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10 Best Female Country Singers 2018 – Top Country Music’s Women

Country music has introduced certain vocalists since the beginning. Here we’ll be discussing the top 10 best female country singers of 2018.

Among these best women singers, some are young some are mature and experienced. Some have completed their journey and some are still in progress. No matter what is their age, their uniqueness and distinguished talents are up to the mark

These female country artists have been appreciated by various critics and they’re not just famous in the profession of singing, but also renowned for being an actress, Television celebrity and so on so forth. These ladies are influential, confident and strong with extraordinary capabilities.

Let’s check out the 10 of the most famous singers in country music of which some are very much popular and some needs more platform to be known by the people.

1. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Female Country Singers of 2017
The 33-year old Carrie Underwood is leading the top female country singers this year with her harmonious voice. Apart from being a singer, she’s also an actress and a songwriter. Also, she’s well known for winning the title of American Idol in 2005 and in the same year her debut album was released. She was declared as one of the most influential people by TIME magazine. This trendsetter woman’s career is full of achievements and rewards which keep her distinctive from the rest of the singers. Her vocal talents are undoubtedly outstanding.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Most beautiful People in the world
Taylor Swift needs no introduction. Everyone knows her for her beauty and her captivating voice quality. Her songs are usually on our tongue tips and we usually download her tracks in our iPods and MP3 players because we actually can’t live without listening to her. She is one of the most beautiful singers who never disappoint her fans no matter what. She was listed among the Forbes’ 100 most powerful women in 2015 as the youngest to be mentioned in the list and stood in 64th position. We hope that the upcoming year will show another magical side of Taylor.

3. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Female Country Singers of 2017
The creator and member of ‘Pistol Annies’, Miranda Lambert is renowned as a solo artist. Born in 1983, this lady started her career in 2000. With the passage of time, young Miranda started learning and grooming herself for the industry and now she’s a pride for her fans and followers. She has certain awards and nominations for her success. Her vocal power and influence have no replacement and her tracks and music videos are extremely exciting. Miranda is ready to amuse her fans in 2017 in a way like never before.

4. Faith Hill

Faith Hill Female Country Singers of 2017
How can someone just rock the industry with the release of the first two albums? Faith Hill did it. She also acted in a Television series ‘Touched by an angel’ as the beginner in acting. Also, she’s engaged in certain philanthropic activities which show that she’s a full-of-life person who loves people and wants to ensure their happiness. Like her name, she’s faithful to her fans and never upset them. Always fulfilling their expectations, this blonde singer is not only having a mesmerizing voice but also seems very gorgeous. Let’s see what she has for us in the new year.

5. Martina McBride

Martina McBride Female Country Singers of 2017
This 50-year old legend has always been passionate about music. The inborn artist always showed a keen interest in entertainment even though her family background was diversified and her parents lived a simple life. Martina McBride with her potential and performance displayed her enormous talent to the world. She is distinctive because of her powerful voice and attractive eyes. Moreover, her expressive & loving music always arises our cravings for listening to it again and again. In 2002, she was featured in a print ad and also she appeared in numerous TVCs.

6. Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss Female Country Singers of 2017
This 45-year old vocalist has been a music lover since an early age. In her childhood, she used to participate in various singing competitions and at the age of 14, she recorded her first song. Since 1984, she has been serving the music industry and has presented remarkable music tracks throughout her career. She used to learn to play various musical instruments like violin & bluegrass. Alison Krauss has sung songs that have created history and the lyrics and the composition are beyond words. The lady created her own band at the age of 10.

7. Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood Female Country Singers of 2017
The 45-year old Trisha Yearwood is also an actress and author by profession apart from being a vocalist. Some critics remark this singer as ‘strong’ and ‘assertive’. She also possesses membership of the Grand Ole Opry. Since 1989, she has been entertaining her fans & followers with her charming voice. But she started gaining fame in 1991 after the release of her debut single. The very elegant and graceful Trisha always makes sure the audience always gets amused from her tuneful voice. It’s exciting to predict what she has for us this year.

8. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Female Country Singers of 2017
Dolly Parton is currently 70 years old and is a respectable name among the country singers. This humanitarian & business woman has always been committed to her work. Her groundbreaking career is full of awards & nominations, which are sufficient to tell her significance and seniority in the industry. Her concerts and tours are the most energetic place one could ever live. Her music tracks widely listen in numerous regions of the country and still she’s ranked among the best singers of country music.

9. Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn Female Country Singers of 2017
In 60 years of her career, this 80-year old legendary singer has introduced numerous gold albums to her fans and followers. ‘The Decca Doll’ was born in 1932 and most of the part of her life was spent with instruments and music. Her autobiography was selected for five academy awards and received two. She went through different problems and situations in her life, but very patiently, this strong lady coped with those difficulties and moved on towards her journey to victory.

10. Sara Evans

Sara Evans Female Country Singers of 2017
The 45-year old singer has been serving the industry since 1997. Sara Evans has brought seven studio albums up till now and has made alliances with various singers and musical bands. Also, she has appeared in certain TV shows and game shows. Either as a host or a judge, Sara has the potential to devotedly work and passionately perform in every condition. Her songs, her appearance & everything about her is magical and fascinating. There are certain awards & nominations that she encountered throughout her career. Our expectations are high for her in the upcoming year.

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