on the 9th of September 2001, Michael was supposed to appear in a meeting at the Twins Tower, but fortunately, he overslept that day due to his late night awakening with his mother and missed that meeting. Source

Michael Jackson Top-Earning Dead Celebrity of 2016: Forbes List

This Guy never gonna Die, Still Breaking the Records by sitting in Heaven. “In the March Sony bought Michael’s Half of the Sony/ATV Music Catalog in $750 million”. Jackson estimated earnings $825 million in the past, which made him the Top-Earning Dead Celeb of 2016. Source 

Michael Jackson Top-Earning Dead Celebrity of 2017: Forbes List

The immortal legend hasn’t stopped his successful journey and still enjoying his kingdom on the industry with the newly released animation “Michael Jackson’s Halloween” featuring his evergreen song “Thriller” in his own voice. The earnings made by Jackson are $75 million in the year 2017. Source


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