The Top 10 Best Adult Movies of All Time

You don’t need to do anything here, just scroll and see, as we have set a list of the top 10 best adult movies of all time for you. This time, we’ve put down a number of great story-line movies containing with sex, romance, drama, mystery, thriller, suspense and so on. Few of them are from “Golden Age of Porn”, which was held for about 1969 to 1984, in this period of time, American commercial cinema released many of the blue films and pornography movies. Although, there are many movies about porn and sex, but these 18+ movies got positive reviews by the critics.

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Top 10 Porn Hollywood Movies
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Top 10 Adult Hollywood Movies
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Everybody loves adult movies, and the weekend is perfect to watch these explicit movies, like in America is totally okay making such content for the public, but in Asian countries, people prefer watching alone these sex movies. Let’s have a look the best erotic and sex movies of all time. Check out it.

Below – Best Adult Movies of all Time

New Wave Hookers – Watch Now

New Wave Hookers adult movies of all time
This first erotic film from the adult movies list was directed by Gregory Dark, who has also been directed one of the finest movies like “See No Evil” and sex movies such as “Secret Games and Part 3”. New wave hookers is romance full movie, in which you shall not be missed any sexual encounter. This film starring beautiful Traci Lords whom you will see in “The Devil” character, and other starred like Ginger Lynn, Jack Baker, Jamie Gillis and much more. The story is about two guys, who are watching porn and discussing about sex desire, as soon as they fall asleep they start dreaming about sex. All film based on their dream.

Deep Throat – Watch Now

Deep Throat adult movies of all time
The name of the movie is enough to tell, how much sexuality hooked up with the title. Deep throat was directed by Gerard Damiano (his first adult film), who has also made some other Pornographic films such as “The Devil in Miss Jones”, “Let My Puppets Come” ,“The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue”.  Gorgeous Linda Boreman is in the main lead role in the movie. Linda Lovelace, who is doing sex with many men, finds that something is missing while doing sex. She goes to the doctor, where doctor reveals that her clitoris is located in the deep throat and explains her to do oral sex in a better way.

Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires – Watch Now

Animal Attraction Carnal Desires adult movies of all time
Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires is an American pornography movie released in 1999. Directed by  Eric Gibson and written by D. Ray Morton. The Movie Starred the stunning  woman Tamara Landry, who also made some other couple of porn movies “Prelude to Love 1995” and “The Pamela Principle (1992)”, macho man Steven Ginsburg and so on.  The movie is about the business where business takes place into desire and pleasant life.

The Opening of Misty Beethoven – Watch Now

The Opening of Misty Beethoven adult movies of all time
This high budgeted movie was released in 1976 at the golden age of porn era. It’s an adult, pornographic movie directed by Radley Metzger in different locations such Rome, New York, and Paris. The fine director Radley Metzger has also created some the greatest adult movies like “The Lickerish Quartet”, “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”, “Little Mother 1973”, “The Tale of Tiffany Lust” and so on. But Radley Metzger’s “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” is one of the best pornographic films of his career. The movie starring famous and gorgeous adult movies star Constance Money in the main role. The movie starts from Pygmalion play, where Misty and the doctor of sexologist try to know each other. By the time passes, sexologist helps misty’s small desire into the big passion.

Killing Me Softly – Watch Now

Killing Me Softly adult movies of all time
It’s an American erotic drama movie based on a French novel “Killing Me Softly”, released in 2012. The movie directed by the noted director Chen Kaige, he also creates Chinese movies. The movie has been starred Heather Graham, who also has been covered some other nude movies, and Joseph Fiennes. This film has lots of intense romance and seductive relationship with so many sexual scenes. She falls in love with a stranger after getting bored with the current relationship.

Diary of a Nymphomaniac – Watch Now

Diary of a Nymphomaniac adult movies of all time
This Spanish adult film was released in 2008, directed by Christian Molina and it adapted by Cuca Canals from the best-selling memoir, the novel  Insatiable: The Sexual Adventures of a French Girl in Spain written by Valérie Tasso. The movie starred Spanish artists Belén Fabra and Leonardo Sbaraglia. The girl is being cheated by her boyfriend, and now she wanna explores her sexual life and makes turn that life into the business.

Secrets of a Chambermaid – Watch Now

Secrets of a Chambermaid adult movies of all time
This is an erotic adult drama movie, released in 1998. Simply written by James Campbell and directed by Adele Bertei. There is another romantic masterpiece TV series from the director “Ocean Ave”. The film starred some of the hottest and prettiest women Gladise Jiminez, Kira Reed Lorsch, Amy Lindsay. At a funeral of a woman, strangers and relatives meet together and experience the new “love of life”.

Unfaithful – Watch Now

Unfaithful adult movies of all time
This is an American thriller/romantic Drama movie, inspired by the French cinema movie The Unfaithful Wife 1968. The film is directed by Adrian Lyne and starring a pretty woman, Diane Lane, handsome guy Richard Gere, and the sexy French actor Olivier Martinez. The film was nominated for an Oscar and golden awards. The movie starts with very beautiful married a couple romance, sweet home with cute kids. But later Connie Sumner the wife of Edward Sumner goes into (Paul Martel) stranger’s affair. After knowing by her handsome, the movie converts into thriller drama.

Pola X – Watch Now

Pola X adult movies of all time
The movie was released in 1999 in French, directed by notable French director Leos Carax, who is regarded as finest director for making some the best adult French movies such as “Boy Meets Girl 1984”, “Les Amants du Pont-Neuf”, “The House 1997”. The film is basically from the novel “Pierre; or, The Ambiguities” by Herman Melville. It starred beautiful actress Catherine Deneuve, handsome actor Guillaume Depardieu. This story is about a boy who left everything behind, fiancée and family,  for his sister after knowing the bitter truth.

Eyes Wide Shut – Watch Now

Love, sex, kiss, romance, hate, and drama, the film is a full package of our list and stands on the tenth. Eyes wide shut was fetched from the 1926’s Traumnovelle novel, written by Arthur Schnitzle. It’s a 1999 film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, who died after the movie. The movie starred the handsome hunk Tom Cruise, and the beautiful Nicole Kidman in a lead role. Broken “Harford” experiences new sex encounters of that night in the party, after being cheated by his wife Alice.

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