The Top 10 Best Cartoons of 2018 (So Far)

Not just kids, but teens and adults also love to watch the animated series, therefore we’re today sharing the top 10 best cartoons of 2018 so far.

These contain the most beloved and favorite genres of the viewers according to their preferences with the passage of time. Some of them will bring new seasons in the upcoming years and some have already built their immortal impressions on the minds of the audience.

They include ‘Rick and Morty’, ‘Adventure Time’, ‘We Bare Bears’ and some other famous animated series. Without wasting a second, let’s have a look at 10 of the top animated shows of 2018.

Here are the Best Cartoons of 2018 so far in under TOP 10.

1. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Best Cartoons shows in 2017
This adult sitcom also depicts comic science fiction. With only 2 seasons and 21 episodes, this cartoon show has been ranked on the top of the list among the finest animated series. It was originally released on 2nd December 2013 on Adult Swim and revolves around a grandfather, Rick, and grandson, Morty. Distributed by Warner Bros. Television, each episode’s running time is 22 minutes. The audience responded violently with some of the sexual content present in the series.

2. Steven Universe

Steven Universe Best Cartoons shows in 2017
Created by Rebecca Sugar, this cartoon show is the best mixture of action, humor, and fantasy. There are total 4 seasons and 113 episodes with the running time of 11 minutes. It was initially released on 4th November 2013 on Cartoon Network. Numerous talented and great directors put their efforts with passion in various aspects of supervising, animation, art, and voice. Certain video games, toys, short films and comic series were developed under the influence of this inspirational animated Television series. The opening and ending themes are extremely enthralling.

3. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers Best Cartoons shows in 2017
This animated sitcom is a remarkable creation of Loren Bouchard and retains 7 seasons along with 115 incredible episodes. It was originally released on 9th January 2011 and the longest season is the 3rd one with 23 episodes. The story revolves around a family running a hamburger restaurant. The food component of this series is another attraction and its distinctive point. Every scene is special and entertaining.

4. The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball Best Cartoons shows in 2017
Created by Ben Bocquelet, this is the series of 5 thrilling seasons possessing 166 electrifying chapters. Directed by Mic Graves, this unforgettable cartoon show was originally released on 3rd May 2011 and was aired on Cartoon Network. This series received certain nominations as well as won numerous awards because of being the children’s beloved show, having the best writers and also due to the tremendous animation. The 5th season started on 1st September 2016 and the date of the last episode has not been announced yet. 2018 is going to be exciting due to the perfect climax of this season.

5. Adventure Time

Adventure Time Best Cartoons shows in 2017
This amazing cartoon series is also known as ‘Adventure Time with Finn & Jake’ which depicts the beautiful and outstanding chemistry between a human and a dog. It’s 7 seasons and 238 episodes were shown on Cartoon Network as well as Nicktoons. It was released on 11th January 2007 but officially aired on 5th April 2010. The series was praised and admired with positive criticism and was immensely esteemed by a large number of kids, teens as well as grownups.

6. South Park

South Park Best Cartoons shows in 2017
This animated sitcom possesses 20 fascinating seasons and 277 interesting episodes. It was originally released on 13th August 1997 and was aired on Comedy Central. It also depicts graphic ferocity, mature subjects, blasphemous language, and erotic content which distinguishes it from other shows. The theme music is composed by the American rock band, Primus. The running time of each chapter is 22 minutes. According to New York Times, this show has been amongst the 50 most popular TV shows with the most Facebook likes in 2016. This shows that the social media users highly admire this cartoon show.

7. The Simpsons

The Simpsons Best Cartoons shows in 2017
This masterpiece of comedy and animation was created by Matt Groening which features a family residing in Springfield and the happenings in their lives making us giggle and laugh. This extended series has successfully released 28 seasons and 609 episodes. This series has been considered as the pride and an evergreen show by Fox Broadcasting Company. The fame and popularity of this series is prevalent and it is considered as an immortal series as the 29th and 30th season are ready to be released in 2018. The expectations are high and the fans are crazily waiting to watch the fresh season.

8. Archer

Archer Best Cartoons shows in 2017
Created by Adam Reed, this series is comprised of 7 seasons and 85 captivating episodes. The show was released informally on 17th September 2009 and officially on 14th January 2010. There are an immense excitement and eagerness among the public and they’re impatiently waiting for its release. The voices chosen for the characters are selected keeping in mind the excellence of their vocal qualities. The opening and ending themes are ideal in all aspects.

9. Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! Best Cartoons shows in 2017
Inspired by ‘Teen Titans’, this series is about young giants who fought against the evil forces residing within their city. It presented 4 seasons with 164 exciting episodes enriched with action and comedy. The fourth season was premiered on 20th October 2016. The mesmerizing theme music was composed by Puffy AmiYumi. The distribution was assigned to Warner Bros and Television Distribution while Cartoon Network transformed the series for the second season after the first one. The first episode was aired on 23rd April 2013.

10. We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears Best Cartoons shows in 2017
Created by Daniel Chong, this series is developed under the influence of an American animated sitcom ‘Three Bare Bears’. Ivan Barias contributed his marvelous composition of the theme music and amazed the viewers. It is the story of three male bears, siblings to each other who are eager to survive in a society of human beings. Every character is unique and distinguished and has their own significance in the plot of the show. It was initially released on 27th July 2015 and consists of 2 seasons with 52 episodes, each of which has a running time of 11 minutes. Now it is amongst the most famous cartoon shows of 2018.

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