Top 10 Best Bruno Mars Songs

Such moments occur in the ups and downs of life when you feel so happy or you feel so gloomy. In such cases, if you hear something that accurately explains your thoughts then it can help you to feel your way through your emotions. Beyond question, this SOMETHING would surely be Music. A song or music is not created on its own, rather it requires the intense efforts of a person and that person is regarded as a SINGER.

Apart from the songsters of ancient times, we have many legendary singers at present. One of the most luminary singers of the present era is Bruno Mars, an American singer, and a songwriter.

Belonging to Hawaii musician family, he gained the music command at an early age. He was blessed with opportunities since childhood as he was a child performer. Entering as a solo to the musical world to having a band, he is successful in every aspect.

He is not only a flawless singer but also a humanitarian. Her performances are regarded as ‘Biggest Fundraising’ way. He is known to help people who are victim to natural disasters.

His most famous albums include,

  • Doo-Wops and hooligans
  • Unorthodox Jukebox
  • 24K Magic
  • Earth to Mars etc.

His Magical singles are,

  • “Just the way you are”
  • “The lazy song”
  • “Locked out of heaven”
  • “When I was your man”
  • “Treasure” etc.

These were ranked number one in the US.

According to media base, he was once the most played artist on the pop radio. He got the Grammy Awards and the Brit Awards. He also holds Guinness World Record as the most viewed singer and staying at number 1. His nominations count up to 222.

1. ‘Just The Way You Are’

2. ‘Grenade’

3. ‘Finesse’ (Remix)

4. ‘Uptown Funk’

5. ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’

6. ‘Treasure’

7. ’24K Magic’

8. ‘Gorilla’

9. ‘The Lazy Song’

10. ‘It Will Rain’

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