The Top 10 Famous Indian Web Series

The List of Indian Web Series | YouTube Famous Shows – List of The Top 10.
India has been showing their excellent masterpieces in certain fields, especially when it comes to entertainment, they’ve certain stuff available online at the fingertips of people around the globe. Today, we’ll be discussing the top 10 famous Indian web series that you should check out right now.

These coolest web series have provided the platform to the people of India to explore the talent within them. Most of them consist of the English-speaking youth residing in an urban setup and usually having a common lifestyle.

Following are some of the most well-known online shows made in India, including Permanent Roommates, Girl In The City, Tripling and much more.

Top 10 Famous Indian Web Online Series

Permanent Roommates


Permanent Roommates – This series is directed by Sameer Saxena with an amazing plot. It is the story of a couple who, after 3 years of their long distance relationship encountered the likelihood of getting married. The story is so captivating and attractive that the first episode got 4.5 million views, declaring that the internet users loved it from the very beginning. This outstanding web series has the cast consisting of Sumeet Vyas, Deepak Kumar Mishra & Nidhi Singh. It’s 174th among the top-rated TV series in the world. The first episode was released in October 2014 and then the series began with each episode of running time 30 – 50 minutes.

TVF Pitchers


TVF Pitchers – This web series started in June 2015 and ended in August 2015 and within 2 months it just stunned the audience with its incredible comedy and drama. It is the story of four friends Naveen, Joti, Yogi  & Mandal who established their own company after resigning from their jobs. The four friends together have certain plans for the company and the whole series depicts their trials and burdens they faced while running the business. Available on YouTube, this web series is still receiving many views from all around the globe and watched by the people who usually have an understanding of Hindi language. Viral Fever, the creators of the web series received a significant response on its initial release.

Bang Baaja Baaraat


Bang Baaja Baaraat – This comedy TV mini-series consists of two main characters, a boy and a girl belonging from diversified backgrounds fell in love with each other and decided to stay together forever by marrying each other but not without their parents’ permission and blessings. They introduced each other to their parents just three days before their marriage and whatever happened next determined the climax of the story. The story is actually based on the comedy starring Ali Fazal, Rajit Kapoor, and Angira Dhar.

SIT’s | Men The Real Victims


SIT’s | Men The Real Victims – This web series is basically presented by SIT (Shitty Ideas Trending) and specially made in favor of married men who are frequently disturbed and irritated by their annoying wives. Its first episode ‘How girls torture guys’ was released on June 24, 2015,  on the SIT’s YouTube channel and up till now 35 episodes have been published online. The latest episode ‘The Luggage Saga’ has got up to 107k views since the release date. The ‘slice-of-life’ in a married life or in a relationship is shown in this web series that distinguishes it from the rest of the other web series.

I Don’t Watch TV


I Don’t Watch TV – The trailer was released on February 11, 2016, starring Nakul Mehta along with Ram Menon and Alekh Sangal. Presented by Arre Original, this web series is actually the dramatization of the real lives of TV actors whom we know because of their fame and success. Nakul Mehta was seen as the host of the show. The whole series depicted the lives of the famous TV stars like Kritika Kamra, Karan Wahi, Drashti Dhami, Disha Parmar and many more. The first episode was published on April 15, 2016. The behind-the-scenes drama, struggles and all other experiences an actor may encounter are shown.

A. I. SHA My Virtual Girlfriend


A. I. SHA My Virtual Girlfriend – This web series is also a masterwork of ‘Arre’ with the Genre of Sci-Fi and Thriller. The cast includes Harmanjeet Singh Singha, Auritra Ghosh, Raghu Ram and many more. It is the story of a love affair between a woman and a man of which the woman is the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant (A. I. SHA). The web series started on April 9, 2016, with the release of its first episode. It is among the must-watch web series among the variety of stuff available online. The web series is said to be influenced by Hollywood movie ‘Her’.



Baked – Starring Shantanu Anam, Manik Papneja & Pranay Manchanda, Baked is among the most aspiring fiction web series of India, which reports the misadventures of three roommates of universities who determined to initiate a midnight food delivery business. Check out how this trio group managed to cope up with the problems they faced while planning and execution of their ideas. Directed by Vishwajoy Mukherjee, it is one of the India’s best shows for youth.



Tripling – Here comes another masterpiece of The Viral Fever (TVF) in the form of ‘Tripling’. Unlike other horror, thriller, mystery or romance, it is the story of three siblings Chanchal, Chandan & Chitvan, who were ignorant in every possible aspect including being hopeless, divorced & jobless. To take a break from all this stress, they decided to go for a road trip together. Eventually, they began a funny and pleasant journey and find themselves by building their relations with love and affection. The title of the movie itself is defining the connection of the three siblings. The cast includes Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo & Amol Parashar.

Life Sahi Hai


Life Sahi Hai – Created by Tarun Jain, ‘Life Sahi Hai’ is an Indian sitcom depicting the lives of four guys who have decided to reside in Delhi and live an independent life and they did so. The cast is same as of the comedy movie ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama 2’; they had certain issues with their bosses, girlfriends and ultimately with each other and later on they realized that their previous life was comparatively better than this. Their belief of ‘Life Sahi Hai’ suddenly awakened them and they realized that it is better to arrange the things in life as they were supposed to be.

Girl In The City


Girl In The City – This web series revolves around the life of Mithila Parker, who initiated her career with a YouTube video ‘Confusing Things a Girl Say’ and she was assigned the character in the web series portraying her as a youthful girl who traveled to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams and goals. The web series is about her dreams and aspirations that she was aiming by coming to the city.

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