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Today we listing down the top 10 best Adele songs that you love to listen again and again, but before start further, we will add some valuable intro of pop star Adele. The singer was born in London in 1988 and discovered her own talent at the age of 4. She was grown up by her mom as her father, Marc left her family at the age of 2. She spent lots of time singing practice and made her debut in 2004, with the single Hometown Glory. Adele released 2 songs together after graduating from the BRIT School in 2006. Later, she would get the contract with XL Recordings through her demo, which was posted by her friend on MySpace. In 2008, she debuts with music album 19, and became breakthrough of her career, though, that she became “ the first recipient of the Brit Awards Critics’ Choice” and ranked first on “the BBC Sound of 2008 poll”. In the same year, she appeared on Saturday Night Live (TV show), which made easy to land her rocket straight to the US. Adele also won two Grammy awards for the same album. In the year of 2011, she came with second album 21, and 25 in 2015, which become more successful than her previous album, set to create new records, including “Album of the year”, “Six Grammy Awards”, “one of the best-selling album in UK” “2 Brit Awards”, as well as “The Guinness Book of World Records”. Most of Adele’s songs we have been citing from these two albums. Hello is the most successful single from the album 25 that breaking and creating new records and heights. She has been also featured on numerous lists for her beautiful melodies and deeds, including two times most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, and 100 Greatest Women in Music by VH1. Adele often cited as one of the strongest women in the world by many organizations, firm, and magazines. We are proud that we’ve also listed here in our most famous people of 2018 edition (List Here). Let’s have a look the best songs of Adele.

Rolling in the Deep

The first song from our list must be on the top, Rolling in the Deep is from the album 21 and the first lead song which released from the album. The song was written by Paul and Adele. The song was the commercial hit from the Adele career and helped her album 21 to be reached on the first of the UK and US chart.

Set Fire to the Rain

The second position song, Set Fire to the Rain has received various critics awards, such as the Grammy Awards. It was as the third released single from the album 21 (released in various positions in many countries). The song reached the first number on the Billboard Hot 100, and the third constantly on the top.

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is written by Dan and Adele, from the album 21. Moreover, it was the Grammy award winning song for “Best Pop Solo Performance”. The song has generated more than 1 billion views on YouTube and has been praised by millions of people around the world.


Hello, the first single from the album titled 25, in under production XL recordings, and written by Greg and Adele. The song charted number one in most of the countries. The song has been praised by worldwide and grabbed many honorable awards, also the song reached more than 1 billion views on YouTube.


Skyfall (the theme Song) was created for the movie called James Bond film by Adele. The Singer was approached by the film Production company “Eon Productions” to make a theme song for the film. The theme was the first bond film theme which ever won countless awards such as the Grammy Awards, Golden Globes, Oscar awards and the Brit awards.

When We Were Young

When We Were Young is the second hit from the album 25, written by Tabias and Adele. The single reached on the chart in many countries. Via the song Adele vocals were praised by many critics and performed in various stage shows and TV shows, including BBC.

Hometown Glory

Hometown Glory is only the single from her struggle period, which was re-released from her first ever album 19 in 2008. The song was written by Adele and came out in 2007, which also have the music video. The song appeared in the top 40 UK chart and later received the nomination for the Grammy, which surpassed by “Halo” by Beyoncé.

Chasing Pavements

The second track from Adele debut album titled 19, the first single of Adele to reach on Billboard Hot 100. The song also accomplished the Grammy awards and nominated in various categories. As well as, the song has the music video that you can watch on Adele’s Vevo account.

Turning Tables

Turning Tables was the final song from Adele album 21, written by Ryan and Adele. The single reached on many country hot charts such as US and UK billboard hot 100. Adele performed the song on numerous stages and TV shows, including The Jonathan Ross Show.

Rumor has it

Rumor has it, another song from the second album 21, it was written by Ryan and Adele and the fourth single from the unchanged album. The song also touched the Billboard Hot 100 in several countries and covered by various stars for TV shows and concerts.

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