The Top 10 Hottest Women of 21st Century

Desirable and sexy women have the power to appeal and easily attract people with their sensuality. Therefore, we’ve decided to let others know who the top hottest women of the 21st century are and have picked the names of top 10 of them.

You may be familiar with a few of them,  but few of them are really going to amaze you being in the topmost 10. These sexiest ladies around the globe are perfectly hot and gorgeous with beautiful figure and distinguished style that seems attractive to millions of people. They’re the most viewed and searched on the internet and followed on social media.

The well known Angelina is famous for appearing in most of the lists relevant to feminine beauty and outlook. The legends of Hollywood music like Beyonce, Shakira, Britney, and Jennifer are the highlighted titles in the list of the sexually attractive ladies of the 21st century. These ladies are undoubtedly beautiful naturally,  but they’ve worked hard for their physical fitness and sexy figures.

These sex bombs’ sizzling appearance admires the whole world and people impatiently wait for them to appear in a movie, concert, TV show or any other medium. These ladies are crazily loved by the youth and no matter what style they adopt they’re still the most seductive and hottest among all.

The demand of fresh and good looking actresses, models and singers is increasing with the passage of time and therefore we need to look for the top desirable women so that we’ll come to know what makes them so dominant that they’re being listed here and they’re having a large fan following from around the globe. This is really an achievement by the way. They’re a major threat to their rivals, but still, they’re holding their positions for a long time.

Here we have assembled a list of top 10 sensual women in the world whose names are sparkling among the names of other celebrities. These women are influential and inspirational and are blindly followed by their die-hard lovers around the world. The list is below.

Angelina Jolie (40-years-old)

Angelina Jolie Hottest Women of 21st Century
Just call the name of Angelina Jolie and the first word that you can recall is ‘Sexy!’ No matter how many sexy babes arrive in the glamorous world of Hollywood, 40-year old Angelina is unbeatable and unstoppable. With her thick red lips and her marvelous facial features, the lady seems amazingly sexy and it’s really hard for a gentleman to control when Angelina is on screen. She’s 5.5 ft. tall. Angelina Jolie is getting even sexier with the passage of time along with increased elegance and beauty.

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Top 10 Hottest Women of 21st Century

Britney Spears (34-years-old)

Top Female pop singers of 2015
Britney is another star in the sky of Hollywood that has its own identity. With 5.4 ft. height, Britney has been serving Hollywood with her hits songs and not just her voice can stop the heartbeats of people,  but the lady’s sexiness is enough to kill people. The astonishing lady attains sex appeal and still is the best of all her beauty and charisma.

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Beyonce (34-years-old)

Beyonce hottest women in the world 2016
With the sexiest music videos, Beyonce is another celebrity among the hottest women of this century. Beyonce acquires strong influence upon people around the globe. The tall lady with 5.7 ft. Height is not just the best singer, but also a hot and sexy lady full of sensuality. Her figure, her facial features and she as a whole is a perfect lady who is a dream girl to many as her confidence and potentials are enough to support her personality.

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Kristen Wiig (42-years-old)

Kristen Wiig Hottest Women of 21st Century
With the passage of time, Kristen is growing sexier and sexier day by day. 5.4 ft. Tall. Kristen’s new hot boyfriend is nowadays at the boom in the gossips of social media and showbiz related news. The lady in the bikini always leaves an unforgettable and pleasant impression to the vision of the audience with her extreme sexiness.

Jennifer Lopez (46-year-old)

Jennifer Lopez Hottest Women of 21st Century
With her perfectly sexy jawline, 46-year old Jennifer is still so hot when she’s about to complete to complete her 50 years of successful life. The lady’s completely seductive in her music videos, as well as her, live music concerts. She’s stunning, gorgeous and extremely charismatic and is a successful celebrity with her masterpieces. She’s 5.5 ft. Tall.

Megan Fox (29-year-old)

Megan Fox hottest Women in the world
29-year-old Megan is amazingly beautiful with her day by day increasing steamy hotness. The 5.4 ft. The tall girl is a sex bomb of the 21st century that is admired by generations and is a dream girl to many. Megan has appeared in many movies and with her seductive gestures, she has been prominent so far.

Penelope Cruz (42-year-old)

Penelope Cruz Hottest Women of 21st Century
42-year-old Penelope is a mature and elegant lady with too much sexiness and hotness within her perfectly maintained the figure. 5.6. ft tall actress and model has worked in many movies and has done various photo shoots and in each and every costume she just seems extremely perfect. Her beautiful curves contribute a lot to her sexiness.

Scarlett Johansson (31-year-old)

Scarlett Johansson Hottest Hollywood Actresses of 2016-min
31-year-old Scarlett has won millions of hearts with her charm and beauty and obviously, her dominant aspect,  i.e. her hotness can never be missed when we talk about her. The lady with 5.3 ft. Height is another name in the list that is the most deserving and the way she grows her career at such a young age is appreciated.

Kate Upton (23-year-old)

most beautiful women in the world
The tallest among the hottest chicks, Kate Upton is 5.10 ft tall and her graceful figure distinguishes her from others. She has been listed in many other lists as well and has the power to compete against her rivals. Too young and too sexy, Kate is just 23 years old and has been listed in the top 10 provocative ladies of the 21st century. Wow!.

Shakira (39-year-old)

most beautiful singers
5.2 ft tall Shakira is one of the most famous Hollywood singers who has gained much popularity with her unique music and the way she boldly shakes her body makes us speechless. The energetic 39-year-old singer is one of the sexiest females of the century and we look forward to more exciting surprises from her side.

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