Top 10 Best Adult Movies Around The World

Sex is something we won’t get bored of watching or doing ever. The more we watch, the more we become obsessed with it. These worldwide 18+ adult movies will get you wet and turn you on with the steamiest scenes you could have watched ever.

Including drama, thriller, mystery and other genres, these films have been made by the finest directors of the times and are in different languages as well other than English. Their strong, flawless plots and especially the talented cast has distinguished them from the other adult movies in the industry.

They have shown penetration, fingering the wet pussy, sucking the milky boobs and tapping the soft butts. Not a single act has been missed which you expect to watch in an erotic film. They are the complete packages of entertainment and you won’t be watching them only once but replaying the scenes.

Despite the fact these were released decades ago, they are still best and better than the movies today as along with the sexual intercourses, the filmmakers have keenly considered the acting, direction, and script. Get ready for the tips and ideas you will be getting from these naughty movies.

1. Monella – Watch Now

Monella Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
All you wanna watch in an 18+ movie is there in “Monella”. The fingering, boob sucking and several lip locks in just a scene can be seen. On 26th June 1998, this unforgettable and evergreen film was shown to the audience for the first time which made them obsessed with it. What’s most pleasant seeing a naked girl staring at herself in the mirror? Tinto Brass, the director has done an outstanding work with remarkable cinematography and flawless. The penetration has been displayed with the help of a shadow.

2. Snack Bar Budapest – Watch Now

Snack Bar Budapest Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
The first scene is enough to get you wet when a girl strips off her clothes in the room of a hospital and get fully naked showing off her perfectly sexy boobs and hot waist. The movie was released 29 years ago but still has the charm when we watch it again due to the highly explicit scenes. Shaved vaginas and shiny butts of the girls will blow away your minds but also the plot will engage your attention François Negret, Philippe Léotard and Giancarlo Giannini and Raffaella Baracchi have performed brilliantly.

3. The Principles of Lust – Watch Now

The Principles of Lust Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
Released on 12th Match 2004, this film is all about passion for lovemaking. Not just the title is interesting but the story is also captivating. Directed by Penny Woolcock, “The Principles of Lust” has justified the expectations of the viewers. The steamy scenes between the seductive girl and the handsome boy can never be forgotten by the audience. You all are also recommended to watch as it will turn you on immediately and you’ll be doing the same with your partner.

4. Head-On – Watch Now

Head-On Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
Directed by Fatih Akin, this erotic film is originally known as “Gegen die Wand”. Filled with the romantic fantasies, this dramatic movie was released on 11th March 2004. It is always awesome to see a sexual intercourse of an old man and a young girl as it is a beautiful combination of the delicacy of the babe and the roughness of the guy. It will give you goosebumps when you’ll see the deep intensity of passionate sex and intimacy between the two lovebirds.

5. Lost Highway – Watch Now

Lost Highway Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
Will you miss to see a blonde hot babe stripping off her bra and lingerie? Obviously, you won’t and you shouldn’t. A sex scene in a car and a passionate intercourse in front of the headlights of a car. Have you ever imagined, how delightful it looks? On 21st February 1997, “Lost Highway” was presented to the eagerly waiting fans of David Lynch, the director. Starring Patricia Arquette, Robert Blake, Bill Pullman & Balthazar Getty, and this thrilling mystery film is a masterpiece with an awesome plot.

6. Body Shots – Watch Now

Body Shots Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
Sex by youngsters always have a charm, especially who are in their 20’s. A drama becomes more interesting when it is combined with comedy. You will be seeing the horniest sluts along with some shameless guys. It hit the theatres on 18th October 1999 and has been watched by millions of online viewers at various websites because of the sexy cast. Directed by Michael Cristofer, “Body Shots” will entertain you in every possible way. It basically focuses a single night which is of great importance to that young squad.

7. The Piano Teacher – Watch Now

The Piano Teacher Best Adult films 18+ Hollywood
The most erotic scenes you could have ever watched are combined in this movie. Check out the lust, craze, and passion of a teacher and a student for each other. She is always desperate to hold and squeeze his penis and he is always eager to fuck her and bite her lips. This thriller film has a rape scene in which you will see the helpless woman under the young boy. Originally shown on 14th May 2001, it is still being remembered by the people who watch it.

8. Shame – Watch Now

Shame Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
Enriched with intensive steamy scenes, “Shame” is one of the masterpieces by Steve McQueen. Presenting the hottest explicit moments, this film was released on 4th September 2011 and created with a budget of 6.5 million USD. It did a business of 17.7 million USD at the box office. One by one, each sex scene will get you get, as you watch the romance and intimacy going on. The threesome was on fire when you’ll be seeing the tits and the butts too closely. Yummy, isn’t it?

9. The New Girlfriend – Watch Now

The New Girlfriend Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
On 6th September 2014, “The New Girlfriend” was originally shown with the title of “Une nouvelle amie”. Revolving around the story of a married woman and the truth she came to know about the husband of her beloved friend, this film has shown the ultimate erotic moments with lots of twists and surprises that you couldn’t have imagined ever. With remarkable direction and excellent cinematography, you will be seeing the nude appearance of the very sexy Anaïs Demoustier. Must watch it and you won’t resist yourself from watching again.

10. Paprika – Watch Now

Paprika Best Adult Movies 18+ Hollywood
This 18+ film will blow away your minds as it has an awesome plot with the hottest cast including Debora Caprioglio. It has shown the high intensity of the love of a girl for her to-be-husband who wants to go his career before marrying her. Check out what she did to support him financially. It contains a lot of explicit scenes that you always wish to watch. Released on 13th February 1991, it is still one of the most eye-catching movies that people still love to watch.

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