The Top 10 Best Amy Winehouse Songs

Amy Winehouse, a successful but short-lived singer intruded into the world of melody when she was sixteen. Her first record compiled of Jazz whereas she adopted R&B. electric Jazz and pop-soul in her later records. Winehouse died at 27, the reason being liquor poisoning. Winehouse concentrates on versatile music. At 10 she was drawn to American R&B and hip-hop acts. She jumped to the industry with first album Frank that was a combination of pop, jazz, and soul.

With a gap of a month Back to black was launched in America. This album bluntly topped the Billboard music charts and got a place in the history. The album occupied the Top 10 for several months. Giving a sale more than a million copies “Rehab” song was hit in the US (top 10 US hits).

With a disturbed touring schedule, due to the drug consumption of several types, her album continued to sell, going platinum five times that year. She lived a short but successful life.

The songs that served her with awards are “Rehab”, “Stronger than me” and “Love is a losing game”. Amy Winehouse has received 23 Music Awards from 60 nominations during her career.

1. ‘Rehab’

2. ‘Love Is a Losing Game’

3. ‘You Know I’m No Good’

4. ‘Stronger Than Me’

5. ‘Valerie’

6. ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’

7. ‘In My Bed’

8. ‘Fuck Me Pumps’

9. ‘Back To Black’

10. ‘Me & Mr. Jones’


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