Top 10 Michael Jackson Events that Changed His life!

The 51-year life of the King of Pop had lots of unforgettable moments for him as well as for his fans. Not all, but we have tried our level best to pick 10 of the top events from Michael Jackson’s life that changed his life.

Starting from his childhood to the last sorrowful moments of Mr. Jackson’s life, there’s a series of some thrilling happenings which are either related to his personal life or to his professional life.

Some of these events are pleasant, while some are full of grief. Some took Michael to the peaks of success while some badly affected his reputation in the eyes of the people. Michael Jackson is someone for whom different people have different perceptions because he was not an ordinary artist like others, he was once in a million or a billion.

Despite the fact Michael’s image was influenced by lots of controversies and criticism, the King of Pop’s journey of success hasn’t come to an end and people are still crazy for him. Many misfortune instants came in his life, lots of ups and downs were there, but he didn’t give up and fought against all the rumors spread to ruin his status.

Among these moments, some happened naturally while some were planned intentionally. Michael’s fame was a threat to many and therefore, his innocence was mistreated by the cruel world.

Including his childhood memories, his exciting youth moments and last days of his life, we have come up with 10 most important moments of his life of which some are the key dates, and some are the eras as well.

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Mejor moments and occurrences that took place in MJ life lined up here:

1. Thriller

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Thriller
On 30th November 1982, his 6th album was released which turned his life towards the direction of name, fame and lots of money. The album resulted in MJ winning numerous awards, nominations and also broke many records set by the previous artists. The best-selling album has some of Michael’s most famous music tracks including “Billie Jean”, “Beat it” and others that have the finest compositions and captivating lyrics. On the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, most of the Songs from “Thriller” album was mentioned among the top 10 which is something people can only dream, but Michael is someone who did it in real.

2. Vitiligo

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Vitiligo
This happening in MJ’s life brought lots of controversies in his life. In 1984, the king of Pop was identified with Vitiligo, a disease in which the skin gets lots of white patches due to the destruction of pigmentation that is something that he couldn’t help. People thought he bleached his skin because he may not like his dark skin tone. Michael used makeup to even the color of his skin and faced numerous rumors as a result. In many of his photos of the early 90s, we can see his hands, face and other parts of the body different from his normal skin tone.

3. First artist to win 8 Grammy awards in a night

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events 8 Grammy awards in a night
In the 26th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony on 28th February 1984, something unforgettable happened with not only MJ but also the guests of the ceremony were mesmerized with this achievement. In a single night, Michael became the winner of not just 1, 2, 3 or 4 Grammy awards but he was the center of attention of the whole event by winning 8 awards altogether in a few hours. Most of those awards were the result of his extraordinary music album “Thriller”. The tracks of the album including “Billie Jean”, “Beat it” and “Thriller” are still being listened by the generations still.

4. Hair burnt during filming Pepsi commercial

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Hair burnt during filming Pepsi commercial
On 27th January 1984, while filming Pepsi advertisement, the sixth take horribly went horribly wrong and the explosion went off too early due to which, Michael Jackson suffered second and third-degree burns on his face and scalp. It is one of the saddest moments for all MJ fans especially those who watched his hair getting burned live. After that, Michael was given an appropriate treatment along with the medicines that helped him to recover and also assisted him in sleeping more. Later on, Michael was seen wearing different wigs of different lengths, long and short, both curly and straight.

5. Accused of child abuse

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Accused of child abuse
Because of the changes occurring in Jackson’s appearance as well as behavior, controversies begin to produce. In 1993, the 13-year-old son of a dentist claimed that he was sexually harmed by MJ. His father supported his claim while his mother was against the false claim of his son. Later, Michael was found innocent. Again in 2005, Michael was sued in a child molestation case for the crime of abusing a teen boy shown in Martin Bashir’s documentary. Michael lost lots of money during this trial era and encountered criticism as well.

6. Sony Conspiracy

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Sony Conspiracy
The giant and well-reputed company Sony took advantage of the talent of MJ. While addressing his fans in June 2002, Jackson told that he generated several billion dollars for Sony and also revealed that Tommy Motola (Head of Sony, then) was a racist and devil. Due to the conflict of interest between Mr. Jackson and Sony, “Invincible”, the album was much affected and was comparatively sold lesser than MJ’s previous albums as Sony didn’t participate in the promotions. Still, some of the people believe that Michael might not be angry with Sony in his last days and vice-versa but this happening was something unforgettable for Michael.

7. The Moonwalk

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events The Moonwalk
On 25th March 1983 in a Motown Performance, Michael showed the world one of his special dance moves for the first time which became his identity as he invented this special step in which the person is apparently stepping forward while actually, he is going backward. Moonwalk is associated with the song “Billie Jean” and in every performance and tour of Michael, he always did this special move to make them scream out loud in excitement. Previously, moonwalk was being performed by various artists with different titles, but moonwalk is strongly affiliated with Jackson’s name.

8. Being called the “King of Pop”

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Being called the “King of Pop”
On 13th April 1989, Michael’s efforts and hard work were summarized in a single moment when the legendary artist, Elizabeth Taylor called out his name with the title of “King of Pop” for the first time during the Soul Train Music Awards. Although Liz called him the “King of Pop, Rock, and Soul” but widespread he is known as the King of Pop. Michael’s enormous contribution to the Pop genre is something that nourished music industry and still, many music artists are following his legacy and feel proud to be his follower.

9. Abused by father in childhood

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events Abused by father in childhood
Behind Michael’s unstoppable love for the children is the fact that he was emotionally and physically abused by his father in childhood. He shared his childhood moments by telling that his father used to hold a strap and all of the Jackson brothers used to rehearse for their stage performances. He told that in case they forget any step or a note, he used to beat them. According to Joe Jackson, the strict attitude was necessary to make them disciplined in life. Michael started his career at the age of 6 and started singing solo when he was 13.

10. “Living with Michael Jackson” by Martin Bashir

Michael Jackson’s Top 10 life events “Living with Michael Jackson” by Martin Bashir
Some people get fame by getting associated with a popular personality. The Same case is with Martin Bashir, a journalist who got fame after interviewing the princess of Whales, Lady Diana and later on by creating a documentary on the King of Pop covering a series of discussions in 8 months. Martin interviewed Mr. Jackson to know about his life both personally (which has never seen/known before) and professionally. The documentary was viewed majorly in the UK, USA and other regions of the world and was also criticized following the fact that it depicts MJ as a misbehaving father.

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