The 10 Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time

Girls love to seem sexy and hot, but not every figure is meant to wear a bikini to look that tempting. But we’re going to tell you who are the top 10 hottest bikini bodies of all time that appears fascinating in that attire.

From the very experienced Halle Berry to the youth-filled Kylie, there’s a long list of women who have been ruling over the world since years or decades. The new year might bring some more fresh faces and figures in focus, but these women are and will always be the best with their glowing bodies.

The bikini celebs are either from film/fashion industry or from sports. Also, some of them are mature and developed while some are too young and fresh but they are the bikini queens of the upcoming year 2017. Below mentioned are the brief descriptions of their enticing appearances in the trunks that the world won’t forget.

Find out the Hottest Bikini Bodies in the world of all time:

1. Candice Swanepoel (Height‎: ‎1.77 m)

Candice Swanepoel Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
With beautiful and soft cupcakes, Candice Swanepoel is among those whose sex appeal is extremely irresistible. Although the world is full of sexiest women from various regions, but her mesmerizing gestures are flawless. Especially when it comes to wearing a bikini or swimsuit, Candice is the dominant one. The girl with the long waist, hot ass and sexy tits are among the most desirable women who can drive any guy wild and crazy. Her highly girlish gestures with her blazing attire are fascinating and jaw dropping. No matter what she wears, she looks fabulous but no one can beat her in the bikini. Last month, a magazine shared her mind blowing and energetic nude pictures featured in a book which is full of sensuality.

2. Kate Upton (Height‎: 1.78 m)

kate upton Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
Kate Upton is blessed with sexy tits. You may have a look at her photo shoots and movies. We bet, her boobs are something every girl dreams to have. Her Instagram photos are enough to describe how precious she is to the industry. The blonde lady never misses any chance to give her fans a mind blowing experience from her fantastic appearance on screen. We wonder how her lovers feel after seeing her in front of their eyes. She’s a killer and a criminal who has stolen many hearts with her captivating outlook.

3. Megan Fox (Height: 1.63 m)

Megan Fox Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
No article or discussion regarding hottest women or bikini queens can be completed without mentioning Megan Fox. How can someone be so perfect like her? Usually, the girls with beautiful face have average figures and vice-versa. But Megan proved it wrong with her charming looks and appealing body. Usually, the purpose behind the fact that her movies have a large amount of views is her sexy appearance in the movies either in a bikini or in the bed with her handsome co-star. God knows how he made her so perfectly. Her seductive curves are a clear evidence.

4. Kim Kardashian (Height: 1.59 m)

Kim Kardashian Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
Now come the very eye-catching and dazzling Kim Kardashian. She and her erotic sisters are the dream girls actually nowadays. Kendall & Kylie having a large fan following on social media are an inspiration to many, but these pretty angels themselves are too much inspired by their elder sister. Being the mother of a cute son and a pretty daughter, Kim still is a motivation and benchmark for various supermodels. You must have a look at her bikini pictures during pregnancy. OMG! It’s almost impossible for any other lady to look so stunning even in that situation. You may say Kim has introduced a new level of hotness. Not only in a bikini, but Kim is also slaying in the recent photos with the look of ‘Jasmine Princess’.

5. Halle Berry (Height: 1.66 m)

Halle Berry Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
The 50-year old Halle Berry is still a threat for the Freshers in the film industry. Her sex appeal is still matchless and young girls take tips and instructions from her bikini scenes. What’s that special actually? Well! This is something that can only be felt not spoken or written. Go and watch her bra visuals. This will be a justified deed. The proud mom of Nahla & Maceo is famous for her swimsuit scene in ‘007 Bond Girl’. After that movie, certain beachwear acts were presented in various films, but no replacement is found.

6. Kate Hudson (Height: 1.68 m)

Kate Hudson Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
Her glowing body is enough to explain how she would look in a bikini. Kate Hudson is one of those actresses who are still a standard for bold and beautiful supermodels. Recently, the hottie has grooved with an underwear, without a bra and holding a mug. The pics are available on the internet. The blonde lady has the potential to attract guys with her tremendously desirable figure. She is gorgeous in every way, but sometimes a specific look leaves a long lasting impact on the minds of the people. Her bikini look is among those.

7. Nikki Bella (Height: 1.68 m)

Nikki Bella Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
Unlike other bikini stars, Nikki Bella doesn’t belong to the fashion or film industry but is a wrestler by profession. But don’t dare to underestimate her hotness at any cost. She alone is dominant over numerous supermodels particularly when it comes to wearing a bikini. The bold and beautiful is working for WWE currently but her sex appeal is something that can’t be kept a secret. Thanks to WWE for presenting this sexy lady and her mind blowing gestures. You may imagine how perfect she’d look while wrestling along with her mouthwatering figure.

8. Hailey Baldwin (Height: 1.73 m)

Hailey Baldwin Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
Let’s congratulate Stephen Baldwin for being blessed with a super sexy daughter in the form of Hailey Baldwin. She’s going to be 20 this year, but she’s drop dead gorgeous more than any experienced model. I wonder her future husband would be so lucky to have her as a partner. You know the reason I bet. Hailey is a dream girl to many because of her invincible sex appeal. She’s also an innovative girl in terms of fashion & style.

9. Kylie Jenner (Height: 1.68 m)

Kylie Jenner Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
The youngest of all the bikini queens, Kylie Jenner is just 19. I wonder, what she’s up to in the future. She’s slaying in her teenage era, you may predict her hotness in the upcoming years. She always comes up with new fashion styles with her hair styles or the costumes she picks to wear. Her wardrobe is awe-inspiring. It isn’t justified to talk about her without discussing her bikini pics with Tyga. Their hugs and cuddling on the beach are goals for the lovers. We wish them a bright and romantic future together.

10. Selena Gomez (Height: 1.65 m)

Selena Gomez Hottest Bikini Bodies of All Time
Selena Gomez needs no introduction actually. I mean she’s just 24 and has gained fame and love to that extent that a girl of her age can only dream of. What’s the reason behind it? Her melodious voice and flaming body are the causes why the girl is an influence to many. But no matter what other facts contribute, a dominant and central evidence is her sexiness, especially in a swimwear.

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