Top 10 Hollywood Movies About Rape and Revenge

A good movie always revolves around a major scene or fact which becomes its true essence. Similarly, we’re here with some of the top 10 rape Hollywood movies enriched with brutality, fierce, vengeance and other consequences.

The forceful fellatio, castration, anal rapes and many more actions are displayed in these films that will disturb you mentally for a long time. Not just teens, but being an adult, you’ll have a horrifying feeling while watching the terrible moments in the movie.

The bleeding, the screams, the rescues, everything about them impresses us in terms of film-making. The team especially the performance of the actors is exceptionally wonderful. Within a few minutes, they act with such a passion and devotion that seems jaw-dropping onscreen. Have a look at these unforgettable films.

The 10 Hollywood films based on rape and revenge:

1. Ms. 45 (a.k.a. Angel of Vengeance) – Watch Now

Ms. 45 Rape hollywood movies
Released on 24th April 1981, this exploitation film features Zoë Tamerlis Lund as the main character in the movie who was physically abused twice in a day. In the 1970s, many movies with sexual assault were made among which ‘Ms. 45’ is on the top in terms of the most intense scenes and clear depiction of cruelty. It was made with the budget of $62,000. In just 80 minutes, you’ll experience one of the most horrifying moments of your life and will get goosebumps watching the crime scenes.

2. Extremities – Watch Now

Extremities Rape hollywood movies
Released on 22nd August 1986, this film is a thriller which did a business of 13,418,091 USD at the box office. The main reason behind its success is the tremendous performance of Farrah Fawcett, who received nominations and awards for her great efforts. Her bleeding nose in the film makes her even more vulnerable. There is no doubt that the whole team performed very well. Basically, there are no such rape scenes in the movie, but the phenomenal acting of James Russo makes us believe that everything is real. This controversial picture has immensely admired the audience.

3. Run! Bitch Run! – Watch Now

Run! Bitch Run! Rape hollywood movies
In 2009, Joseph Guzman created a movie that grabbed the attention of the viewers. The name of the movie is enormously filled with hatred. Each and every movie of this rape film consists of hundreds of twists and actions. The direction, the music, the script and especially the acting of the victim girls is beyond words. The shooting scenes are highly exciting and the actions of payback are up to the mark. After watching, your belief will be firm that crime will definitely bring payback someday. The little girl played the main character very finely.

4. A Gun for Jennifer – Watch Now

A Gun for Jennifer Rape hollywood movies
Released in 1997, this debut film of Deborah Twiss is another good one of the rape and revenge movies. This movie has shown castration, nudity, murders and rape scenes. Todd Morris created the film and it is produced by the main actor herself. The poster of the film is extremely sensual that you won’t help yourself from watching it. The title shows the power and strength of the main role Jennifer and the happenings of her life. It is a movie that will definitely affect you mentally because of its ferocity and fierceness.

5. I Spit on Your Grave – Watch Now

I Spit on Your Grave Rape hollywood movies
The title of the movie is reflecting much hatred and abhorrence. But why? What’s the reason behind this disgust? This remake of the 1978 movie of the same name was released on 1st May 2010. It depicts a rape scene as well as forcibly provoking the victim to perform fellatio. Also, many pitiless moments have been shown. The film was made with a budget of $2 million and did a business of $572, 809 at the box office. Jennifer Hills nailed the role of ‘’Sarah Butler’ with her exceptional acting.

6. Death Wish – Watch Now

Death Wish Rape hollywood movies
Michael Winner wins the hearts of the audience by making this film depicting the scenes that look outstandingly real and genuine. Released on 24th July 1974, this movie did a business of $22 million. This novel-based vigilant picture has six main characters out of which three were the criminals. When it was initially viewed, people were unable to accept the fierce actions of the actors and gave a very negative response, but later on, its influence started becoming stronger. The dialogue “God damn rich cunt” got popular among the people also the actors received much fame.

7. The Virgin Spring – Watch Now

The Virgin Spring Rape hollywood movies
You may have watched several ferocious movies in your life, but this movie has disturbed the senses of each and every of its viewers. Whether we talk about the rape moments or the revenge scenes, the cruelty and viciousness are at its peak. This black and white Swedish movie was released on 8th February 1960. The main character of the victim girl is played by Birgitta Pettersson. The audience were amazed by the open scenes, especially by seeing the naked legs of the girl when she was being sexually encountered with a gang rape.

8. Lipstick – Watch Now

Lipstick Rape hollywood movies.jpg
Usually, the movies with rape and murder scenes have some revenge and justified endings. “Lipstick” was released on 2nd April 1976, made by Lamont Johnson under the production of Freddie Fields. The film hit the box office with $ 8,328,666. There are two rape scenes in the movie performed by one character over two victims who were sisters. The main cast consists of Chris Sarandon, Mariel Hemingway, Margaux Hemingway and Anne Bancroft. It also depicts a ruthless retaliation scene. The scenes were so open and brutal that the audience responded aggressively and negatively.

9. Eye for an Eye – Watch Now

Eye for an Eye Rape hollywood movies
Directed by John Schlesinger, “Eye for an eye” was shown in the cinemas on 12th January 1996 for the first time. Sally Field was selected for playing the major role in the movie. This novel-based film was later on remade by Hindi cinema in the form of a 1998 movie “Dushman”. The title of the movie clearly reflects the law of punishment of the same intensity in which the crime is being committed by a person. The forceful sexual intercourse visualized in the movie is shown in the way that the audience gets confused whether it is real or only a drama.

10. Thriller: A Cruel Picture – Watch Now

Thriller A Cruel Picture Rape hollywood movies
This Swedish movie is a masterpiece by Bo Arne Vibenius. This “rape and revenge” based film was released in May 1973. It’s all about sexual assault, heroin addiction, retaliation, prostitution and many other violence-oriented topics. This exploitation film casts Christina Lindberg as the main character of the oppressed girl. It will take only an hour and 47 minutes for you to watch this fantastic movie of an intense rape scene that you won’t forget ever. The cruelty, the unkindness of the society has been depicted and the vengeance taken for their bad deeds has been shown.

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