The Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Adult & Erotic Hollywood Movies

India and Pakistan are among the top most porn-searching countries in the world. These Hindi dubbed adult and erotic Hollywood movies are actually meant for that horny public as they want to watch the adult content narrated in the language they can understand.

These movies are the unforgettable creations of the finest directors of the industry who have selected the sexiest actresses and most desirable actors who can get the audience wet with their steamy chemistry.

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Counting from Monsoon to the evergreen Erotique, these films have enormous views due to the fact that they are dubbed in a language which has been spoken and understood in many regions of the world including many countries of Asia as well as numerous people living in the United Arab Emirates as well.

1. Monsoon – Watch Now

Monsoon Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
In 1999, “Monsoon” was released, displaying the hottest intimate scenes you could have ever watched between a fragile girl and a tough man. This R-rated romantic drama was written and directed by Jag Madhura having the running time of 1 hour and 36 minutes. Starring Helen Brodie, Jenny McShane, Richard Tyson and Doug Jeffrey, it consists of forceful lovemaking and candlelight bed scenes which will turn you on simultaneously while watching. The nude body of the girl wrapped up with the tough muscular body of the gentleman is something we can watch day and night.

2. Love Crimes – Watch Now

Love Crimes Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
The connection of sex and crime has always been captivating for the viewers. This is the reason why “Love Crimes” can be seen on the 2nd number in this list. It is the result of great efforts made by the director Lizzie Borden, and the cast including Patrick Bergin, Arnetia Walker, Sean Young and James Read. Released on 24th January 1992, this film has left an everlasting impact on the minds of the viewers and its fame crossed the national borders. Due to high demand, it was dubbed in different languages including Hindi so that it can be watched in India, Pakistan and other countries where Hindi and Urdu are being spoken and understood.

3. Playback – Watch Now

Playback Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
The extremely seductive poster of the movie is enough to give you an idea about the content and theme. The thrill at its peak and non-stop romance, the 1996’s “Playback” is one of a kind that shows the happenings in the married life of a couple, both being professionals. 18 years have passed, but the magic and obsession with this movie haven’t reduced yet. There is something special in it that can only be felt but not expressed. It is one of the best weekend movies to watch with your loved ones. Director by Oley Sassone.

4. Mummys Island – Watch Now

Mummys Island Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Starring Pemanee Sungkorn, Charlie Trairat, Sorachai Sang-aakaat and Suchao Pongwilai, this epic film is originally known as “Legend of Sudsakorn”. The film is one of the fascinating things people could have ever watched as it has a different genre of thrill with some animations. Movies like Mummys Island are something we can’t get tired of watching. The actors have acted tremendously and director has taken every step to make it a hit and they succeeded in doing so.

5. The Mummy’s Kiss – Watch Now

The Mummy's Kiss Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Not every author has the ability to write something that creates history, but hats off to Donald F. Glut whose film has still been mentioned among the remarkable adult movies. The movie was firstly presented on 14th January 2003. Romance and horror always have a great combination and when it comes to a historical theme, the interest to watch it gets doubled. It is the story of an ancient witch who belonged to Egypt. Although, we must be thinking about the mismatch between the title and the theme but gradually after watching it, you will come to know that the title is the best fit for it.

6. Huntress: Spirit of the Night – Watch Now

Huntress Spirit of the Night Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Erotic horror is always appealing to the audience. “Huntress: Spirit of the Night” is one of the films that will mesmerize you with its hypnotizing scenes. Released on 10th December 1996, this one-hour 26-minute movie will let you experience hottest moments you could have ever watched in your entire life. Directed by Mark S. Manos, this unforgettable evergreen film always makes the lovebirds feel nostalgic and they remember the times they were together on the couch, cuddling each other and enjoying it.

7. Wild Orchid – Watch Now

Wild Orchid Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Zalman King’s great efforts came out on 22nd December 1989 in the form of an R-rated movie “Wild Orchid”. It contains lots of sexy moments in a way that you haven’t seen before. Check out how an independent woman surrenders herself emotionally and sexually to a man she is obsessed with. Made with a budget of $7 million, the film did a business of $11,060,485 at the box office. It received more appreciation in the European nations than in the US. It was dubbed in Hindi as well to expand the exposure.

8. Eyes of the Serpent – Watch Now

Eyes of the Serpent Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Starring David Michael Sterling, Lenore Andriel, Chuck Mavich and Diana Frank, “Eyes of the Serpent” revolves around the lives of two girls with some goals in life. While achieving them, they will be facing certain phases and will also encounter certain sexual intercourses. It is always pleasing to watch romance in fantasy movies and when it is accompanied with violence, the pleasure is doubled. Since decades, it has been admired by the viewers and famous among the fans. The steamy chemistry between the lovebirds will turn you on.

9. Provocation

Provocation Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Directed by Joe D’Amato, “Provocation” is a film about the passion and sexual interest of a woman for a man other than her rude husband. It was primarily exposed on 15th November 1996. Presenting the bold and good looking artists including Gianni Dmartiis, Antonio Ascani, and other talented actors, this superb creation was initiated by John Seller, the writer. The audience praised the movie and admired the explicit scenes because they were turned on while seeing the beautiful naked bodies wrapped up into each other.

10. Erotique – Watch Now

Erotique Hindi Dubbed Adult Hollywood Movies
Released on 29th January 1995 in the United States of America, “Erotique” is an erotic journey of four ladies with different stories. Starring Sunshine Bainbridge, Michael Carr, Kayla Allen, Priscilla Barnes and other talented performers, this film has different names in various countries including Argentina, Germany, South Korea and others. Created by 4 filmmakers, this masterpiece is one of those that are being watched worldwide and is therefore dubbed into various languages including Hindi. The plot, the screenplay and the acting of the cast have taken it to a level where it very difficult for any other movie to reach.

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