The Top 10 Best Singles From Charlie Puth

Puth has been in the music industry since 2009 – While struggling in the same industry he worked with numerous mega-celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Perez Hilton, and many others. In 2015, Charlie found commercial success with the biggest hit single See You Again, which he co-wrote the song with Wiz Khalifa and co-produced it with Andrew Cedar and DJ Frank E.

Though he worldwide is known for his debut single SYA but his debut album Nine Track Mind and the other Voicenotes made him an independent singer in pop culture. Here are top 10 Charlie Puth mind-blowing songs which touched the billboard Hot 100 worldwide.

1. See You Again

2. Attention

3. We Don’t Talk Anymore

4. How Long

5. Marvin Gaye

6. Some Type of Love

7. Losing My Mind

8. One Call Away

9. Dangerously

10. Suffer

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