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Top Professional Street Dancers of 2010s

Article of Best Hip-hop Dancers, also, in which you will see some of the best animation and popping Street dancers.
As we know dance is an art form that helps us to express our feelings. Before invention the language, we used to share our stories by dance. Dance has many forms like jazz, salsa, classical, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, folk dance, tap dance and so on. Now, the world famous style is the modern street dance and anyone can easily pick this up. The street dance that has many forms listed inside like for example, hip-hop, popping, b-boying, krumping, locking,  robot dance, animation, turfing, waving, stobing, tutting, breaking, footwork, liquiding, and others. It is hard to describe how exactly street dance was evolved up. Basically, street dance invented by vernacular dancers of urban America in the 18th century. Today’s generation is inclining to street dance style culture as there are not any rules and everyone wants to make the different style from others and the street dance culture gives freedom of freestyles. Though there are a number of street dancers, but these top best dancers built their own jaunt and inspired millions of people. They started their journey as a general public character by dancing on the street. They are now professional dancers and in future, maybe you will see them as the best dancers of all time. Never seen before dance styles become a global craze and everyone want to take the same path like them. They became prominent phenomenal starts by biggest video sharing website YouTube.

Marquese Scott  

Professional street dancer - Marquese Scott
                      Image Source – (

Born 1981, United states

Marquese Scott the world well-known popping structured animation dancer. However, he achieved fame in overnight, but he devoted all his life in dance. The techniques he uses for dancing never seen before. He has appeared on many dance reality shows “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Got Talent” as well as big dance stage show “World of Dance” in 2015. Marquese uses dubstep electronic songs for his solo homemade dance videos. In September, He pushed the video “Pumped Up Kicks || Dubstep” that in less a week the video grabbed more than 5 million views, still over 100 million. Since then he has become the internet sensation. Moreover, he entered many hit shows and stages. The most erotic thing about him, he has masses of dancing videos on YouTube more than any other dance artists.

 Les Twins

Professional street dancer - Les Twins

Born 1988, France

Hip-Hop dancers (new style) les Funny twins brothers Laurent and Larry some of the finest dancers in the world not only keep amused you by dancing but also their nuts actions and fashionista style will draw your attention. The self-taught dancers gained applauses thru appearing as finalists in 2000 French show incroyable talent. In 2010, they went viral on YouTube performing on “World of Dance” streaming with more than 31 million views. They won hip-hop new style division at juste dubout and accomplished many street dance competitions. Subsequent the success, they appeared with sundry music artists, Beyoncé, Meghan Trainer and Missy Elliott along with different commercial advertising campaigns. In 2015, they debuted as freestyle dancers in Bollywood movie ABCD2 song.


Professional street dancer - Salah
Image Source – (

Born 1979, France

Spider Salah hip hop dancer won La France a un incroyable talent and the fourth season of Arabs got talent. His dancing effects with popping, animation and boogaloo, also master at b-boying, he joined numerous battles and won international b-boying competition battle of the year in 1998. In 2011 to 2012 he similarly introduced as dance in Cirque du Soleli’s production Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour. YouTube is loaded with his competition videos and stage shows. In 2014, he was appeared the Indian movie “Mad about Dance” and many more France movies. He was also the brand ambassador of puma. He’s one of the most popular street dancers and gained huge popularity in over past decade.

Tight Eyez

Tight eyez Professional Street Dancers of 2010s

Born 1985, United states

Ignoring this guy we made an injustice to this post, we are now cleared by the lot of comments and requests that the Tight Eyez should have been on the post. already we had mentioned some of the best dancers in the world, somehow we could not be managed one of the best street dancers in the post that is Tight Eyez. we are sorry for that. 

Now come to the main point that we are writing about! whether you say, the pioneer of Krumping or the king of Krumping, first name come is Tight Eyez. Krumping is the street dance and comes into freestyle dance category. Krumping was invented by two boys: Tight Eyez and Big Mijo. they worked years and years on the street to gain popularity, also documentary RIZE helped a lot to introduced the clowning and krumping. Tight Eyez also appeared in much various dance reality shows including AMERICAS BEST DANCE CREW” (season 6), via his dance style he has been shown up numerous movies such as: “Stop me yard”, “Be Cool“, and the recentStep Up 4 Revolution“. Tight Eyez has won many dance battles through his own styles and constantly working on to bring krump out to the next level.

Du-Shaunt Stegall 

Professional street dancer - fik-shun
Image Source – (

Born 1994, Unites States

The hip-hop street dancer du-shaunt stegall “fik-shun” truly deserve to be on the fifth position. Fik shun joined “So You Think You Can Dance” season 10. He and Amy Yakima then confirmed the winners of SYTYCD. Before joining the reality show, he was earning money through street dancing performance with his friend. Fik shun started dancing at the age of 5. He performed in various stage shows. In 2014, WOD released with fik shun frontrow that has still more than 16 million views and on Facebook more than 100 million views now and hosted WOD twice. He got amazing control in his body and shared lot of different styles of dance.

John Wesley Austin 

Professional street dancer - Popping John
Image Source – (

Unites States

John Wesley Austin (Popping John) freestyle popping dancer and competing for over 10 years and won many battles and has tons of videos on YouTube. He shared a lot of popping dance videos on different locations. Attained various dancing shows and stages. He has an own dancing website where he breaks down every moment in lessons step by step via part of videos. In 2015, he appeared in WOD dance with Marquese Scott, and on YouTube collaborated with Marquese “Time Control” “Firebird 2”, and “Beat It” the most viewed videos of popping john.


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    • I have been tryn to find Mike, we use to dance together back in the day I found him in a teen club back in the day when we were kids a brought him back to my side of town and eventually we went on tours and head lined our own shows… Please contact me if any one has any info on home my Facebook is Pope Smith I’m in stone mountain(or Atlanta)

  1. This article is dumb! They purposely ignored other big street dances such as Vogue and Waacking. You can tell this article was written by someone either still not educated enough to talk about street dance or someone just homophobic.

  2. I saw this list and it really concerned me. There are people missing on this list that changed the face of dance such as Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, The Nicholas Brothers, My father Don”Campbellock”Campbell who created the first Street Dance Locking which is 45 years old and still going strong worldwide, Ken Swift, CrazyLegs, Boogaloo Sam, Poppin Pete, Tyrone Proctor, Willi Ninjas, David Winters, Toni Basil, Alvin Ailey, Fred Astraire, Cyd Charisse, Mr. Bojangles

    I understand this list is based on opinions. But certain people you don’t omit no matter what. Because their contributions were legendary. Absolutely legendary.

    Besides, you have Michael Jackson as #1 yet he got his moves from my Father and his group The Lockers,, Boogaloo SamThe electric boogaloos, Jeffrey Daniels and more.

    Just food for thought!!

    • Not really sure that Campbellock is your father but anyway. The majority of Jackson’s moves were from Pop’N’Taco though, get to know.
      Also the article states about dancers of 2010 (I think it’s written in big black letters) who got most of their fame from YouTube. It doesn’t say “Legendary Street Dancers”.
      I can agree on Non Stop because he really got big from YouTube but they should’ve mention his teacher, Waveomatic (RIP).
      And I can easily list P-Lock on this list because the guy is a gem, his locking technique is unique!

  3. wtf how can “Du-Shaunt Stegall” be one of the best street dancers of the world….all that happend because a lot of views?
    aspecially when popping john under him…. how????
    that kid will never survive on a battle with popping john or mike song or hook or tighteyez or mr wiggles or daniel cloud…or many dancers that not mantioned here
    i wondering who choose and decided those dancers to be on the top of 5 of the world…
    i believe popping john , salah and less twins worth of those top 5

  4. Dig deeper than what the Internet or television has to offer. We know people who were doing all those moves before these guys were doing them. They just got to showcase them on a larger screen first. Explore and then rewrite this article please.

    • Exactly like the story with “Moonwalk” and Michael Jackson.
      He learned it from Pop N’ Taco (when he was his teacher) as well as the Snake Style technique.
      It’s just that Jackson had a wider audience because B-Boys were looked down back then.

  5. Well, you can tell this author knows nothing about dance. He listed breaking twice…. once as b-boying, then as breaking. and he says, “the world famous style is the modern street dance and anyone can easily pick this up. ” Seriously? So yeah, i’m not taking this article seriously. Forget that no mention of Cyrus, Tight Eyez, or anyone else from Europe besides Les Twins. I know it’s his opinion and there are alot of awesome dancers who can be in a top 5, but again, not taking it seriously.

  6. This is not right… Salah was huge before YouTube. Every popper knows him just like they know Boogaloo Shrimp, Shabba Doo, Pop N’ Taco and other legends. YouTube just helped him reach the audience outside of the dancing community. Though from everyone on the list, he’s the most known name in the dance scene.

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