The Marijuana Timeline: The Crazy History of CBD

marijuana timeline

Just because you’re a cannabis expert, doesn’t mean that you can’t also be a serious history buff!

Looking to combine your love of the past with your interest in all things related to CBD and marijuana?

We’ve created an easy-to-follow marijuana timeline. From the early discovery of CBD to the current push for legalization everywhere, we’re covering the biggest events in marijuana history.

So, grab your vape pen or your CBD gummies, and go on this ride through marijuana history with us.

We’ll also cover some of the biggest benefits of CBD and marijuana.

1940: The First Isolation of CBD

Believe it or not, our marijuana timelines begins all the way back in 1940, in the midst of World War II.

Roger Adams, a chemist living in Illinois, was one of the earliest marijuana researchers. He was especially interested in studying the CBD structure as it related to the marijuana plant.

Though he wasn’t actually aware of his groundbreaking discovery at the time, he ended up being recognized later as the first person to successfully extract CBD from a marijuana leaf.

So, those who use CBD to treat anxiety or chronic pain have Roger Adams to thank!

1946-The 1960’s: Cannabinoid Testing Arrives

We know that you likely aren’t going to be a fan of the next entry on our marijuana timeline, but it’s still an important moment in cannabis history.

After the initial isolation, CBD tests began to be done on animals. Scientists like Walter S. Loewe used lab rats and mice to help us to determine the different effects of THC vs. CBD.

While the former produced a “high,” the latter didn’t — though he did notice that the animals were calmer.

As history moved on into the 1960’s, scientists began to test on larger animals. Most notably, they began testing monkeys and other primates. This was when scientists were officially able to confirm and understand the difference between THC and CBD.

The 1970’s: The Start of Cannabis as Medication

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the 1970’s saw a huge rise in the recreational consumption of marijuana.

However, it’s also interesting to note that during this decade, people began to first use cannabis as a medical tool.

This began with the first ever cannabis tincture and evolved into using marijuana to help with pain management and, in some cases, even psychological issues.

This era also saw the rise of topical CBD oil for the first time. In 1978, New Mexico officially legally classified marijuana as a medication in some cases.

It was the first state to ever do so.

The 1990’s: The Battle for Legalization Begins

By the time the 1990’s rolled around, enough studies about CBD structure and marijuana’s medicinal uses had been done to make a serious case for legalization.

Additionally, a huge push for recreational legalization also got off the ground — especially as more and more non-violent offenders continued to be jailed for marijuana possession, sales, and use.

In 1996, California legalized medical marijuana, starting a revolution. This was in large part due to an earlier study completed by Dr. Mechoulam, who found that marijuana was effective treatments for managing the symptoms of epilepsy.

Though the study was actually completed in the 1980’s, it didn’t make it into the mainstream until a decade later. The patient who was tested experienced a major decrease in the number of seizures that she was having every day.

The study’s finding helped to prove that marijuana had measurable and very real benefits to those suffering from chronic conditions and other medical problems.

This paved the way for all future legalization fights in the future.

The 2000’s and Now: What’s Next for Marijuana and CBD?

After California first made the choice to legalize medical marijuana, other states began to consider whether or not they should do the same thing.

In November of 2003, the US government actually placed a patent on CBD. This officially classified it as a neuroprotectant, which meant that the government understood that CBD could be used as an effective form of medication.

However, the irony was that there were still few advancements on decriminalizing marijuana in the early to mid-2000’s.

In 2014, many states ended up choosing to legalize medical marijuana. If you yourself are a cannabis activist, then you may remember these recent legal and legislative battles especially well.

Florida, North Carolina, Utah, and Mississippi, were all among the many states that legalized medical marijuana.

However, the battle for legalized recreational use still battles on.

Now, the issue has expanded to doing everything possible to earn CBD an FDA approval as a medication to treat a variety of symptoms. Of course, you’ve likely also noticed a serious increase in the presence of medical marijuana businesses.

For more info about how to get involved, and to educate yourself further about why it’s such a good idea, visit this website.

The Marijuana Timeline: Wrapping Things Up

As you’ve learned from our marijuana timeline, the history of THC and CBD has evolved in many different ways over the years.

From the very first separation of CBD from a marijuana plant to the current push for the legalization of marijuana, we’ve come a long way.

However, the battle for free marijuana use is far from over. We still need to help to end the stigma surrounding both the recreational and medical use of this amazing plant.

Want to learn more about the incredible benefits of CBD oil?

We’ve got you covered.

Be sure to spend a little time on our website to further educate yourself and others in your life about why CBD and marijuana matter to so many.

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