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“Some friends, you only see them when the sun shines… My fans sustained me even in dark days. I owe them everything.”

Michael Jackson

If you ask Who Is The King of Pop
Who Is the biggest Entertainer 
Who Changed the music of the world 
Who Is The Most Famous Person In the world
Who Is the Biggest Dancer
Who Is the Biggest Singer
Who Is the Biggest Philanthropist
Who has the wonderful smile in the world
Who Will Remain Alive Forever
Who Is the Biggest Influential Person
Who Is the Most honored individual in Music Industry
Who have won the millions of hearts

The Answer Would Be
Michael Jackson

This page is dedicated to the king of pop Michael Jackson and here, you will see some of the worthy things about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the most influential celebrities of all time. Although he’s with us no more but the legend’s ultimate legacy can be felt existing in millions of hearts of almost every generation. The ‘King of Pop’s successful career is still a mystery as since the very beginning he gave his best and started conquering the souls. MJ’s songs thrilled the Bill Board and his dance moves got the stage on fire. His dressing style was outstanding and he was an extremely modern stylish icon of the 80s especially. Michael Jackson was only to win 8 Grammy awards in a single night.

Talking about MJ’s contribution to ‘CuriosityHuman’, we can assure that any list related to music, dance or entertainment can never have a weight if Michael won’t be there. Whether in terms of ‘Best super bowl performances’ or ‘Top hottest male singers of all time’, there’s no one like Michael Jackson. It’s almost impossible to compile the list of ‘Top best dancers of all time’ without mentioning the king of pop’s name.

Apart from his career and profession, MJ had been a great influential person to the people around the globe. The ‘Quotes of Michael Jackson’ have been referenced in many aspects and the gentleman has also been listed among the ‘Most famous people of all time’ as well as the ‘Most famous people of 21st century’, as his name is enough to recall the wonders he made throughout his life.

People like Michael Jackson are once in a million or a billion I can say as the person was a great philanthropist and a kind-hearted humanitarian. He was a true believer of God and throughout his life; he preached love, hope, and peace. A very talented, skilled and artistic man who became an inspiration to the people with his extremely optimistic attitude; we still admire Jackson and promise to keep his legacy alive in our hearts and we promise to spread his message throughout the world.

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