The Top 10 Best George Michael Songs

Belonging to London Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou popular as George Michael is one of the greatest singer and songwriter. But unluckily he is not with us today. He died when he was 53 back in 2016, due to heart and liver’s infirmity. This boy not only have a passion for music but he was also keen on charity activities. He was a man of courage as he admitted the fact in public that he is a gay. At school, he developed the love for music and enjoyed the pop music.

The time period of the 80s takes him to the heights of success with the musical duo of Michael and Andrew Ridgeley (his high school friend) called WHAM. The duo’s song “Wake me up before you go-go” was hit all over the globe. The WHAM was successful in making a place in history in April 1985 by performing in China. It was the first western group that performed in China.

After two years, he decided to go solo and his decision served her well. As the debuting solo album Faith was a great hit having a sale of 25 million copies. His album Twenty-five boosted his career in the 2000s. Regardless of the fuss created due to the song “I want your sex” album made high sales.

He got a Grammy award for a duet with Aretha Franklin. The leading album Faith served him with a huge pile of awards. His nominations count up to 29 giving him a count of 21 awards.

1. ‘Careless Whisper’

2. ‘Jesus to a Child’

3. ‘Last Christmas’

4. ‘Freedom! ’90’

5. ‘One More Try’

6. ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’

7. ‘Outside’

8. ‘Faith’

9. ‘Everything She Wants’

10. ‘Fastlove, Pt 1’

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