Top 10 Adult Movies with Nude and Erotic scenes

Now, everything is at our fingertips. Every information and every video that we want to watch can be accessed within a few seconds. Here we are with the top 10 adult movies with nude and erotic scenes to share with you if you’re looking for a good porn movie to watch this weekend.

These films have passionate sex scenes, nude moments and intense lovemaking that most of us are looking forward to watching. Moreover, their captivating plots and strong directions have made their ways among the unforgettable movies.

These scenes will get you sexually aroused and will drive you wild. The cinematography and music have a major contribution to it. Moreover, the sexy voices of the hot nude girls will completely mesmerize you and their soft silky body will take your breath away.

The Top 10 Adult Movies with Nude scenes:

1. Club Wild Side – Watch Now

Club Wild Side Adult Movies with Nude scene
Produced by Nicole Visram along with the marvelous direction of Lawrence Lanoff, this porn film entered the industry in 1998. The main cast includes Matt Fling, Caroline Ambrose, Sage Kirkpatrick and James Horan. ‘Club Wild Side’ is prominently mentioned among the most popular nude movies of all time because of the frequent sexual content is shown in the film.

2. Crash – Watch Now

Crash Adult Movies with Nude scene
This novel-based film has been made by David Cronenberg, which was released on 4th October 1996. It is a psychological movie starring Deborah Unger, Holly Hunter, James Spader, Elias Koteas and Rosanna Arquette. Its bold sexual scenes were responded with mix responses. It also contains come brutal moments for which it received certain awards, including Special Jury Prize as well as Genie Awards. Heterosexuality, infidelities and many other sexual acts in a relationship have been shown in the picture. You’ll definitely enjoy it as it contains thrilling scenes along with erotic content. According to ‘Empire’, it was ranked among the ‘500 greatest movies of all time.’

3. I Like to Play Games – Watch Now

I Like to Play Games Adult Movies with Nude scene
For naughty guys and girls, here comes a playful film, which will turn their nights into special moments. This 1995 movie was initially shown on 15th September to the audience. This sensual picture stars Kean Steadman, Monique Noel, Lisa Boyle and Jennifer Burton as the leading roles. Its sequel was released in 1999. The super-hot chemistry of Ken and Lisa rocks the screen as they appear nude and very passionately had intense sex. Herman Beeftink’s composition has added much fun in the film. You should watch it if you’re searching for something better to spend your free time at weekends.

4. The Key (a.k.a. La chaive) – Watch Now

The Key (a.k.a. La chaive) Adult Movies with Nude scene
This Italian film was introduced in 1983 by Tinto Brass. This adult masterpiece contains numerous open visuals of nakedness. The very famous actress Stefania Sandrelli has very boldly performed sex scenes in the movie. Upon release, it received fame and success. ‘The Key’ is a good movie to watch at your spare time whenever you feel horny and want to watch a good piece of pornography alone in your room or enjoying with your buddies. The jaw-dropping soft body of the hot woman will drive you insane and you’ll be urged to replay the scenes.

5. Now & Later – Watch Now

Now & Later (2009) Adult Movies with Nude scene
Another erotic piece is there which was released in 2009 and is a creation of Philippe Diaz. This Indie film has a running time of 1 hour 37 minutes. On 10th May 2011, it was introduced in DVDs. The movie has an interesting theme with of sexual scenes and passionate lovemaking that you can’t find anywhere. The title reflects the present and future aspects of life. The relationship shown in the picture is limitlessly hot and intense. You’ll definitely enjoy the scenes, but make sure you watch it with full concentration.

6. Illusions of Sin – Watch Now

Illusions Adult Movies with Nude scene
The sensual poster of the movie is enough to declare what will be its content and plot. This pornographic film starring Landon Hall, Mellara Gold and Gabriella Hall consists of best sex scenes of all time. In just an hour and 28 minutes, you’ll experience the most erotic moments by just watching the scenes. 1997 was a fine year for the all the porn-lovers with the entry of this pornographic film along with the genre of thrill and action. The actors and the whole team have tremendously worked to make it a successful film in the history.

7. Sunset Strip – Watch Now

Sunset Strip Adult Movies with Nude scene
The release date of this comedy film is 18th August 2000. Presented by 20th Century Fox. It is one of the evergreen movies made by Adam Collis. With seven to eight main characters, it’s a journey of fun and enjoyment along with some sexy stuff in the form of nude scenes and steamy sex moments. The movie depicts the showbiz and entertainment world in which there’s love, lust, money and much more. The music has added much delight and excitement in the film, which is immensely engaging and captivating.

8. Fallo! (a.k.a Do It!) – Watch Now

Fallo! (a.k.a Do It!) Adult Movies with Nude scene
Tinto Brass made this erotic film in 2003. It is also known as ‘Do it!’ and ‘Private’. It is divisible into six parts featuring some principal characters. There are many sex scenes in the movie, some are oral, some are in public and many twists are there. The music is given by Francesco Santucci which creates a sense of excitement and eagerness is created. It did a business of €237,679 at the box office. The hottest naked scenes in this picture are the main reason why it earned a huge revenue and lots of views.

9. Savage Grace – Watch Now

Savage Grace Adult Movies with Nude scene
This threesome film was shown on 18th May 2007 for the first time. This movie made by the efforts of Tom Kalin and Pamela Koffler received mixed feedbacks from the critics. Starring the very talented actors including Eddie Redmayne, Julianne Moore, and Stephen Dillane, this picture was also nominated in 2008 for an award as the best screenplay and also it was given 4 out of 5 stars by the Guardian. The passion and intimacy shown in the nude scenes are indescribable. The steamy sex scenes in ‘Savage Grace’ are still in the minds of the viewers.

10. Shortbus – Watch Now

Shortbus Adult Movies with Nude scene
We have picked a movie where real sex was performed during performing the erotic scenes. That unsimulated sex is the strength of ‘Shortbus’ which was released on 13th October 2006. Along with the nude scenes, very noticeable penis insertion has been displayed. This comedy film is directed by John Cameron Mitchell made with a budget of $2 million and earned $5.4 million. A sexual relationship, passionate intercourses and every sensual scene that you could ever imagine are there in this picture about 101 minutes. The comedy and humor in the movie itself are highly erotic in nature, making it one of the movies with best R-rated scenes. Last year, its 10th anniversary was celebrated with the erotic memories associated with it.

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