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Top 10 Greatest and Famous Singers of 21st Century

Based On your Votes: Here Is List of The Top 10 Famous and Greatest Singers of 21st Century

The following list is based on the initiative that we took in by voting, which our readers for the most famous singers of the 21st century. We took this poll from A total of 54 globally well-known singers and out of them our viewers that have chosen the top 10- are revealed.

The persons below in the list are the Musical Earth-Shakers. Check them out.

Michael Jackson (6,686 votes)

facts you probably didn’t know about Michael Jackson
On our list, the number one is none other than “The King of Pop- Michael Jackson”. He came into the industry  of music at the age of 5, he was the youngest member of the group named ‘The Jackson 5’. He soon began his solo career and released his first solo album ‘Off the Wall’ (1979), which was a huge hit. Then he released four more albums: Thriller (1982), ‘Bad’ (1987), ‘Dangerous’ (1991) and ‘History’ (1995), these were the instant hits and become the World’s best-selling records. He has also won 38 Guinness Book world records, including the “Most Successful Entertainer of all time”. He is the one who redefined the era of music and dancing. His dance steps and songs were the worldwide phenomena. So, he was the well-deserving number one on our list. Source

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Prince (4,204 votes)

prince best singer of all time
On our list, number two is Prince Rogers Nelson, he is the one who has over 32 nominations and 7 wins in the Grammy’s. He also won a Golden Globe Award in 2007 for ‘The song of the heart’. His song ‘Purple Rain’ also won an Academy Award in 1985. His two albums ‘1999’ and ‘Purple Rain’ awarded the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.  He was also named as one of the “Greatest and the most influential artists of Rock and Roll era”. He was a musical pioneer and known for his extensive work, his extravagant dresses, and his makeup. Source

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David Bowie (2,057 votes)

David Bowie the most famous singers of all time
The number three is David Robert Jones, who is known by his stage name David Bowie. He was born and raised in south London, he developed his interest in music as a child itself and began his career as a musician in 1963. He was a very popular figure in the world of music for over five decades. He has always been adored by the critics and also the musicians for being an innovator of music. He has also been the ‘world’s best-selling music artist’, with over 140 million record sales. Source

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Eminem (606 votes)

famous singer of 21st century
Our number four is the “Rap-God-Marshall Bruce Mathers III”, known professionally as Eminem. He is a well-known American rapper, songwriter and also an actor. He is a best-selling artist of 2000’s in the United States. His ten albums are on the Billboard 200. He sold over 172 million albums and became the ‘world’s best-selling artist’. He is a winner of 15 Grammy awards and also an Academy award for a ‘Best Original Song’, which made him the first rapper ever to receive the Oscar. Source

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Madonna (539 votes)

Madonna Hottest Female Pop Singers of 2016
Our list’s number five is a female pop sensation, Madonna Louise Ciccone. She started her career with Sire Records in 1982 and released her self-titled debut album in the next year itself. She had achieved her popularity in the world of music by pushing the boundaries of the lyrical contents to a greater extent. She had received many praises for the imaginative contents that are shown in her music videos. Madonna is also recognized as the ‘best-selling female recording of all time’ by Guinness World Records. Source

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Bruno Mars (282 votes)

Hottest male singers
Number six on our list is ever-charming Peter Gene Hernandez, known professionally by his cool stage name Bruno Mars. Along with being an American singer-songwriter, he is also a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and a brilliant choreographer. He was born and raised by the family of musicians, got into making music at the very young age and started performing at various venues. He has also received many awards, including four Grammy’s and was named one of “Time’s 100 most influential people in the world” in 2011. He now is just a young artist of our time with so much to achieve. Source

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Whitney Houston (247 votes)

Top 10 Whitney Houston Songs
Number seven on our list is another female sensation, Whitney Elizabeth Houston. She was an American singer and actress. Houston is one of the pop music’s best-selling artists of all-time, as she has an estimated 170–200 million records sold worldwide. She is also one of the top artists on Billboard 200 Album awards and the only woman to have been in the second position. In 2009, she has been awarded by the Guinness World Records as the “most awarded female act of all time”. Source

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Adele (178 votes)

Adele Most Influential People Of 2016
The number eight on our list is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She started her music career in 2006, as she had contracted by XL Recording. She received Brit Critic’s Choice Award that year itself. And then she also received 51st Annual Grammy Awards in 2009 for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. The success of her album “21” has earned many mentions in the Guinness Book of World Records. She is the first woman to jumped in Billboard Hot 100 to have three simultaneous top 10 singles as a lead music artist, and also the first ever female artist to have two albums in the top five of the Billboard 200. Source

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Amy Winehouse (168 votes)

Amy Winehouse famous artists gone too Soon
The number nine on our list is Amy Jade Winehouse. She is specifically known for her deep-tone expressive vocals. Her family is of professional jazz musicians, so she also got an obvious interest in jazz. She won five Grammy Awards in one single night in 2008, she made a record for the “most wins by a female artist in a single night”, and it made her the first British female to win five Grammys. Source

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Britney Spears (155 votes)

britney spears Hottest Female Pop Singers of 201
At last, on the position of number 10, there is Britney Jean Spears. She is regarded as a pop icon and credited as the most influential teen pop during the late 1990s. Her first and second music albums itself became a huge international success named “Baby One More Time (1999)” and “Oops!… I Did It Again (2000)”. She once also became the ‘best-selling teenaged artist of all time’. She also got some honorific titles, including the “Princess of Pop”. Source

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As you can see, in this ‘Top Ten list of the most famous singers of the 21st Century’, Michael Jackson is on the top as he got the maximum votes with no one even close enough to challenge him. And the rest of the singers are with comparatively much fewer votes than him, as it’s only because of his popularity.

There are much more deserving well-known singers who should have been on the list but have failed to make it to, as this data is clearly in according to of our reader’s votes.


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        • David Bowie’s music is more from the soul and most people just like a catchy beat… Michael Jackson is an Icon but David is an Eternal BlackStar. I don’t care if he wins this not one bit he is above this as well as Prince…David or Prince didn’t care about fame the were artists.Peace out and Love on….

      • Juliet, I fucking love the way you replied.
        That’s true, Michael Jackson is The King and always the greatest start, entertainer, songwriter, dancer, singer, humanitarian and more in the history of the whole world!

      • I love Bowie, great artist but he was far from being the biggest star. Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Beatles. Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Prince, Bruce Springsteen were all more famous worldwide than Bowie.

  1. who the fuck are these singers mj was is and always will be the greatest singer songwriter and dancer of all time

  2. Are u big serious !!? In fact Michael Jackson is famous of all time even now he is gone. i don’t really know people who don’t know him .but if prince win i think most people would be surprise , he is not world wide as MJ.

    • People are only voting Prince now because he recently died. A lot of people I know and personally me myself had no clue who Prince was. They are riding in the hype of his dead name.

        • Except you forget that Prince had 40 albums and hundreds of songs released while MJ had 6 adult albums only. So with Prince you have 1 person buying 10 albums with MJ you had 10 people buying 1 albums.

          • Really??!! Prince had 40 album and being that unpopular??!! A lot of people dont know who he is That’s weird for someone who had 40 albums and hundred of songs…I’m thinking about if Michael had all this albums and songs what he would become #akingisaking

        • Dean, you may want to put your tongue back in your mouth. Actually that isn;t true. I recommend those who are joyously beaming over this untruth as well as MJ’s fans to read the following article. It explains in precise detail how they are now calculating posthumous sales versus when MJ passed in 2009.

        • Man you’re funny because that is not true at all no matter how much you want it to be MJ has been the artist making the most money ever since 2009.

    • Michael Was Loved And Known All Over The World! His Fans Were So Faithful Because Of The Love He Gave In His Music. Even When He Died It Was A Testament To The Life He Loved. No Hate, Bashing Eachother But One World Celebrating His Life Long Work. Michaels Music Will Live On Forever!

  3. Prince? Please. Nobody knows more than 1 song of Prince. Whereas Michael Jackson, everyone know AT LEAST 10 songs because he’s so famous, every of his songs are known by all. Everyone that i know have no idea who Prince was or what did he do

      • Even the pygmies in Gabon, the tribes in Amazonia and the shepherds in Oman knew who Michael Jackson was. Prince is famous but he is mostly US and Europe. He was never as big as MJ.

    • Michael Jackson fame is not all Positive. He is an Icon but his status was tarnished by the trials. And it is sad but a certain amount of his celebrity was because of his Neverland Ranch sleepovers.. R.I.P. MJ.

  4. i think this poll is very shit and unreal if prince win . in my country Nobody talk about prince or know him, no one can tell about any song of him in asian no one talk about prince even he’s just dead.
    but MJ ? Just i ask some random person on street , they can tell who is Michael Jackson.

  5. Among these, MJ is by far the best but he made it mostly in 20th century. This poll is mistaken at the very beginning. Sia should be the leading one in 21st century.

    • Unbelieveable . Prince shouldn’t be the leading i’m not hater but in the fact Prince is not famous even compare to young generation like beyonce or Justin Timberlake.

      Michael Jackson is not only most famous as singer but he also most famous person in 20th century

      Ok these day is 21st Century but his work still has influenced numerous artists of various music genres all generation. and in the fact No one doesn’t recognize jackson So my opinion He is still most famous person

      the poll is wrong and very unbelieve if prince won for vote. .

      • Exactly just because he died recently all of his “fans” have found love for him. I know like 6 songs but thats it. Worldwide not As famous As MJ

  6. sorry but this is Unbelieveable . Prince shouldn’t be the leading i’m not hater but in the fact Prince is not famous even compare to young generation like beyonce or Justin Timberlake.

    Michael Jackson is not only most famous as singer but he also most famous person in 20th century

    Ok these day is 21st Century but his work still has influenced numerous artists of various music genres all generation. and in the fact No one doesn’t recognize jackson So my opinion He is still most famous person

  7. I would like to add George Michael!Why on earth isn’t he included yet??!He’s by far the l most talented singer/songwriter of his generation&it’s a shame he doesn’t get the recognition he SO deserves!

  8. Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles… ???!!!!

  9. Everyone in the Music Industry knowstandard Prince. Prince wrote many songs for other Artists. Prince was a musical Genuis. He can play over 127 instruments. He wrote produce his first 5 albums on his on starting at age 17. Not to mention here played all the instruments himself on his album. So those to who don’t know who Prince is needed to learn. Prince was a master of all genres and he transcended. Your favorite group or Artist are probably Prince fans too.

  10. Prince….and he sure as hell deserves to be on this list…..half of those singers shouldn’t be on there… Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, just to name a few…are you serious??? What about Janet Jackson, Tina Turner…..and for the record I have been a Prince fan since 1983… even if he were still alive I’d still be voting for him…

    • And I’ve been a Prince listen since 1982 these people are crazy Prince hands down ok who plays as many instruments as the Artist…. I’ll wait …thank you

  11. People its not about who is the best artist! Its about who is the most famous artist.. According to GWR Michael Jackson is the most famous human being EVER! I dont know anyone how does not know MJ his fame is another level, really!

  12. WTF you ppl been living under a Rock..Micheal Jackson and Prince should share the title …Their amazing prolific in their own right ..Prince plays over 30 instruments self taught , singer songwriter , dancer, band leader , musician..humanitarian MJ powerful singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer and humanitarian you can’t really compare them, I feel sorry for some of you who never heard of Prince you don’t know what real music is …

  13. ❤️KING OF POP❤️..Greatest Entertainer of all time!!!
    More than 8 Guinnessbook Records!
    M I C H A E L..THES BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. All on here apart from Justin are cool ,but 2 be honest tell me any artist there who could do what Prince could do,some play Guitar ,Piano, bass,drums some write songs some produce them ,some dance and sing.Like I say all are great especially MJ Madonna Ed,Adele …………….but Only Prince could do all (just my opinion)

  15. Why do we need these FAKE polls to say who is #1 when it’s not necessary as Michael Jackson is the REAL #1 based on FACTS not fantasy! It’s like trying to forget history and distort or rewrite what actually Just tell the truth…No poll needed.

  16. There are some superb artists and entertainers among the comments, but for me, the best SINGER is Lady Gaga. What a voice. My all-time favourite artist is David Bowie.

  17. Mariah Carey should be on the list. As far as the best is concerned, there is really no contest – Prince is easily the best. Michael Jackson made 2 good albums in Off The Wall and Thriller and that’s it. Bad was terrible. Prince outshone every artist by any measure – he did it all. There’s no comparison to Prince’s immense talent and we’re unlikely to ever see anyone at that level ever again.

    • Are u drunk ? MJ has more best selling album than anyone in music history .He made the world dance and people crazy for him He is number 1 without doubt .

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion on who they think is the best of all time, and that’s great that you enjoy the handful of albums released by Michael Jackson. I liked Off The Wall and Thriller too. In my opinion, and plenty would agree, Prince is in a different league to Michael Jackson or anyone else for that matter. Greats such as Stevie Wonder and Gene Simmons have recently stated how much better Prince was than Michael Jackson. But’s that’s only their opinion – what would they know?

    • Are you kidding? 5 of the 6 MJ adult albums are on the list of best selling albums of all timesand his remix album is the best selling remix album of all times. Prince only has Purple Rain on that list and even that album has cheap fillers.

      Just because Prince played multiple instruments he won’t be a greater musician. There are many many multi-instrumentalist in the world many much better than Prince. But Prince was not a particularly good songwriter the vast majority of his songs are garbage unlike the song on Bad, Dangerous, HIStory or even Invincible they are totally forgotten. MJ composed music like Mozart hearing everything in his head, full songs and composed music as easily as other people breath. Except unlike Prince he had a high standard and didn’t release cheap songs like Prince. There is not one Prince album which don’t have clunkers and other then Purple Rain and 1999 his albums are mediocre at best.

      If you listen to the songs which MJ wrote and composed and then compare to the 20 good Prince songs there’s no question about who was the better songwriter

      Also, Prince did dance but was not a good dancer. He danced like a pop star MJ danced like one of the best dancers of all times. There is a reason why MJ is the only

      Stevie Wonder didn’t say that Prince was better than MJ and Gene Simmons is a well known MJ hater who lied about him repeatedly.
      Bad is a a first rate album with some of the most iconic songs of all time and not one bad song on it.
      Dangerous, HIStory are also excellent album and you totally forgot the songs MJ recorded with his brothers. Destiny, Triumph which was written and produced by the Jacksons is a far better album than 90% Prince albums.

      Prince was an excellent guitar player, OK singer, OK dancer and a fine songwriter. But MJ didn’t just release good music he wanted to release record breaking music, record breaking videos, do record breaking tours which is why his impact globally was far greater than Prince’s and why it was him who
      broke barriers for black artists, Prince actually benefited from what MJ did before him not the other way around. Without Thriller Warner Brothers wouldn’t have spent 7 million on a movie with a black artist.

      • Bad was a pathetic album. There was nothing good after Thriller. In my opinion, Prince had more talent in his little finger compared to other artists, including Michael Jackson, who was more famous for his court cases and ridiculous zoo than anything else. Prince released many great albums including Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day, Parade, Sign O’ The Times, Lovesexy, Diamonds & Pearls, Love Symbol, Batman Soundtrack…the list goes on and on. Stevie Wonder said that if Michael Jackson was the King of Pop then Prince was the Emperor.

          • Michael is Icon but Bowie and Prince wrote from the soul and a lot of people don’t get it because the lyrics are deeper and Michael had a radio writing writing style. All of these artist’s should be respected. To Lala.. My Mom didn’t get my music either. It’s called a generation gap. And to sandavol… Eric Clapton was asked how it felt to be the greatest guitar player in the world and he said “I don’t know , you’ll have to ask Prince”. P.S. If you don’t know who Eric Clapton is… You have made my point even stronger…Love on…

          • No need to apologise Lala. Everyone can like whichever artist they want, including your parents. I believe Prince is the greatest of all time.

      • I know damn right, that i Smell shit when all these idiots bragging that prince music is better than Michael Jackson music or he more talented than mj. I feel like slap d shit out of their stupid mouths

      • Thank You Sandoval….and for the record..Michael did play instruments…I respect Prince for his abilities but to be honest I can only name a couple of his songs because they were hits…Michael…mmmm mmmm mmmm…..I could listen to whole albums hits or not…why I have soooo many of his CD’s…none of Prince…There is no one who compares to Michael….in any shape or form…he broke so many barriers and still influencing children and artists….All the others are just typical artists too me….some great..some not…but nowhere near the Level of Michael….

  18. There’s only ONE! MICHAEL JACKSON! <3 The best artist and human being to ever walk this earth! An inspiration to many generations. And he stills inspire the newest generations. No one can reach his level. He was and still is unique! There won't be anyone like him again. NEVER! His legacy, contributions to the world as an artist and as an human being will live for eternity! He'll be remerbered forever! He's the best.. without a DOUBT! All he cared about, was making the world a better place, making people happy, and spread peace! He truely was a gift from god. Gone but never forgotten! Alive in our hearts <3

  19. No question Michael Jackson was the most famous artist of all time. He died in 2009 so he was the most famous in the 21st century too.

  20. Michael Jackson is the best of all ! Prince is good but does not compare to Michael . Michael is the best at everything … sorry but prince are being voted because he died recently

  21. Prince wasn’t only a Singer , ask real Musicians like Eric Clapton what they think about him. Real Musicians shouldn’t ( most do not) be in this Singer Contest. Take Prince out. He is all Music not just singing, dancing one dance and writing a few Songs. Have a Contest with real Musicians … and while at it PLEASE take Grammar Classes : Who’s The Top Most Famous Singers Of 21st Century?

  22. you should ad Pat Benatar she is a huge pioneer in music and especially with women in rock music. i tried to vote for David Bowie. in my opinion he was/is the greatest music artist ever.

  23. Alle of the People who’s saying prince was a better artist like michael jackson they need to shut the fuck up! If it wasn’t for michael jackson prince would even be on tv right now so respect the man ok!!! I don’t fucking care If prince played 100 instuments he was not on mj’s level!!! Michael Jackson was on a league of his own!! Y’all need to shut the fuck up and respect the dude!!! Michael Jackson destroys prince end of story!!!

  24. I would say my favorite Idol will always be Michael Jackson because he is always the top Artist among them. I like Prince songs but Michael Jackson The King of Pop is way better than the rest.

  25. Sandy u have written it so beautiful about Michael.

  26. Michael Forever <3 / No artist has won more awards than him, he has been named the Greatest Artist of All Time. I don't know why people are even asking this question. He has changed the music forever, yes he had idols like everyone do but he was better than all of them, and I'm talking about the music of African Americans. He said " study the Greats and become Greater, and he did just that, there is no doubt about it. There will never be, so please stop asking such silly question over and over again. Go through the History of Music and you will get your answer. Accept him for that he was the Greatest and respect him for that , at least he deserves that much.

  27. Dammit, the voting system’s still crashed. Well, atleast i already voted for MJ and the last time i see it, he has over 6600 votes <3

  28. Well duh michael jackson wins everytime!!! He won over 785 awards has 38 guinnes world records the 3 biggest selling albums are all by michael jackson it’s thriller bad and dangerous!!! No one can top mj no one!

  29. To the idiots comparing Prince and Michael Jackson – shut the fuck up they were in completely DIFFERENT genres for a start.

    Michael Jackson wasn’t only the biggest selling artist in history, he was also the most influential artist to come out of America – Elvis was in the shade in comparison to how far michael jackson influence went.

    His music whether you like it or not reached every corner of the globe and was accepted and loved by all age groups, cultures, male, female – he reached people more than any other artist in history. He was multi facated and that’s what drew people to him.

    Prince was good of course he was but he wasn’t even remotely on michael jacksons level of fame – which is by the way what this poll was for – who is the most FAMOUS – not who is the best.

    • Exactly MJ even had guys crying and screaming for him too not just girls which is the most hilarious thing to watch, everyone was equal when it came to him.

  30. MJ my baby <3 He totally deserves his spot and it's true so many future generations already love him including me I might be a 2000s kid but man do I love him and I know many 2000s kids & 2010s kids who love him our love for him is just endless he's got fans from ages 5-90 no joke I met a lot of fans who are around those ages.

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