10 Must Watch American TV Series That Are Worth Watching

Numerous television series strike our vision, but only a few of them seem impressive and sometimes unforgettable. We’ve come up with the 10 must watch American TV series before you get old, including those who will bring fresh seasons for the desperate audience.

In the USA, the competition is strict and day by day new TV shows have been aired with advanced themes and unconventional direction. The preferences of the viewers are modifying and enhancing in new dimensions. In this scenario, it’s a challenge to stand out different and stay strong in the industry.

Despite this rivalry, some of the popular American series have been successful in building their remarkable images in the mind of the people that can’t be vanished so easily. They’re usually based on the genres of crime, drama while some are of political and science-fiction in nature. The talented actors have consistently acted and therefore transformed their work into a masterpiece. Let’s proceed towards the list.

Check out the best American TV series ever to watch:

1. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul Best american Shows ever
This black comedy television series was originally released on 8th February 2016. Bob Odenkirk played the leading role as Jimmy McGill. Having 2 seasons and 20 episodes, this series is the best among the top American shows of 2017. Bryan Cranston is said to direct an episode of the upcoming season of the series in the second month of 2017. The first season was aired on 6th April 2015 while second was aired on 18th April 2016.

2. American Crime Story

American Crime Story Best american Shows ever
Created by John Ridley this crime television series revolving around the life of O.J. Simpson who was one of the most renowned criminals in the history of the United States of America. The series emerged in the industry on 2nd February 2016. The cinematography was given by Nelson Cragg and the running time of each episode is 41-58 minutes. Cuba Cooding Jr. played the character of O.J. Simpson excellently while Sterling K. Brown performed the role of Christopher Darden. The American crime story earned five nominations in Golden Globe Awards.

3 Veep

Veep Best american Shows ever
This political television series is about a political woman who found everything wrong about the politics of the US about which she was cautioned previously. Created by Armando Iannucci, ‘Veep’ is a series of 5 seasons and 48 episodes. Julia Louis-Dreyfus performed the leading role of the series being Selina Meyer. It received numerous premium awards and also got critical acclaim. Out of 5 seasons, the first season had 8 episodes while all had 10. The latest season was last aired on 26 June 2016. The sixth season is expected to be aired in 2017 as a renewal.

4. Daredevil

Daredevil Best american Shows ever
Created by Drew Goddard, ‘Daredevil’ is enriched with action, drama, and crime. Total seasons are 2 with 26 episodes with running time from 48 to 61 minutes. John Paesano composed the music and the series is produced by Kati Johnston. When the world is dark, then you use additional senses to fight against that darkness. A lawyer did the same very bravely. The main character was performed by Charlie Cox as the blind barrister. The first season was released on 10th April 2016 and second aired on 18th March 2016.

5. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Best american Shows ever
This is the story of a private detective namely ‘Jessica Jones’. The first season released in 2015 while the date for the second season is to be announced soon. Created by Melissa Rosenberg, this television series is enriched with adventure and crime scenes. The music was composed by Sean Callery. Although the depiction of sexuality and other sexual violence-related aspects were covered in the series, which lead to criticism, but still the brilliant direction and excellent performance boost its rankings and ratings.

6. Arrow

Arrow Best american Shows ever
This television series is based on crime, adventure & mystery. With total 5 seasons and 101 episodes, the series consecutively brought a fresh season since 2012. The highest number of viewers 3.6 million viewed 1st season and now is the time to wait for this latest season to come to an end and bring a clear figure of the audience who watched it. This is the story of a well-off but ruined playboy whose life changed after something uncertain happened to him. The music was composed by Blake Neely and the characters are from DC Comics.

7. The Good Wife

The Good Wife best american shows ever
Here comes the drama with mystery and crime. With a total number of 7 seasons and 156 episodes, this television series started in September 2009. The 1st and 2nd season had 23 episodes while 3rd to 7th, every season had 22 episodes. Check out how a loyal wife strives to save her family from the trap of scandals by taking legal action. Julianna Margulies has performed the leading role of Alicia Florrick. The series received high-status awards and several positive feedbacks from the audience. The total running time for each episode is 43 minutes.

8. X-Files

X-Files Best american Shows ever
This multidimensional TV series has horror, thriller & science-fiction in it including drama and mystery. Created by Chris Carter, X-Files brought came up with 10 seasons and 208 episodes. The maximum number of premieres, viewers were of 5th season that is 27.34 million views while 4th season got highest finale viewers that are 19.85 million views. The series have been watched widely and developed a large fan circle around the globe. The original series began in 1993 and ended in 2002 but the revival premiered in 2016 and continues.

9. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot Best american Shows ever
The series is based on mixed genres of techno and psychological thriller with crime and drama. It is the story of a boy doing part time job out of which one is a crime. Engaged in both legal and illegal work, the boy’s name is Elliot. The series is created by Sam Esmail and has 2 seasons of 10 and 12 episodes respectively. Some of the cast is main while some of the starring is recurring. It was nominated was numerous awards and also received many of them. The critics provided serious acclamation to the TV series.

10. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Best american Shows ever
This series is based on medicine and romance. Written and directed by Shonda Rhimes, this TV series has total 13 seasons and 278 episodes. The first season was aired in 2005 with the running time of 43 minutes per episode. This story is about five medical trainees and their overseers and all about their individual and occupational activities. The first season had 9 episodes only while 3rd and the 11th season had 25 episodes. The 13th season was first premiered on 22nd September 2016 and the date to be aired last is to be announced.

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