Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People

It’s really disappointing when you come to know favorite celebrity is a murderer. Anyhow,  if they meant to or not, some of the famous stars have killed people and it’s really unbelievable to us but the truth remains the truth ultimately. Also here is the list of Famous People Who Were Murdered.

Jealousy, hatred or maybe some other causes were behind those killings,  but these celebrities faced a lot of difficulties because of these murders and ultimately their careers were affected by them. When you’re a celebrity, your life is no ordinary then. You’re being watched, being chased by many and when people come to know about your faults, they highlight them, especially when it comes to hurt or kill a person; it’s something that can’t be taken for granted.

In 1993, Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard were detained and charged with the murder of a rival gang member. Johnny Lewis died due to falling from the roof of a Los Angeles home and was accused of murdering its 81-year-old owner. Vince Neil once lost control of his vehicle and crashed into an oncoming car due to which Nicholas Dingley was killed. O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994, by slashing their throats.

Below mentioned are the top 10 of the famous celebrities who killed or are accused of murdering people.

Caitlyn Jenner (Car Crash)

Caitlyn Jenner Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Caitlyn Jenner killed her 81-year-old neighbor and her stepchildren in a car crash.

Matthew Broderick (Car Crash)

Matthew Broderick Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Matthew Broderick killed a mother and her daughter in a car crash and later was forgiven by the family.

Rebecca Gayheart (Vehicular Manslaughter)

Rebecca Gayheart Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Rebecca Gayheart was sentenced for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in 2001 for striking a 9-year-old boy John Cruz Jr.

Snoop Dogg (Shot)

Snoop Dogg Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Snoop Dogg was detained in connection with the death of Phillip Woldermariam, a member of a rival gang who was shot and murdered by Snoop’s bodyguard.

Brandy Norwood (Vehicular Manslaughter)

Brandy Norwood Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Driving home on December 30, 2006, Norwood was engaged in a fatal automobile accident on Los Angeles’ San Diego (405) Freeway.

Vince Neil (Tragic Car Accident)

Vince Neil Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Neil was sentenced with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the impact of alcohol in connection with the crash.

Felicia Pearson (Second-Degree Murder)


She was accused of second-degree murder and charged to eight years in prison, where she earned a high-school equivalency certificate and worked to turn her life around.

O. J. Simpson (Throat Slash)

O. J. Simpson Celebrities Who Have Killed People

O.J. Simpson killed his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994, by slashing their throats at her Brentwood.

Johnny Lewis (Allegedly Beat To Death)

Johnny Lewis Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Lewis killed himself by falling off from the roof of a home in Los Angeles after killing its 81-year-old owner and her pet cat.

Oscar Pistorius (Shot)

Oscar Pistorius Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Reeva Steenkamp was executed by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, who said he believed she was an invader hiding in the bathroom on Valentine’s Day, 2013.

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